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  1. Daleks are welcome to attend our village fete in Charvil, Berkshire (RG10 9TR) on 17th June. We have a TARDIS in attendance as well as someone who is always in the news these days. Some of our regulars are unable to attend this year so would anyone else help us out? If needed a contribution to costs or donation to a good cause are on offer. Vince.
  2. I used a big one that I got from screwfix, I think it was either 8 or 10 inches. I did pack it with some cross braces so I had something to bolt to and the height was about the same. Your heights may be different depending on the motor mounting. Vince.
  3. Nice to see someone inspired by my dalek. It's not so obvious in that photo but I put some angle iron in to hold big batteries and made an adapter plate that fits where the bigger batteries go and gives a footprint for smaller ones. Vince.
  4. Hi Andrew, I am not that far from you, close to Twyford, I have a radio controlled NSD and have built a few voice modulators! I have all the toys you mention are at hackspace, other than the laser cutter! If you need any local input, ask away. Vince.
  5. Yes, I will find the code and send it to you Glenn. I have your email address. Vince.
  6. I have a radio controlled NSD, we have already started discussing some of the electronics. As well as the radio multiplexer that I mentioned, I have one of my Mk3 MartMods for the sound and a second radio link from the base to the seperate dome that has it's own power supply and is therefore also wireless. Plans for the future are to rebuild the radio link to the dome as the existing is on 233Mhz and it generates audio noise. I plan to move to 2.4G radio with Arduinos instead of pics. The Mk3 is going to be replaced by a Mk5 MartMod and it might actually be the prototype that goes in there as customer number 1 has had a revised unit with the tweeks we discovered after the first few builds. I can work those tweeks onto the prototype and use it myself. I would like to implement the remote digital volume control that the RC interface outputs, I suppose I could do that in the MartMod if I scaled the input signal. Also it would be nice to motorise the gun as I have outputs for that, but I have too many projects to do. Vince.
  7. JohnnyAlpha if you would like a copy of my code for the Arduino RC multiplexer let me know. It handles tank steer conversion, brake release, speed limiting, gun firing, remote power off, outputs for gun movement, dome/eyestalk movement, outputs to control a digital volume control, failsafe detection. Vince.
  8. You should compare the prices at Wickes, they might be a bit better than Homebase. If you can't get a full sized sheet in your car, you have the wrong car ;-) I swapped to a Chrysler Grand Voyager to get my dalek, wife and dog in the car. It also copes with a caravan on the rear at the same time. I recently went to Wickes with a friend and we bought about 11 full sheets of ply and put them in the car. Now they have stopped selling the Voyager I am stuck for what to get new time. Vince.
  9. The 25A Sabretooth (and that's per channel) is rated for 50A stall current and even if you manage 4x the stall current of a 12A (300W) motor your still in spec. I still have the 30A breaker from the doner wheelchair in line with my batteries as well as a 40A fuse that is hard wired to each battery. I have only managed to trip the breaker once, when the dalek was stuck in a pot hole. Vince.
  10. The motors are 300W wheelchair motors, so at 24v the max non-stalled current is 12A, stall current might be 24-36A per side. Having said that, I did once pop the 30A circuit breaker but the speed controller was fine. The peak current spec on the 25A sabretooth is 50A anyway. Pick away! (Or Arduino away if you prefer!)
  11. My dalek is radio controlled but I have an Arduino in between the radio receiver and the Sabretooth. It's main job is to extend the 6 channel radio into a 10 channel, as well as giving full failsafe detection and handling the brake solenoids. I am using the RS232 mode (my Sabertooth is the 25A model) and I was communicating too fast to begin with. I had a few issues with jittering until I slowed down the baud rate, so be aware that this might happen if you use that mode. Vince.
  12. I have been asked to invite daleks to the Robots Live event at the Amberley Museum and Heritage Centre on 29th and 30th July. If anyone needs to stop over, the museum allows us to stay on-site overnight. This is your chance to see the Robots Live attraction and play night at the museum in one go. Get in touch for more info. See http://www.amberleymuseum.co.uk/robotslive Vince.
  13. For future reference the MartMod Mk5 has an option jumper that controls the 5v power feed to the microphone, the UK units are supplied with this configurable, I am going to produce a guide for this as an update to the instructions. It allows you to choose if and how the power is supplied to the microphone. Vince.
  14. Hi Ian, I am your contact in the UK for a Martmod (recently described as the Rolls Royce of voice modulators by isamu). Compared to other modulators, the Martmod gives you feedback reduction, gun sound and gun pump/lighting control and an option to have a press to talk switch. I do not know of another modulator that does all this. See martmod.co.uk or join the Martmod group on facebook, or ask questions here. Vince.
  15. Thank you. I set out to design a modulator that used modern components, that would handle all the features an operator controlled dalek would need and to make it easier to build so that the price could be lower. It was getting harder to buy the older components of the MK3 so I stopped whilst I had enough stock to support the existing customers, also it became obvious that feedback protection is a necessity now days. That is why I had no issue making the MK3 design available to the community and this started the PDF MK5 mod. So with the help of Glenn and Mark we got the Mk5 design to a point where I was happy to start buying stock, but it took Glenn's friend Stu to get us further down the road. His software is in the first of the MK5's. Then we had an offer from Mike (who you all know) to write the software that we still use. So I have to share this message of thanks with Glenn, Mark, Stu and Mike who made this happen. Vince. PS MartMods have their own group on Facebook now.
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