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  1. Have tryed to download the file for the bottom right part of the cowl for a NSD but it seems to be corrupted . please would you  attach a good file to my e- mail


    All the other files work o.k 




    1. Ferrain


      I just downloaded & gave it a trial on my Makerbot print software, looks good on the bed & in the print preview export.


      Where is the problem when it's being sliced or in the printing?


      Whats the make\model of your printer & software?


      Also using status as a PM method is not effective - You have no guarantee that the recipient will see the message before it sinks to the bottom, then disappear as more & more status updates come in above this one. 


    2. trickster


      I know the file is flagged as corrupted when it's opened with 3d Builder but it prints. That's why the screen shots have the red boxes. I've tried running it thru a repair but it still gets flagged. But Replicator didn't complain. Much. May have thrown a few warnings about weird triangles, but it printed ok.

      Ferrain is right too. Status posts might not only get lost, but they may not be seen by others with input. Of course that goes with PMs too. Probably the best place for something like this would be the feedback section in the 3d download area. Please let me know how it works out tho.

    3. robin.wakefield



        but on the software it's looks corrupt


      Kind regards