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Virtual Daleks and 3D Printing

A place for the discussion, development and display of CGI Daleks and CG Dalek items for 3D printing.


  1. CG Models and Files for 3D Printing   (9,318 visits to this link)

    Use this feature to upload and share your Dalek models. Including Dalek components for 3D printing (Shapeways etc). Please upload models here, rather than attaching them to posts.

  2. 3D Model Discussions

    Discussions about the uploaded 3D models for use in your own modelling, CNC Dalek Building, and 3D printing

  3. Member's Virtual Build Topics

    Member topics, containing their virtual Dalek builds, animations and works-in-progress etc.

  4. Mechmaster's Daleks

    Bringing Mechmaster's topics together, for ease of access. Find his comic and other Dalek CG work here.

  5. Technical Discussions

    An area to talk about technical issues, related to the CG software being used to build Daleks. Discussions on how to build parts, software functions, rendering, lighting effects etc. NOT for general CG chat, must be related to building Daleks!