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  1. You no longer need to resize images before you upload them here. The Forum will automatically resize them for you.
  2. Garage tidy approx 50% complete. I have located the missing floor.

    1. RepeatedMeme


      You can do mine next. :) 

    2. Ferrain


      I have located the missing floor in mine - THO's Chavmobile is the guilty party.


      She takes the opposing stance off course "I would like to park MY car in MY garage!"


    3. bec weir

      bec weir

      Garages have floors?  :o 

  3. The base might be better covered with some sort of rubber or rubberised material, rather than just painted black. I used offcuts of black, flat-roof waterproofing membrane on mine, glued in place with contact adhesive (Evo-Stik). The major advantage is that you don't have to constantly re-paint the inevitable scratches.
  4. Home Bargains used to carry them, but I haven't checked in a while. If you're stuck I have a stockpile, but they aren't drilled out, I'm afraid.
  5. That's a whole lot of progress in a relatively short time. It's now possible to visualise what this beast is going to look like.
  6. The easiest way is to mark out the rectangles that the panels will be cut from and then measure from the edges of the rectangles (with their 90 degree corners), to the points where the panel corners are meant to be. Mark the panel corners and then join up the four corners with straight lines. Those are the edges of the panels, that you need to cut.
  7. You don't have to resize photos. and... More info... You can embed them in your post once they are uploaded, by using the little + icon (on each thumbnail), which will place them at the point where your cursor is positioned. Please put photos,on a new line, between text, so that they automatically range left, which is house style. If you don't need to add the images between your lines of text, then PLEASE use the + to add them in a horizontal line, under your post. Note that if you just leave them, they will display as a stack of vertical images, which looks untidy. Doing this one little task will really help out the moderators, who would otherwise have to edit and tidy up the layout.
  8. Have you tried opening them with an alternative PDF program, such as Foxit Reader?
  9. Are you planning to make the dome from fibreglass? If so, process of making the plug/pattern from plaster and then creating a mould from it is reasonably straight forward. It just takes time, planning and quite a bit of patience.
  10. Glad the rivet scoring/nicking idea worked out. The stack shot is looking very nice. I concur that the dome rotation disc on the Sugar Puffs movie prop is indeed bang on 44cm, (I put a tape across it too). The reason the disc doesn't snag the eye pivot is because it has a small section cut out of it's internal circumference, between the pivot mounts, (which are already offset, back a little). This gives just enough space to allow the pivot to turn without scraping on the upper edge of the disc. There's about 3mm clearance, if that. This is the reason why the pivot is mounted so high up, in the slot, on that particular dalek. It would be impossible to mount it any further down. The rotation disc sits slightly above the level of the eye-slot lower edge, which, itself, is quite a bit above the chamfer line.
  11. Thanks for posting this Terry, much appreciated. I've added the event to the Calendar, here: There's a handy map showing the location, if anyone isn't sure about travel distance etc.
  12. A popular method if scaling the plans is to simply convert the inches to centimetres. This would give you 4cm hemispheres... ping-pong ball size. Making a scale dome using the 'dome former' method, used to make the full size versions would be a fun project and not too difficult.
  13. I can't find any indication in the plans that the Mk1 to 3 daleks had anything other than round(ed) pivots. Where in the plans is this suggestion? As ReM says, there is a slight flatness to the front but I think this is caused by the hole that the eye stalk is inserted into. Drilling a hole that is almost the same width as the pivot will remove a 1 1/2" segment of the circumference, producing a 'virtual' flat spot. Noticeably flat fronted pivots arrived much later and appear to be a consequence of refurbishment, beyond the 'silver and blue' years, though lesser flats are evident in 'Evil' at the very least and possibly earlier. Daleks are a mixed bag.
  14. I've just applied the latest Forum update. I don't anticipate any issues, but as always, if anything looks wrong or misbehaves, please post your observations here. There have been some minor updates to user authentication in this update, nothing too exciting. Oh, and we now have a share on Pinterest button added to the social media buttons, down there, somewhere.
  15. The Guardian, 31 January 1966: An interview with Dalek creator Terry Nation. Reproduced online today, complete with a couple of nice photos... https://www.theguardian.com/tv-and-radio/2017/jan/31/doctor-who-terry-nation-daleks-interview-1966
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      I just wondered how long Project Dalek Forum has been going. I joined at the beginning, and that was 4,257 days ago!
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    • John

      Garage tidy approx 50% complete. I have located the missing floor.
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      hello, i guess i should introduce myself: my name's pepita, i'm 17 years old and live in germany. i'm a huge fan of doctor who but also a lot more. last year i started cosplaying and i enjoy being creative and doing stuff so i decided to build my own dalek
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