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    I love to create and build things, I am the owner of Canadian Zenith Aircraft corp which builds aircraft for personal use. Some of my interests are of course flying, scuba diving, skiing, sailing, motorcycling, archery, woodworking, antique car restoration(preferably British cars ) and of course my family.


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  1. Few of us ever build just one dalek, so for a first dalek I would recommend a shawcraft mk1. Which can be converted easily to a MK3 down the road if you desire. Make your second build a NSD than you already have the basics of construction and can concentrate on all the extras cdngoose
  2. Hi Bryan, I am Cdngoose the Emperor of the Canadian Dalek Empire, we will be watching your build diary closely and if need be you can contact us directly. You posted this build update in the Hello and welcome section which is a great spot to introduce yourself, I would like to suggest that you start a build Diary in the builders section and post all further updates and questions there. We all look forward to following your progress. cdngoose Emperor Canadian Dalek Empire Dalek Dreadnaught, Dalek Nyder, Dalek Emperor, Davros, Dalek Audric, Dalek Drax, Tardis, Dalek Loonie, Toonie and Fin
  3. Well Dalek Nyder had another great outing, though he still need some updates to his build he has been put to service which is why there are building posts mixed in with activities posts. This is his latest encounter whilst looking for the Doctor cdngoose
  4. Well I am ready to hang head in shame, I have made more than enough eyestalks over the years and I have made mistakes in the past but this time I really messed up the ones in the picture above. When I referred to the plans I looked solely at the top diagram of the plans and mistook the pivot as a sleeve and added a 100mm sleeve to the base of my eyestalk, then added the pivot ( SLAPS forehead) so I was hoping to just disassemble the eyestalk and remove the sleeve, cut the threaded rod to size and re-assemble. Not going to happen before my show in June, it seems that during assembly I used gorilla glue on everything and it is truly holding up to its name and I cannot diss-assemble the eyestalks for the adjustment. Since I am running out of time in building these daleks I will have to live with these extended versions of eyestalks till after the show and then make complete new ones , One step forward and two back, but I doubt few will notice at the show and hopefully I will get them setup at the show prior to the other Daleks arriving! cdngoose
  5. Eyestalks are finished and ready for install, now I must turn my attention to the shoulder and slats. i am doing a styrofoam install. I would never do this for a functioning dalek that had to trundle. But seeing how these daleks will never be available for touching or even close up investigations I have a bit of liberty I am quickly running out of time and must increase my progress Cdngoose
  6. It has been awhile since I posted. Life has been busy and the Daleks suffer in the interm. However I did get back at it this weekend and during the last couple of weeks I decided on paint. Thanks for all the advice I have been pouring through online pictures and all the advice given, but it was when I went through the old pictures of the emperor I built that made the decision. Depending on the lighting the daleks change hue and tone on their colour and while looking at the Emperors pictures I noticed the exact same thing. In fact I was able to match up the Emperors colours with every hue on the Imperials I found online depending on the lighting. So with that I decided to paint the 3 Imperialistic daleks the same paint as my Emperor which is Cyberspace Grey. It is a bright white in clean light and a cream in yellowish light and since the daleks will only be on display with the Emperor a matching colour just seemed to make sense. Today I spent some more time on the eyestalks and I now have 2 of them ready for paint I also trimmed the domes, shoulders and skit to remove the excess fibreglass strands. On top of this I have started making the slats for the shoulders. in this I am doing new ways of accomplishing this, I thought I would 3d print them but I have a weight limit of 50lbs including lights and batteries so I have opted for styrofoam for the slats and belts to keep the weight down and once again these daleks have a limited life as a static display before being converted into trundling daleks. i have also also been working on my Tardis and have printed off a new lamp for the top. Along with fantastic new electronics to improve its presence. i must admit i it I am starting to get worried about timelines. I have to finish these daleks shortly so I have time to get the Tardis presentable with new paint, lights and backdrop. I also have a major re-build to do on the Emperor to have it ready for a new season Cdngoose
  7. Every Sunday is a present and the capacity of Mechmaster to enlighten as well as entertain is only shadowed through his excellence as a graphic designer. I have no idea how he comes up with new concepts and words, this is far beyond my abilities of thought, with that I am far more entertained than any other graphic novel I have ever read! I prefer this even to Heavy Metal, even though it doesn't have naked Daleks! cdngoose
  8. Sounds like a sound plan! But since it is for an illness do not forget the wedge of lime! This will cure all and in fact I believe I will join you! Salute cdngoose
  9. PL**** construction adhesive have also used silicone with various effect and hot glue is a waste of time! A day in the Canadian summer and you sweat your balls off! cdngoose
  10. I am hoping that this link works, this is my newest method for attaching hemispheres, well the newest one that is proven, as you know I am working on another method. cdngoose
  11. Wait on the hemi installation until after a visit. I have a method you will like but presently do not have any pictures handy cdngoose
  12. Help for paint choices! Anyone please! Turning my attention to paint now, has anyone tried exterior house paint for a dalek. I have always used automotive or a custom made two part epoxy. But these daleks are only going to be imperials for a couple of years then two of them will be converted to shawcraft 1&2 versions. So the plan goes. So with that in mind I don't wat to spend $500 plus on paint and was considering house paint like I use on my Emperor i will be spraying it but need info on thinning and finish such as eggshell gloss or flat all advice and help appreciated on this also and colour codes would be greatly appreciated. Cdngoose
  13. I have had several tools made over the years for airplane construction and it's not just the cost of the tool. It is also the very large first order that must be placed and cannot be used for others as the tool is registered to one owner and they are the only one allowed to use it. Add to that the cost of tool storage if orders are often enough you will never see such a charge. If seldom used then the setup for a run is very excessive. This is not an affordable route for this hobby or even several hobbies combined However as suggested in another post let's have a PDF member draw it up and let's have a go at 3 d printing such a piece since it is painted and we only desire the finished look going with a 3d printed version would be vastly cheaper and readily available for all builders cdngoose
  14. Just a small update, just got home from a night shift and the first set of center discs are finished for my dome lights. I have just started the second set and as soon as I'm happy there will be no issues I am going to bed. wit any luck I will paint these gold this weekend I am really excited to see them in final trim. Cdngoose
  15. All the dome lights that will be painted gold are finished and the clear sections are in the printer now I have trimmed the excess fibreglass and removed the ring from the table. I have flipped it over and started waxing the bottom for the second section while I am waxing the bottom I am also fibreglassing the middle ring top. I am hoping that this one turns out as well. I waxed it heavily and used two layers of PVA release. But I omitted the sanding sealer and I am wondering if it was not a major mistake. Oh well I will find out later and I am still learning this mould thing and what is possible cdngoose
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      Looking for the close up photo of the portable graphic equaliser deck that Nick Briggs use's with his Moog MF102. Somewhere out there, I have seen this photo of him sitting at a table with the graphic equaliser, to fine tune in the sound of the Moog. Could be used as a reference photo if allowed on the Forum.
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