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  1. Daleks rule !
  2. There's not a lot to show this post, no major differences just a cut down shoulder section that needs cladding with hardboard which I've just run out of, the ball joint clamps, bolts and wing nuts are in place on this section. Elsewhere strips of hardboard have been added to cover gaps and joints riveted like a very basic early steampunk machine, and for decoration of course. I plan to hang semi neck rings from brackets top to bottom of the neck bin over the openings, and may be shut down the slot openings front and rear on the neck bin. This all takes time, Chris.
  3. Waiting for hemispheres.

    1. Ferrain


      Waiting for Godot!

    2. ChristmasDalek


      Waiting for Guffman

    3. project one

      project one

      I'm more a Beano and Dandy reader myself. Hemis for the guns should be ready from the metal spinners on Monday, if the wife finds out how much they actually cost I'm in trouble.

  4. Hi again, the shoulder and gun box are starting to take shape, but I can foresee a problem unless I cut an access hole in the centre brace of the shoulders I'm not going to get the guns in through their openings, when completely boxed in and skinned in hardboard, the gun box is intentionally deep in the shoulders to allow for the ball joint clamps.
  5. Another update on this Dalek, if the internet connection holds up, I have given up with the gun turret idea on the right hand side, I've decided to fit a front part shoulder section and gun box ( Mk 1) instead, guns coming out of the sides of the gun box so there pointing front to rear ! Not fitted yet but will be soon, this afternoon swd neck bin windows have been made and screwed into position with some more rivets, also more plating has been added to the bottom of the neck bin at the front. Hope you like it Chris.
  6. Read...Fabricate...Exterminate!

  7. Got back to building today, more rivets added with hardboard strips to the left hand gun box ( upholstery nails), fitted larger rivets ( car number plate fixings) to the top of the swd front gun box and finished off the neck bin openings to make them parallel and still got to make the other end of the neck bin. Looking at my last post pictures this beast of a Dalek looks very lopsided, I'm going to have to rethink the right hand side to balance things up, and increase the size of the mounting.
  8. This Dalek is still looking a bit on the weird side but its all there except the dome and guns, after a week off, and god its an ugly one! The hardboard put up a fight to go round the corners but with the steam from a wallpaper stripper it eventually gave in plus a lot of screws holding it down at the ends, although the uprights of the frame split with the line of screws forcing the wood of the upright apart, more glue needed there then. The gun turret on the Daleks right was going to be cone shaped hardboard design but I couldn't see the hard board going round in that smaller diameter, so its got panels similar to the skirt. I'm now breaking off from building to do all ' those jobs I promised to do while I'm off ' . Chris.
  9. Yes a lot of progress because I'm off all week , I need to build the Dalek first to see if all the appendages fit on, if that makes sense. Today Iv'e shortened the top hoop of the neck bin, because I felt the angle of the neck bin was too upright and not overall triangular with the skirt and shoulders stack shot - see images below. Also the gun turret is nearly complete but I need to get some pictures taken and get it fitted, its taken most of this afternoon to get the thing to fit through the opening in the shoulders.
  10. Build update, things look a little weird at the moment with the first frame stack shot, I just need to cut out a hole in the shoulders for the right hand gun turret, fill in the gaps, and wait for the sun to shine for the fibre glassing the dome. I'm sure there is a Dalek in that pile of wood screaming to get out !
  11. After much playing around with the cardboard template and sawing of timber the gun box looks like this, held to the shoulders with two six mm coach bolts and wing nuts so it can be easily dismantled for transport. Not too sure about making all those guns let alone the gun rods !
  12. Sunday building thwarted by rabbit hutch roof replacement. 

    1. SamTherapy


      Rabbit hutches will be renovated!  Renovate! Renovate!

    2. project one

      project one

      And used up stock of my ply wood.

  13. Hi again, here are two pictures of foundations of the left gun box, its not until you offer up a template or outline do you see how many problems are ahead, I'm using cardboard, old cereal packets to make a gun-box mock up rather than waste good timber if this section of the Dalek doesn't work out as expected. Chris.
  14. So a month has passed by, with Christmas in the middle and all there is to show is the start of the swd front gun box and the top and bottom hoops of the shoulders. But this is the outline planned, to hang five or six guns off the nearside, three facing to the front and two to the facing rear, on the off side a vertical tapered rotating drum with another single gun fitted in a reverse half gun box set into the side of the drum. Maybe will have to draw you good people a picture again.
  15. Hi there, been meaning to post these but never got round to it, Dalek Argosy down on the beach at Hayling island (UK). But afterwards I realised the neck rings are a little off centre, maybe I'll go back and take some more next spring when the weather warms up.