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    I love to create and build things, I am the owner of Canadian Zenith Aircraft corp which builds aircraft for personal use. Some of my interests are of course flying, scuba diving, skiing, sailing, motorcycling, archery, woodworking, antique car restoration(preferably British cars ) and of course my family.


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  1. I was hoping to get the 3rd set of shoulders done yesterday but it was not to be. However this morning I'm all set to go. Shoulders are waxed up and I started waxing the skirt
  2. The mould is back together and the waxing has begun. I now have 5 layers on the repaired section and will now start doing 3 more coats of wax on the whole form. I was hoping to get fiberglass in it before 8 am but I'm seriously running on fumes and I don't want to start doing this when I am having concentration issues due to fatigue. So I will finish waxing this up now and head to bed for a few hours. Then do the final prep and lay the fiberglass for the 3rd and final shoulder needed for this round of building. Cdngoose
  3. That would be exciting. Keep us informed of the possibility cdngoose
  4. I added a second layer after sanding the first one down because I could feel a difference in the areas, what im looking for is that when I run my hand across it I will just feel a smooth curvature. I also noticed a small price was damaged by the lower edge of the gun box and decided to repair it as well. Final sanding tomorrow then I will go through the waxing a new mould process and hopefully get my 3rd shoulder into this mould before work. I did not make it as far as I had hoped this weekend. But I am very happy with the progress. Cdngoose
  5. Second set of shoulders are now done and out of the mould. I pulled them a bit early but it will allow me to get the third and final set made tonight so I thought I would take a break and have a snack with my wife and watch Doctor Who and the Daleks, but it seems Nyder has gotten involved and is cheering on the Daleks. I can hear him cooing about Skaro as well ! I am very happy with my shoulders and they are exact replicas of Dalek Nyder as he was used for the form. However they are not perfect, good enough for what I am doing but I will be using this mould for further shawcraft daleks and I want the quality of the final product higher than I have done in the past. That's why you build more than one to make sure the next one is better. The shoulders I used for the form were made of 3 mm mdf and the seams protrude a bit and funny enough it never bugged me till I just watched Doctor Who and the Daleks and saw the exact same bulge on the front and back of the on screen daleks. So in that I have decided to upgrade the mould I have before I make the 3rd set of shoulders. In the first two pictures you can see where the mdf Sean is and I have sanded both sides of the mould to get ready for bondo. Once again I have seen this seam on many daleks including on screen ones but I really would like too eliminate the final bulge or at least drastically reduce it so when I do a Shawcraft 1 or 2 without the slats it would look far better. I have added the first layer of bondo in the picture below and once it hardens I will sand and add a second feathering layer and the seam area should be completely gone. As I said above I did not need to do this, but I always strive to make the next Dalek a lot better than the last cdngoose
  6. I will be pulling the second set of shoulders very soon, but I have turned my attention to the skirt and it's repairs. I thought I bondoed all the small imperfections but in this sanding I noticed I missed a few small ones. But enough is enough. I could spend the next week filling and sanding small imperfections that I know I can also fill with wax. So that's it for these moulds. I will just finish sanding the half pictured below and start the waxing process. If there are any imperfections on the final part that is beyond the standard skirt prep I will address the moulds in that spot for the future skirts. For now I need to get at least one skirt made today and hopefully all 5 done before the end of this month. With the last two skirts having a gelcoat finish, which is not necessary for the 3 imperialistic skirts. cdngoose
  7. Just look at your Dome. It is a great feat of progress. Never compare your progress to another especially to one that has been named a SERIAL BINGE BUILDER! Most know that when I'm building a Dalek I am always on a timeline that would kill most, I sleep very little, don't interact with the public and the house looks like a bomb went off inside ! So while most if not everyone else still has a life during their builds I only have the bidding of my masters they telepathically order my every waking moment I must serve every waking second to there bidding oh the voices in my head. Oh the voices. Yes Masters I will now return to making your shoulders. Dont become me HELP ME. HELP ME HELP ME. AHHHHHHHHHHHHHH CDNGOOSE
  8. Thanks Christmasdalek I am just waxing up the shoulders again for the next two pulls. So I will be quiet for a couple of days until I start on my skirts. I have decided that since I have been getting a great many messages to continue doing videos for the complete dalek builds including as much of the finishing details as possible including painting.
  9. Shoulders well now is the time to discover if I have a set of shoulders or a learning experience. This is my first pull from this mould and you will see how I do it in actual time. Also whether or not I have a useful set of shoulders for one of three daleks! cdngoose
  10. Get over it. Domes are done and shoulders are under way so I decided to turn my attention to the skirt mould and start waxing it. However I just discovered that I did not finish the repairs from when I made the mould. So today will see one more shoulder being made and the remainder of the time used in repairing this skirt mould for use tomorrow. cdngoose
  11. Fibreglassing part1 now it starts this is the beginning of 2 1/2 hours of fibreglassing the shoulders. cdngoose Fibreglassing Shoulders Part 2 cdngoose Fibreglassing shoulders part 3. This is the final instalment for tonight. Shoulders are done, however I do see a couple of thin areas on the flange that I will have to address tomorrow. For now it is shower time to stop the itch and to ensure I don't carry any of this stuff to bed. cdngoose
  12. Rub-a-dub-dub time to soap your tub. so now it is time to add the PVA release prior to fibreglassing
  13. I have had quite a few requests on how I do things so I have decided to record most of my work in video format. Keep in mind I am a novice at fibreglassing and I'm learning as I go. But I have done enough to try and pass on info that I have garnered over the years. I am sure that if I make any glaring mistakes in my process an expert like John will step in with comments to protect you all from my mistakes. So I am now done with the domes and have turned attention to the shoulders. Though in the future you will see me make a NSD Dome mould. Min this video I am prepping the shoulders for first use and almost ready for the Partall PVA soap. Enjoy cdngoose
  14. Video of A Dome is Born . So today I spent my time doing the final wax on the shoulders. Tomorrow will be the first layup in this mould. But today also saw the last dome being born. Here is a video of that process. cdngoose
  15. They are very frightening names for a dalek! But my god I would be building Daleks forever! I was sent a private message with some Canadian names Loonie, Toonie and Fin. I rather like these ones. Not terrifying Dalek nomenclature but I can actually see me calling these daleks that. Cdngoose
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