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  1. 3rd June 2017

    I have been informed that Steven Moffat will be attending!
  2. Hi guys. Please confirm which days you plan on attending and what or if you require accommodation.
  3. Hi all! Our group (the Charity Dalek Squad) has been asked to return to Wolverhampton Halfpenny Green Airport for their Air Show on the 29th/30th April this year to entertain the crowds. We have our own hanger to hold our shows and there are lots to see and do with, airplanes, steam engines, classic cars and much more on display. We have a budget for travel expenses and some overnight accommodation available. Food and drink will also be provided. These weekends are a lot of fun and well worth giving your Dalek a trundle on lots of tarmac, as we are free to roam the site! Please let me know if you wish to attend as soon as possible. Several people have already requested to come along again, so come and join us! Many thanks Terry
  4. Hi all! Our group (the Charity Dalek Squad) has been invited to attend the Fairford Fesival ( http://www.fairfordfestival.org.uk ) on Saturday 3rd June this year to take part in the town Parade and then our show "Audience with the Daleks" at 1pm at the cricket ground. We are looking for Daleks to help us entertain and there are travel expenses available for those who can attend. If you are interested, then please let me know as soon as possible. Many thanks Terry
  5. Hi all. I have been asked again through our group (the Charity Dalek Squad) by the organisers of the Cosford Air Show near Telford, Shropshire to provide a presence at their event on Sunday11th June this year. The show has a 1960's theme so they only require Daleks from that time period. No Daleks from other time zones I'm afraid! So anyone with a 1960's Dalek wishing to attend please get in touch. (Monsters, Cybermen and costumes from the sixties are also invited). Travel expenses will be paid and food and drinks will be provided free on the day. We have a large tarmac area to patrol as well as a tent as a base. So, who's up for a good day out, sixties style! Terry
  6. I have been approached by the organisers of the Universal Model Show (http://www.scmmc.co.uk/) about attending their show on Sunday 26th February 2017. We have attended this event before at a different venue, but this one looks very Dalek friendly! There are over 100 traders/clubs attending and the organisers are very keen on having a Dalek presence there! Anyone interested in going along for a nice day out please post your interest here! Regards Terry (Charity Dalek Squad)
  7. Sounds like we'll have a good turn out of Daleks. I'll speak to Mark to confirm who's doing what on each day. Looking forward to seeing you all there!
  8. HI Mark. I know you already know, but here's our confirmation for Dalek Skarlet. Saturday Dalek - Terry Smith Helper - Julie Smith Ford Galaxy AJ51 ASZ Sunday Dalek - Tiffany Cartlidge Helper - David Cartlidge
  9. Sunday August 3rd 2014

    We are still looking for Daleks for this event.
  10. 26th & 27th July 2014

    Major apologises to anyone wishing to attend this event. I have not been on here for quite a while. We do have spaces and expenses for anyone who turns up over the weekend and you will be fed and watered!
  11. March 1st & 2nd 2014

    You could use the lift...
  12. March 1st & 2nd 2014

    I'd be happy for you to minder and have a go in Goldie if you'd like Rob. The more Goldie's out and about the weekend the better.
  13. Sunday August 3rd 2014

    No problem. Thanks for adding yourselves to the list guys!
  14. March 1st & 2nd 2014

    I'm happy for you to jump into Goldie when I'm not out trundling Sacristan.
  15. Thanks for the info. I'll look into it and hope to post up some more pics soon...
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