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    • Cdngoose 2008 Davros
      Well this week has been one of challenges, son moved to new residence, wife had must complete honey do list and absolute frustration with Fiberglass mold. SO lets start off with Dalek duties, I must be ready for next weekend show in Niagara Falls Canada, first up is Dalek repairs. Dalek Nyder is getting new aluminum belts, slats and wire mesh, paint is toughed up and some minor electrical repairs and he is all set to go. Dalek Drax is getting new Eyestalk complete with new eye and Disks, controller on wheelchair has been repaired and his paint is touched up. Dalek Dreadnaught, as some of you know Dreadnaught was a victim of a hit and run by a large trailer while I was inside him and he was pushed back several feet, collapsing the Aluminum skirt and trapping my legs against the Electric wheelchair, His Aluminum base was bent the skirt was collapsed in and the motors for the electric wheelchair were damaged, also a loss was the fuse panel which was cracked in half. His fenders were also damaged and needed to be repaired. Though I had planned on a full restoration of Dreadnaught over the winter, Life got too busy and little was done except repairs. Everything has been corrected to as far as I need to for this summers shows, he is just in need of sanding and painting of complete lower half, then I will try my hand over the next few weeks at airbrushing a weathered look onto him.   I have build Daleks out of Wood, and aluminum and I have used fiberglass extensively on domes and shapes , but I wanted to do a complete Fiberglass Dalek and I thought I would start on Davros Skirt first. A big part of this journey for me is to learn! Fiberglass is a new world to me and I'm jumping in. However, The moment has come in which you give up on what you want to learn for that which you know. I truly wanted Davros to have a fiberglass skirt from this mold. But I am just out of time trying to prep the mold for use. So time to switch to that which i know! When learning becomes a detriment to a completion date switch to that which you do know well. Here is Davros new skirt it was supposed to be a floor to an airplane , now it will live its life as the Creator to the Universes Master Race. I know how to work in aluminum and I have all the tools, so last night when I threw in the towel ( temporarily) I ran to the hangar and bent this skirt up in a half hour. Should be painted tomorrow. Weather provided   3D Printer is running non stop for the next few days and I will also show the Davros progress parts that it is making,   Cdngoose
    • Aaron's Molloy Chair
      It's true, on the other hand, I now work in the Model Unit, so that's good.    I think it's opal enough, I am playing around with adding a second layer. It actually looks great with one layer, but perhaps just needs to be lifted a *tiny* amount from the surface. But I am pretty chuffed with the acrylic. 
    • Aaron's Molloy Chair
      Geez Aaron, you've let yourself go a little since we last met!   Was the opal acrylic opal enough, or do you want me to try for something else?  I cut about four sheets of it so you could change the opacity by adding more layers if required (or use them to make more Davros consoles)  
    • Aaron's Molloy Chair
      Halfords own brand paint is a relatively new thing (the last 20 years or so, I think). Before that they used to carry paints by Dupi-Color, as did a great many smaller automotive retailers.
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