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  2. Hi Simon- I bought my 4" diameter steel balls off amazon- I hope the link works. https://www.amazon.com/Rome-704-S-Stainless-Polished-Diameter/dp/B0019ID32O I cut my gun box holes to 3.7 ish in diameter and the balls fit perfect. I still haven't drilled them yet, but that is next.
  3. Thanks Simon! I will go see how you drilled for the trefoil. I finished up gluing all the inside strips last night in the skirt- not photo worthy, lol. Tonight is sand and fill the outside angles on the skirt and make it look symmetrical- or at least like I kinda knew what I was doing when I put it all together!
  4. I'll have to try it one day. I have a ring mod on my FX board so I could always hook up a mic to that, crank up the amp and stand well clear.
  5. Okay, I accept that doing the dome may be unrealistic for me, however what about just the cowl? Wouldn't that make it much easier to put onto the dome? Lengthen and thin out the bottom part that attaches and just put a grove into dome for it to fit and glue. That would be useful I think if someone could deconstruct the entire dome and just keep the cowl part and then upload the .stl many would appreciate it. Any takers?
  6. Ha ha, nice one, Sam! Hey, I would like hear their voices put through a Marshall!
  7. I PM'ed you the files this morning.
  8. I was hoping to get the 3rd set of shoulders done yesterday but it was not to be. However this morning I'm all set to go. Shoulders are waxed up and I started waxing the skirt
  9. Haven't posted this one here so I thought I'd give it a wider and hopefully more appreciative audience.
  10. Hi, to all those asking for files and completion info, sorry I have been involved in other projects for the past year, and have also been ill, meaning that my head is full of cream cheese...or it feels like it anyway. One would think being retired due to illness would mean I should have plenty of time on my hands, but I seem to be more busy now than I ever was when I worked full time. As for the Dalek Storm, I was going to use a little phone controlled car system, but found that it will not be powerful enough to drive the dalek, so I have to come up with an arduino powered system, and this means that I might be able to design a system where servos drive a clear ball for movement, meaning I can put lights above the ball which would allow the glow to shine out below Storm. So far I haven't had time to fiddle with this, but it is in the list of millions of things that I have to do. As I stated before, once I have completed the Storm model, I will be releasing the files here, but I don't want to release a part project in case I have to make changes.
  11. Cheers. I found it easier to cut the chamfer with the internal peice still in place. This way you can use just one central hole for all the circular cuts.i also raised the hole thing up on a block and screwed it down to my bench to stop it moving whilst I cut it with the router. If you look at my build diary I give a detailed guide on trefoil dowel drilling. I tried a pillar drill first but it was not the best way for me.
  12. Yesterday
  13. Done with a bit of care, the ribs/fill would probably work. Covering the ribs with tape or plastic sheet might also work.
  14. You no longer need to resize images before you upload them here. The Forum will automatically resize them for you.
  15. I was thinking of using the "ribs" method, then just putting some foam in for strength then plaster for top coat of plug... I know that foam is seriously sturdy so I was curious
  16. Hi Simon- Thanks as for the neck rings- no not yet. I cut the OD and just ran a small cut around the inside so I have an idea where to drill my 3 rod guide holes. I will work on them this week end. I'm thinking I will finish drilling the holes then cut the 45° angle on the outside then finish the ID cut out. I've been filling and sanding the mistakes on the gunbox, lol and gluing strips into the skirt section in place of fiber glassing it. Your build is looking great btw!
  17. Do you mean using foam to reinforce the cardboard dome? Or to make a mould (of sorts)? If you're thinking of reinforcing a cardboard dome, I would use low-expansion foam. The ordinary stuff is incredibly strong and can push a door or window frame out of square as it cures.
  18. Sorry to hear that. Chin up.
  19. I just wondered how long Project Dalek Forum has been going. I joined at the beginning, and that was 4,257 days ago!

  20. Garage tidy approx 50% complete. I have located the missing floor.

    1. RepeatedMeme


      You can do mine next. :) 

    2. Ferrain


      I have located the missing floor in mine - THO's Chavmobile is the guilty party.


      She takes the opposing stance off course "I would like to park MY car in MY garage!"


    3. bec weir

      bec weir

      Garages have floors?  :o 

  21. Dalek Ichi was the first Dalek started by the Dalek Asylum Milwaukee. Located in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, USA. We are a cooperative Dalek building club working out of the Milwaukee Makerspace. We build NSD Daleks using fiberglass molds lent to us by Acrodrome. I have named him Ichi because that is Japanese for the number "one", being the first Dalek we built. It is also made mostly of fiberglass, so, he can be a little 'itchy'. Don't you love bilingual puns? My wife dictated that I not put a toilet plunger on my Dalek and so I built the Assault Dalek form the 'Parting of the Ways' episode. The claw was fun to build and soon will be fully articulated through bicycle cable and extended by an electric car antenna. He is built upon an electric wheelchair base. His voice and ear flash is through an Andy Grove Ultimate Voice Changer.
  22. What about using the foam in a can used for insulation? It is super cheap, would fill in the gaps between supports, hardens fully rigid... Thoughts?
  23. Rather crafty, I would never have thought of it. (Sadly I am telling the truth, off day)
  24. Here we go (cunningly hidden as "Cardboard Cutout Dome"
  25. I cannot find it through the search... Anyone know where it may be located? Thanks
  26. Yes there's a template\how to create a dome somewhere in the forum.
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