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    • Some more Ideas for you. Plastic sleeve to reduce the internal size of the Dalek gun. At 22mm internal, you would need a lot of smoke/fog to travel through the gun. At 8mm internal, you might be able to use less of the smoke/fog for the gun to work.   Get a small sealed roller bearing as well.   If you had 1 of those 12 volt air pumps for inflating air beds and kids inflateable toys, then you might be able to push air down 1 side of the gun and smoke/for down the centre of the gun.   If you could get air flow down the barrel of the gun, then the positive air pressure should be able to push the fog mixture out further. Positive air pressure pushes outwards, and at the back of the air flow will be negative pressure as a vacuum. The air pressure and vacuum should be able to push out and drag out the fog mixture further away from the gun. Air is clear, so you can't see it. Only the smoke/fog mixture is visible. Thinking about it, without enough air flow, then any low pressure fog mixture could appear to dribble out the end of the gun barrel, and not be projected and pushed outwards.   Found the plastic sleeve here, when I was looking for some 1 inch aluminium tubing.   This is an air blower for inflating children's jumping castle's It gives big air flow. Hooked up to a fog machine, you would get a lot of fog to fill a room real fast. Of course it would be impractical to strap this thing to the back of a Dalek and drag an electrical extension lead.   Looking out for a smaller air blower to use on 12 volt DC would be more practical. Kev.
    • This schematic may help simplify,    
    • Hello Phil,   Many of these questions are not MartMod related but general dalek electrics.   Battery choices.  I don't suggest you have any battery that has liquid in it.  Accidents with daleks and then spilling dangerous chemicals is not a good combination, so motorcycle batteries no.  Most dalek operators that are not running propulsion (normally wheelchair motors) will use a sealed lead acid battery of 7Ah to 12Ah capacity.  The higher Ah rating gives you a longer run time.  Personally I would go to www.componentshop.co.uk for these and suitable chargers.   The question of the Push To Talk switch is one that almost nobody other than myself can answer, because there are currently only a handful of Mk5 MartMods out in the wild.  Let's do the background on this first. Many daleks have something they want 'running' when their gun is firing. Typically this would be a water pump or like yours an LED effect.  Now this isn't Push To Talk but it's the same socket on the mod.  So without a clever mod to join in with this setup, the dalek owner would wire the effect to the battery and insert a push switch in one of the wires to trigger the effect when required.  In order that this could be done without moving your hands, you would mount the switch on the shaft of your gun arm and you would then be able to move the gun and press the button to fire.    The Mk5 MartMod joins this all together for you and adds sound.  But instead of the switch (on the gun shaft) being wired to the effect, you put the switch into the terminal block provided and connect it from the ground terminal to the R terminal.  You then connect your LED effect + to battery + (via a fuse) and the LED effect minus to the blue wire from the MartMod.   Push to talk is something you may or may not wish to use, it means the dalek will only speak when you press another button (just like the gun fire button) but mounted somewhere else in the dalek that you feel is in easy reach.  If you want your dalek to be able to talk all the time, don't install a switch but place a piece of wire from the L terminal block to the ground terminal block.  If you like the sound of this feature, instead of a wire directly between these, take wires off to your switch.  You are likely to have two wires into the ground terminal block in all cases.   If you don't wish to trigger the gun sound or use push to talk, then there is no need to connect anything to the left most input socket of the Mk5.   Microphones, the MartMod is designed to work with PC type microphones.  Dalek microphones normally get sat on, cables ripped, run over and generally abused, so it's designed to use the most cheaply available microphone.  Pound shops usually have PC headsets with a microphone and it's worth having spares.  Some microphones work better than others but with the gain control and tone controls you should be able to use almost any cheap eletret microphone.   Pictures, you may see general layout pictures in build diaries but even my dalek doesn't have a Mk5 in it yet and my dalek is radio controlled so all the electronics are in either the wheelchair buggy or the dome.   Blow it up?  So long as you don't connect the speakers wires to anything other than just the speaker, I have tried to make this hard for you to do.  There are fuses protecting the amplifier, the dome light connection and the gun effect wiring.  If you put the battery on the wrong way around, the Mk5 will just ignore you. (Note the Mk3 blows it's amplifier fuse to protect itself so don't try this if you have a Mk3).  If you do something silly to the speaker wiring, the amplifiers might only overheat and come back to life 15 minutes later, or if they do die, they are in sockets and you can get a replacement from me that you can slot in.  I didn't mention fuses on the other circuitry (like the computer chip) because it's protected by the reverse polarity circuit.   If you are worried about any of this, do you have any friends who do car electrics?  Do you have other builders near you?  Do you want to bring it here to Reading?   Vince.
    • Hi All   Could someone help advise me about wiring up the martmod please. If you guys could let me know the right battery to use, I know it's 12volts, but I'm not sure of the amps needed. I've been looking at 12v motorcycle batteries, that vary amps wise, and mobility scooter batteries that are 12v 10ah..I'm confused.. Can they all be charged with 12v chargers that have the croc clips ? Is sealed/maintenance free the way to go ?   The PTT section is a bit confusing for me, I think I need some push to make switches, is that right ? I have some LED's in the gun, I don't think I'll use a pump at this stage, but I would like the LED's to light in sync with the gun sound if possible. And lastly, is there a particular microphone that works well with the mod ?   Pics of any of this stuff would be great !   I'm just a bit worried that I'll short out the mod and blow it,  that would be a disaster Sorry for all the questions   Thanks very much in advance Cheers Phil        
    • Cheers Chris, I'm gonna need a big wheelchair I think as I tend to over engineer things.   Finished the panels today by fitting the last one (panel 3)  I've now got to fibreglass everything up then seal the MDF before painting. I've already drawn the vertical lines on each panel ready for marking and cutting out the Hemi holes, but I'm not going to cut these until I've reinforced the side skirt panel with fibreglass. I'm also waiting on an imperial steel ruler which has tenths of an inch on it which has yet to arrive from the states. In all he's looking good and I'm happy so far.   
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