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    I love to create and build things, I am the owner of Canadian Zenith Aircraft corp which builds aircraft for personal use. Some of my interests are of course flying, scuba diving, skiing, sailing, motorcycling, archery, woodworking, antique car restoration(preferably British cars ) and of course my family.


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  1. It has been a few days since I have done anything on the daleks. I had to prep everything for a show a couple of weeks ago and last weekend was honey dew list. Next up is to prepare the neck rings for moulds. i have taken the time to draw up each neck ring and I will use these three to make 9 moulds. Firstly the Imperial then the NSD and finally the shawcraft. I am not going to bother with the movie versions. I have laid out the lines for the trifold and will be installing dents in each neck ring to provide a raised bump on each mould this should make construction of the neck bin far easier in the future. Jumping a a bit ahead I will eventually be using the PDF MK5 voice mod in these daleks down the road and with that I will also install the Shark Motorcycle system that I use in Nyder. this has been a great system, very clean install and large sound with all the benifits of waterproof. Also as an added bonus it comes with a remote control that I seldom use but it also has a handlebar wired remote and this I have on my eyestalk controller arm and this gets extensive use right at my fingertips. Hooefully I will get more progress this week with a huge push on the weekend cdngoose
  2. A thousand watt shark system. Holy cow man your gonna be loud. Lol. Dreadnaught and Nyder have a similar system good update and of course all gifts go to the dalek. cdngoose
  3. One of the highlights of the weekend was getting to meet Sean Pertwee. As we trundled over to meet another celebrity Sean came out and asked for pictures with the Daleks. We didn't even approach him it was all a bit surreal how it happened. cdngoose
  4. I have decided to wait for the ordered DVDs before I start on the clay side of this project. I am quite sure of the steps I must take but it is best to study first. So in that I have not done much else to my bust other than seal it. For that I used several layers of krylons clear sealer. It seems to work well and the bust now looks ready to go. I will set it on a lazy Susan in the living room so I can work in front of the tv. I just know the wife will be happy to see me inside the house for a change, so I plan on alternating days 2 or 3 in workshop and one inside with wife and my bust. that counts as quality time time doesn't it? Cdngoose
  5. Show is over for the weekend, lost all weekend of work I wanted to get done. But it was fun taking a dalek out for a trundle. Now I have a decision to make. Do I start making 3 new fenders from my newest mould. Or set it aside for a bit and do some woodworking and build 3 neck rings that will have to be moulded. Decisions, decisions. Cdngoose
  6. Packing a Shawcraft for a trip electric wheelchair is first in and it sits on a board. next in was the shoulders beside the wheelchair. Also I had to lift them up after this picture to put the guitar amp in and the shoulders rode on the amp. Yes it is quite big. neck and dome go in as one unit and the skirt is placed over top of the whole neck assembly, fender rides on top of skirt. This allows me to have a passenger seat. When Nyder traveled in the PT Cruiser I lost the passenger seat to the neck assembly. But he did in fact fit inside a PT Cruiser. All packed and ready to leave for the first convention of the year. wife and I have arrived and Nyder looks ok. Unfortunately I was unable to paint the fender prior to the event. But I just didn't want to travel with wet paint. Weekend is over. Tomorrow Nyder will find his was to the living room and I can start on making 3 new fibreglass fenders or make the neck rings so I can do more moulds. Cdngoose
  7. Dalek Nyder has just had a run in with the Doctor! After an extended period of being attacked with a Sonic Screwdriver some of his systems started to fail. All is fine this is one of the special effects I am using in my daleks. But only after the Doctor uses his sonic cdngoose
  8. Well that was an adventure in perseverance. I am so used to pulling parts out of a mould and I use compressed air to break the seal. It works virtually every time but in pulling the fender I had to spend considerable time using a metal scraper all along the edges to break the seal. Also some gelcoat seeped in and locked the fender into the top mould. This took every wedge I have and a pry bar and screwdriver plus I kept shooting in air to release the fender this ended being a victory by inches and total time to demould was just over an hour. finally I was able to pull the rear of the fender out and still had to work the front to release the whole thing. But with a whimper it finally let go. that's it I will clean this whole thing up next week. For now I have clamped it back together and will set it aside there will be excessive trimming and washing but I believe it is exactly as I need for future work. Now to clean the fender and get it back on Nyder for this weekends event. Unfortunately it will not be painted and Nyder will look a little funky but that cant be helped. Cdngoose
  9. Three hours later and I now have a completed mould. I made this bottom half more than twice as thick as is necessary but I had slot of loose fiberglass cloth that needed to be used up. I started this section trying to fold the fiberglass over all edges but soon realized that is was going to be very problematic and unnecessary as the final section does not need a fold. So though I started with folds I quickly switched to just straight termination which I will trim after I remove the mould. It has been a long night as it is now 5am and time for bed. When I get up I will remove the mould from Nyders base and hopefully will get a temporary coat of black paint on it for the weekends use at Toronto Comic Con. If not then Nyder will just have to live with a multicoloured fender. cdngoose
  10. I have experienced several delays from other sources and I am now trying hurriedly to complete the other half of this fender form, however I have ran into difficulties. As I try to prep this base for moulding I have found a couple of spots that did not get completely coated with the glue/water mix to seal it. So the small gaps I tried to fill with spot putty once again ate at the styrofoam, but in this case as I am working on the bottom and only ever plan on making 3 fenders using the full form I have improvised and used modelling clay to fill the gaps and smooth out the imperfections. I have read of this being done many times in such a use. So with smoothing it out with a finger coated in mould wax I believe I have done well enough to allow me to continue with the mould part. cdngoose
  11. Thanks Ray, though the $200 dollar bill was a little hard to swallow I have spent a lot more on mistakes in the past and have learned education is always the cheaper route. As for my previous mask, hence the main reason for me embarking on suck a steep learning curve in a short time. I would love to have worked with the fellow that helped make my first mask. But the information I had on him is no longer valid and I was unable to track him down. I made several mistakes on the first mask in how it fits and that is the only issue I had with it. I was hoping to send a lifecast to the fellow and have a fitted version done instead of just sending measurements but it looks like I will be embarking on a new adventure out of necessity
  12. I am using all the moulds I have so my Imperialistic daleks are in fact using a shawcraft style skirt which means a shawcraft fender to suit. I have been using my Dalek Nyder for the bases of these forms. In that this fender is also Nyders and I have the top half done. I can now use this mould for all further shawcraft daleks I will make ( I have no idea how many more will be born in my shop but I do know of at least 3 more shawcraft style that I want ) the Imperial daleks have a step in the fender and I wish to capture that , but not lose the fender Nyder uses. In that I am using styrofoam to create the step on the bottom of a fender and thus I can remove it quickly and put the fender back in service for this weekends event. I have cut the styrofoam that I have already coated in a glue mixture to give me the overall height callednout for in the plans. I have used the wedges that I have for separating fibreglass to secure the styrofoam. I did this by adding screws to the base and using the wedges between the screw and styrofoam to apply pressure while the glue sets. All the styrofoam is now in place. I will add a couple of layers of glue/water Mia to seal any edges I may have opened to the bare styrofoam. I will also have to come back with some spot putty after work to smooth out some of the parts damaged from the top fibreglassing I did earlier. Hopefully I will be able to get a coat of fibreglass on tomorrow to complete the lower mould. Cdngoose
  13. Thanks Ray the DVD's look excellent and I have ordered the whole series. I have an extreme lack of knowledge in this area and I am very eager to learn. Cdngoose
  14. Got home at 4am and started right on the fender. First up was to separate it from the board. For this I just slipped a putty knife under one edge and inserted my plastic wedges this started to free it right up but I didn't want to strain the flange and I figured I would have some issues with the locators I installed on the board, so I continued to add 5 more wedges poof it popped right off with no force added. Next up is to remove it completely from the board so I can remove locating pins now that that is done time for a few minutes with a razor blade to clean up the white board. I am not going to remove the fender yet. I want everything as tight as possible for the next step. I now have the board cleaned up and any weepage of resins has also been cleaned up. I think I will stop here and get some sleep. When I get up I will start to add the last few peices of styrofoam to make a Imperial style fender. good night all cdngoose
  15. Started this morning at 10am and first thing up was to cut the strips of fibreglass to size. Typically I much prefer to just rip the glass sheet to avoid visible seams but in this case I have several sharpe lines to contend with wow was I out on amounts today. I was thinking 1-2 500 ml would suffice but it ended up being double that plus. The reason being is simple I will be using this form a lot and it is rather large with little support. So I layer it on really thick and in face I lost count of how many layers I have on but I am more than confident that this fender mould is more than double the weight of the skirts I made half way and it is almost 2pm. Wow this is taking forever to just do a simple fender mould ok top half is finished and it is almost 4pm. I have not eaten or done anything else today. But this half is done. I am on night shift and about to head to work. When I get home at 4am I will part this mould from the board and let it dry till after I sleep. At which time I will start prepping everything for the second half of the mould. This involves adding styrofoam and sealing everything then starting to wax it all up. Its been a long day and will be a long night but that is part of building Daleks, we slaves seldom rest. Cdngoose
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