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  • Project Dalek Voice Modulator Assembly Manual (Mk5e circuit)   By John

    The assembly manual for the latest version of the Project Dalek voice modulator, designed and written by @elembivos.   Note: This Mk5e assembly manual replaces the earlier Mk3 booklet.   This manual gives you all the details you need to put together a voice modulator which sounds great and is also cost effective. You will need to source your own components in order to use this manual. However, PCBs will be available from time to time, via the Forum. Check out the Support Topic for the latest information on what is currently available.  This booklet can also be used in conjunction with the files located here and here, which will allow you to order PCBs directly from a PCB manufacturer. If you have access to a 3D printer, you can print your own case/enclosure.   This manual is also available to buy, as a full colour printed booklet. Click here for details.  

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