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  1. I have used displacement and texture maps in the past, but given I haven't modelled in years, any reminders are helpful. Thank you
  2. I built my first 3D Daleks around 1998 or thereabouts, using the plans from the old Doctor Who technical manual and my own estimations of size and shape from freeze-framing grotty old VHS tapes. They weren't bad, and they certainly did the job, but I'm absurdly obsessed with getting the details right. I joined Project Dalek ages ago, but life got in the way of me actually doing anything. However, this time I've gotten started! The Dalek on the left is my new Dalek build, the one on the right is the original. Still got a long way to go, obviously, but it's getting there. The differences in them are small but obvious in comparison. The Dalek I'm building at the moment I call a super-Dalek, in that it's ridiculously detailed. For most pictures and animation this level of detail isn't needed, but better to build a version with all that now than to have to later. I'll follow this with a hero-Dalek, one that's fine for most purposes, and a low-res Dalek for distant shots. Have done this previously and it can really help keep poly counts down for big renders. As you can see in the close-ups I've done things like build the meshes for the shoulders. Again, generally a detail that's not needed, but one that counts when you suddenly find yourself needing an interesting angle or close-up of a Dalek gun firing - in those cases a texture map is rarely good enough. I also like to put in small errors and other bits of realism. The mind doesn't consciously pick up on them, but subconsciously it adds something. So on the super-Dalek I've added small amounts of rounding on the edges of things like the skirt panels, base, and antenna box. Very subtle by it softened those hard edges nicely. The texture I have applied to the skirt also has very subtle bends and warps in it - again, not super obvious but when you have a Dalek moving through a scene, panels that aren't perfect flat/smooth feel more right. And of course I also will be adding in small dents/bends where I add the bolts when I do. Anyway, hope you've enjoyed my random renders and thoughts. There'll be more some random time in the future Cheers, Danny PS - Bonus, a couple of 15+ year old renders featuring my old Daleks and Dalek Emperor