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  1. Been a busy day today, my friend Paul, came over with his paint compressor and painted my Dalek. Here a few pictures of the day And I finally put most of it together. Still need to bolt the hemis on and add the silver bolt covers as well as the decal but I'm very happy with it.
  2. Gun box back now complete. Just painting left!
  3. Just a quick update, skirt, shoulders, slats, hemis all primed and ready for painting. All hemi surrounds painted. Will be fixing gun box fittings tomorrow.
  4. Finally finished the eyestalk and dome. Lights all wired up and awaiting my new martmod. Happy with the neck and dome. Fender now painted, skirt and shoulders, slats and half the hemis all primed and ready for main painting. Anyone any advice on how to paint the hemi surrounds, with them been so flat it's a pig to get the paint on the sides?
  5. Hi Quick question, what colour are the ball joints for the gun and plunger arm on Dalek Sec, some I see are silver, some black, and some one of each? If i do paint them black, anyone recommend a way of them not scratching the paint off when I move them? thanks Martin
  6. Added the bolts to the fender, just got the eye to finish off and then the back board for the gun box and all the major work is done. They I have to take it all apart to paint it! A friend has a portable paint compressor and is coming over in a few weekends time to paint him. Will hopefully give a nicer finish than using rattlecans. Once painted and lacquered then I have the electronics to add. Going for a Martmod voice box. Need to think where to position the batteries and the speakers.
  7. Got quite a bit more done today. First off is my hemi sphere production line! What i learnt from my first ones is not to get resin on the bolt threads. Will need to buy a broom handle to make some very long 'washers' for a few! Then sorted out the eye stalk mechanism, And 'attached' some spheres, and added the dome lights. Looking more like a Dalek now!
  8. First coat to the dome done.
  9. Now added sucker arm. Still waiting for my 90mm saw drill to make the back support for the gunbox.
  10. Hi, this is not a build diary as such as I'm not making from scratch as I don't have the necessary skills needed. This is more of an assembly diary. I'm going to do a Dalek Sec version. I bought some new toys to help with my 'build' 😆😆 Drilled holes for Hemis Then started on the neck rings. Neck rings assembled. and slats attached. Decided to go binless so added some support struts to the neck. Then painted a first coat of satin black and added the Heron Rib. Boy is it a pig to cut! Dome was sitting too high so altered height of support struts to fix. Drilled gaze sphere for gun arm. This is only placed in the box, Ive still to make the back support for it.
  11. Thank you.
  12. Hi sorry of this has been answered many times, but I can't seem to find the answer. What size bolts do I need for attaching the gun box details moulding? Thanks Martin
  13. Hi im a newbie, and will be starting my dalek build soon. Ive been reading the build guide and lots of threads on here so I can build up my knowledge but I have a couple of questions regarding the eye stalk build. I guess these have been asked before and for that I apologise. First question re the discs. Ive sourced the parts needed on the EMA website but understand that they need to be reduced in size. Without a lathe or access to one, what's the best method for doing this? second question is the construction of the stalk itself. I would have thought as a layman that you get the aluminium tube in the correct diameter and attach everything to it, although I am unsure on how you would make the hole in the discs big enough without cracking them. However, after doing a bit of digging, I also believe that the correct method is to use a thinner inner tube and slide the bits over this? Which is correct? And if this is the case why this method? Sorry for been a bit thick. Martin
  14. Would love to come to visit your daleks, so long as you don't mind a list of questions as long as your arm? 😆
  15. Thank you.
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    • madianm

      Well just an update . I've started finally , thought i'd tackle the base and work up from there. I've been sorting afew smaller things like hemi's and cutting drainage pipe for there surrounds . See how it goes , will post some pics at some stage ! ..Ian
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