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  1. Just a quick follow up to this, sorry - it's taken me a while - removing the R21 resistor works brilliantly. I was going to make it switchable but messed up by melting one of the tracks on the PCB. I don't think that maters though as I can simply use a battery powered mic instead of the original electret mic. Anyway, I can now pre-record phrases into my smart phone using any voice memo app and then play back through the voice mod using the Bluetooth receiver. Hours of fun? Thanks for the advice and guidance. Much appreciated!
  2. Hi Mike Small bulbs, 12V 6W 0.5 Amps. Incidentally, I'm currently using three 12V batteries (I think they're motorcycle batteries). One for the lights, one for the voice mod and one for the audio amp. Probably over-kill. I think one battery may be enough though and I'm going to test that theory. I shall temporarily remove R21 and if that works I'll add a switch so that I can use either mic or Bluetooth. I've got 2 Bluetooth devices - Yoyamo Portable 3.5mm Streaming Car A2DP Wireless Bluetooth BT211 and P 6697 EasyAcc Mini Portable Rechargeable Bluetooth Speaker - this one's a BT speaker but with headphone output. Again, thanks for your help Martyn
  3. Fantastic - thanks for your help - I'll have a play around and see if I can get it to work.
  4. I’ve built my voice modulator, based on the MK5, plans and using the circuit board obtained from this site. I’ve gone with the configuration for the classic sixties sound and filament lights. I have to say the results are very impressive. I’m very pleased with it. What I’d like to do is plug in a blue tooth receiver so that I can play pre-recorded phrases from my iPhone. I thought the aux socket might be for this purpose but when testing - I found that the sounds go straight to the speaker unmodulated and the lights don’t flash. Also, not surprisingly, it looks like the blue tooth receiver output is not compatible with the mic input. Is there a relatively un-complicated change I can make in order to use the blue tooth receiver to play phrases from my phone? Any guidance much appreciated. Martyn
  5. Hi - Any idea when the PCBs for the voice mod may be available again?


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    2. martyn.miller


      Thanks - I'm UK based - will hang on and buy one next week.  Thanks for the info though.

    3. John


      PCBs now back in stock.

    4. martyn.miller


      Many thanks - now ordered.