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    Family. Driving and restoring Nash Metropolitans - In my 50s I returned to school and became certified in auto restoration (metal, welding, and paint) and auto upholstery. Doctor Who - Since the late 80s we have had a Murphy bed that folds out of the TARDIS. Christmas Stocking Stuffer Program and other Elks charities. Anglicon - the British Media Convention which always has some Doctor Who and Daleks.

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  1. So sorry for your loss.

    We're all thinking of you.



  2. I so sorry to hear that. I will be praying for you and your family.



    1. SamTherapy


      Very sorry to hear this.  Sincere condolences.

  3. I am numb... my mom passed away this morning...

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    2. Stephen R

      Stephen R

      :( I am so sorry. My prayers go to you and your family. 

    3. dalek jade

      dalek jade

      Hi Christmas Dalek (Kathy) I'm sorry to hear of your loss anything I can do please drop me a line, with kindest of regards Brian D=

    4. Ferrain


      So sorry for your loss Kathy, it does get easier in time I can tell you.




  4. Since you mentioned painting, Reynolds Advanced Materials (in the US) has a product called XTC-3D® High Performance 3D Print Coating. From their website: XTC-3D® is a protective coating for smoothing and finishing 3D printed parts. This coating self-levels, wets out uniformly without leaving brush strokes, and cures to a hard, impact resistant coating that can be sanded, primed and painted. XTC-3D® is inexpensive to use (1 oz covers 100+ square inches) and adding colors and metal effects is easy. http://www.reynoldsam.com/product/xtc-3d/ I've not tried it, so have no first hand knowledge.
  5. Wow, our build diary - such foreign soil... I haven't been here for a while. The boards have been an escape, but I avoid seeing how little we have done by coming here... Sorry to ignore suggestions. Currently, I'm living in Tacoma with my bedridden mom and not the Dalek. I am just looking through our build diary to find any info on the paint numbers that I can for cdngoose. No luck there. In a previous hobby, I made kayaks. We did canvas covered (wood bulkheads and stringers) and fiberglass (I hate fiberglass). The style I wanted to try was stitch and glue. You drill corresponding holes along both edges of wood to be joined, then stitch them together with twisted hunks of copper wire. You can fiddle with fit and symmetry to your hearts content - trimming and re-attaching parts until you are happy and then run an epoxy glue line down the seam. When set, the copper wire (which is not intentionally glued, but to which the glue doesn't stick) is removed and recycled, the gaps are glued and the outer edge is filled. This screen shot of a cross section from clcboats.com explains it better than I do. I don't need the technique for the skirt panels, because they are not under a lot of tension so the brads, tape and Zap (a cyanoacrylate) will do just fine. The shoulders, on the other hand will be stitched together. I am hoping to avoid clamps altogether. I've imagined getting to actually build the shoulders so many times, I sometimes believe they are done. Loving and caring for mom is the top priority at the moment. She deserves whatever she wants. I promised her that I will finish this Dalek by Anglicon, 2017. A promise I intend to keep.
  6. Welcome! It's always nice to know another state will have its residents exterminated! Ditto on what Russell said. Almost all of the questions you can think to ask are in the FAQs and the build diaries. The search function is a great help, as are the marvelous people here. Be well, Kathy (three or four states to your northwest)
  7. I have been occasionally hauling paint color cards to the EMP ((Experience Music Project) now called MoPop (Museum of Pop Culture)) to compare to their repainted Imperial Dalek for several years. Unfortunately, I am caring for my mom too far from my home to go get the current closest matches to give you any numbers, but I would still like to give you my opinion, if that is OK. Since you are still reading - When you look at the screen-used Imperial in Seattle, it is faded, poorly re-painted, under do-no-harm lights (not full spectrum), and under thick glass. Given that, both visible shades of white are near – not pure - white (close to what used to be called Eggshell when bright white, off white, and eggshell were your three main choices. (Yup, I am that old.)). Most of my color cards were not white enough. On the color wheel, pure white can go in every direction of the color wheel. My close comparisons go toward the yellows, not pure yellow but a bit orangish. Many of my white color samples clashed a bit with the antique, metalic gold of the hemis, causing the Dalek to look pinkish or pale blue, so don’t head that way on the color wheel. Maybe test both together before painting everything. The paint on the original looks to have been applied with a brush. If the missed spots are an indicator, it was in a hurry and with the shoulders on something that blocked the underside. The finish seems satin to me – not semi gloss, but also not flat. Whether that is time or original…. Photos add their own error coefficient to the formula. If I were painting yours, I would use an indoor/outdoor, water clean-up, thinnable (to spray) cabinet (as opposed to wall) paint for the white. If I were going to distress the Daleks, I’d use satin. If I wanted them to look newly hatched, I’d make them gloss. (To many, if not most people, gloss equals metal.) I’d pick a gold that complements whatever Mylar-ish product will be used as the solid and the sequin waste on the neck bins. You can tweak the paint to match them; the reverse is not as easy. If aiming for original, some of the gold samples I tried seemed very orange or red compared to the EMP’s gold hue. (Remember all of the caveats above.) Stunned people are going to yell, “Look, up in the sky! Daleks!” No one is going to say, “I’m not afraid of them, the shade of gold is a bit off.”) I am getting a lot of satisfaction out of knowing that not just one, but three more Imperials will be in the Western Hemisphere! Mine may be on hold, but yours are really making me happy!
  8. Thankyou for the info on skirt angles very helpfull


    1. ChristmasDalek


      You're welcome.

  9. I grabbed a couple of screen shots from the 2005 Plans (thank you, John) to show how the angles change around the skirt. By comparing the upper and lower dimensions, you get the base of a triangle. The height of each panel is 68.6 cm, so that is the height of each triangle. You can see that the panels 4 are closest to the same size, and so have the shallowest angle. Panels 4, 5 and 6 appear to have constant angles, but panels 1, 2 and 3 will have different angles at the back than the front, because the top and bottom are not parallel. By calculating the angles of right triangles for each of the panels, you can accurately bevel the edges. The green bubble contains data for the angle calculation for panel 6. Since I am lazy, I get the data and then plug the height and base into my favorite angle calculator (CSGNetwork.com). Panel 1 needs 20.68 degree bevels at it's sharpest. Panel 4 needs 5.41 degree angles. Panel 6 needs 7.8. If you are using the Child's play skirt in a day technique, consider this easier, math free technique - after you get the spacing braces on, do as Ferrain suggests. Sand the edges until a meter stick leaning from the top to the bottom edges looks kind of even. Have fun with the build. I look forward to seeing your finished skirt.
  10. Thank you for the shot of the jig!
  11. This amazing site is HUGE and was intimidating to me at first. It is sometimes easy to get lost, but I have come to see it as well organized and worth the effort to learn to navigate. Thanks to RepeatedMeme, I just learned that the Guidelines are in the top drop-down menu; I have always clicked the link at the bottom of the page. I, too, had trouble when I searched for the guidelines. At first I was spelling it wrong. My second try got 8 hits and all from 2014 or earlier (I cannot explain that). Third try was the charm - I got 7 pages of hits. I am enjoying your build diary. Keep up the great work!
  12. A friend of mine is a big fan of Halloween. As Trick-or-treaters wander through his display, various things yell, flash or grab at them. One of them is always him, but the rest are electronic. He buys a lot of discount stuff at the after holiday clearance and then modifies them to his needs. They come with their own power, sensor (sound or motion), and trick (movement, sound and/or light). I don't know how he gets his custom messages (although I think one was from a record-your-own-greeting card). Another great looking Dalek! Kathy
  13. Would you mind posting a shot of the turning jig? As always, love the builds!
  14. OMG! I love it!
  15. My daughter was born 37 years ago today... Ever try to convince people that your baby was coming 3 weeks earlier than expected on April Fool's Day?