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  1. Please move if this is not the right place to post this but I am looking for a hi res version of this image: to composite photos of my Dalek build over. They look ok on the low res version: but they'd look better if I lay them on a high res version
  2. I quite like the sound of the one I liberated from the stand mic. I might try and use it to replace the one in the headset. It was only a few dollars and it's really unusable the way it is now.
  3. I bought a cheapy electret microphone headset on eBay and it's VERY sensitive compared to a small mike on a stand that I already had and yet it seems to lack the volume and punch that the mic on a stand had. Is that possible that a mic could be more sensitive but deliver a quieter sound? The sound is less bassy too if that is any relevance. Sensitivity is such that even light breathing is picked up enough to trigger the dome lights. I have to move the mic away from my mouth so far that I have to noticeably raise my voice to get the same volume out of the speaker that the other mic gives when pressed against my lips with no breath activated lights. Its ts a bit weird. I would have thought more sensitive equals louder output.
  4. Haha I just popped over to check out your build diary after your visit and realised I'd been here before and I was your new eye that inspired me to make mine with three dimensional layers too! I'm really happy with the way mine turned out and yours looks great too.
  5. Thanks Russell! I agonised over the paint job forever and really it delayed the whole build for months as I didn't want to spend a lot of money on spraying and I didn't want to wreck it with bad brush work. In the end I used gloss paint and foam and microfibres rollers wherever I could and it turned out ok. As i said in another thread though, the many flaws in the paint job totally dissapeared when I screwed in the last dome lens and stepped back to admire the finished product and there was this terrifying creature standing before me. All I see now when I look at it is pure, malevolent evil. It watches me when I work around it too. I'm sure I saw it move the other day. The thing is seriously creepy.
  6. Can't stop messing around with it 😂 What can you make from some Two Dollar Shop (that's like a Pound Shop if I understand correctly) blue tinted sunnies and phone cover and the bottom of a DVD package? A new eye for your Dalek of course! Old Eye New eye (And some comic relief spectacles for my mad scientist impersonations)
  7. Took the Dalek for a proper trundle on concrete today. Now I know why you electric wheelchair guys and gals look so happy! It's bloody exhausting flintstoneing these things around! Especially forwards. My long legs are just not designed to generate power while bent at that angle! 😂 The new voice mod is all wired up, the wiring inside the Dalek is all tidied up and hot glued out of the way (thanks for that idea John) and a fuse placed just near the battery which is sitting in a nice little box (stole that idea of Jimmy) I've got to find the right placement for the mic as at the moment it's picking up my heavy breathing of which there is a lot. Perhaps there is a setting on the voice mod to make it less sensitive. The speaker is mounted in a little box at top of skirt facing out through one of the hemis. Seems to be ok sound wise when it's below feedback level; I've not got anything to compare it to. Need to get out and see and here other's Daleks a bit. things left to do: redo the iris as the white part looks a bit small. Route the lights wiring through the dome pivot when I find a hollow bolt or similar. Secure the gun and sucker arms a bit better to prevent the tubes sliding inside the balls. I have them held by electrical tape at the moment but I'll probably glue them. Work out a way of locking off the dome rotation before I exit the Dalek. Besides those improvements though, I'm now the proud owner of a living, breathing (heavily) Dalek! I'm right chuffed. 😊
  8. 3amp automotive blade type was the smallest i could find (there were a couple of sub 2amp glass ones but I thought they might be too small. The 3amp should stop the battery bursting into flames in the event of a short anyway.
  9. Thanks I will, and I thought to do it in the electronics section too but it just seemed that the answer should already be somewhere but I searched and can't find it. There's a bit about fusing but nothing I can find about fusing the PDF specifically or the battery in general. I guess everyone's current draw is different.
  10. Ok so I capitulated and bought a PDF voices mod and boy, does it sound waaayy better! Scrounged some speakers out of a discarded TV, hooked up an amp that came with the voice mod, new bigger brighter leds! She's looking and sounding beautiful now. I understand that I should put a fuse in the line between battery and voice mod but I'm not sure how to calculate how big a fuse I need. Should I use a multimeter to measure the amps while talking through it? Or can I work it out mathematically based on the specs of all the components?
  11. Hmm the Death Daleks do have that double fender look, silver over black, so i think it will look ok. In this pic the full fender with the rubber appears to be the same height as from the bottom of the skirt to midway between the two bottom hemis. I think your final height will be close to that to, so should look fine. I'm not 100% happy with the way I did my rubber trim, attaching it to the inside of the fender rather than the outside. At least one screen Genesis has it in the inside but I think it would have looked better outside (maybe something else to tinker with!)
  12. Looking good. I started mine back in 2013 too I think, only just "finished" it (now I'm just tinkering)
  13. Thanks Glenn, if I could justify a proper sound system I'd love to get one but now she's built I don't really think I'm going to use her at Cons etc. that much to really warrant the hefty price tag those mods carry from memory. My little system costs about $80 for everything with $50 of that being the guitar amp. Anyway, we will see how addicted to improving her I get...😂 Regardless, I think I've worked out it's actually feedback causing the problem as when I locate the amp in the base of the Dalek I can crank it up to 10 and it still sounds clear. I'm just not sure how loud it will sound down there at my feet. I'm trying to do tests by videoing myself from outside the Dalek while talking within and moving the amp to different locations. Haven't decided yet. i have determined though that one LED in each dome light is not really impressive enough. They light up well enough to be clearly seen but I think modules of three or six in each will give a more pleasing effect.
  14. As a simple voice and lights mod I took one of these kids voice changers and put all the components in an Apple EarPods box I happened to have. It worked ok but was bit quiet so I went to Jaycar and got some bits and pieces to pump it through a micro guitar amp from JB HiFi. While I was there I bought a proper box so this macgyveresque solution is gone now. I miss it's shoestring charm. It's not a perfect Dalek voice but it's pretty good and it has built in light syncing (I cut off their ring of red leds and wired in mine). With the 1 watt micro amp the voice starts distorting above volume setting 4 so despite having plenty of volume, I can't use all of it. I will try with different microphones and see if that makes any difference.
  15. Finally my Dalek has a seat! I've left the seat till last since I was always worried my weight would cause everything to collapse and destroy my Dalek. Turns out my engineering degree from the "University of Hope This Works" was sufficient to the task. 😂 I might need to change the shape of the top board to something more ergonomic. We shall see.
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      Looking for the close up photo of the portable graphic equaliser deck that Nick Briggs use's with his Moog MF102. Somewhere out there, I have seen this photo of him sitting at a table with the graphic equaliser, to fine tune in the sound of the Moog. Could be used as a reference photo if allowed on the Forum.
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    • madianm

      Well just an update . I've started finally , thought i'd tackle the base and work up from there. I've been sorting afew smaller things like hemi's and cutting drainage pipe for there surrounds . See how it goes , will post some pics at some stage ! ..Ian
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    • OutCastDalek

      I finally received the Workshop Manuel today! Now all I have to do is study it. Hopefully I'll start a build diary by the summer. 
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      Printing the front fuselage of DSV2.....
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      If a mod would be so kind as to delete the mushnik TDP build, as I'm not going to be building it anymore, I have a different dalek in mind in a few months, but this is just bugging me.
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