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  1. Ok it just arrived the Radius is 1.94 inch at the widest point looking at the measurements on the classic plans it's a touch small 0.06 of an inch it seems to be in proportion in all other respects and the base unscrews with a cross head screwdriver so size and shape wise it's very close. I have a friend with a powder coating machine so a couple of coats of that will build it out a touch so all in all quite happy. The other good news is that the 8 scrapes off with a fingernail so no need to repaint it
  2. When it arrives I'll do some exact measurements and report back
  3. This type of ashtray has been around since the 50's looks to me like a good fit for the type of Eye seen in some 60's stories. Available for under £10 on ebay http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Metal-Ashtray-Spinning-Black-8-Push-Down-Cigarette-Ash-Tray-Home-Office-/152427713456?hash=item237d6653b0:g:0BwAAOSwjDZYmZAV I have one on order will report back when it arrives.