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  1. Come up to Brisbane. I have a 44 gallon drum of un-waxed Poly, with about 18 litres missing..... (I don't have any fiberglass mat though)
  2. My Dad was a Plumber, he didn't have brass nipples. They were just normal ones like any other bloke. Yeah, the thicker 10mm aluminium tube from Bunnings is what I put a thread on, though I'm sure I have three lamp rods around here somewhere. I wonder if an old second-hand store or Vinnies (or Ikea?) would have old lamps that could donate their rod for building?
  3. Wow! looking good there! Lamp rod is a real bugger to find here in Australia. I've had no luck sourcing it at all. I get mine from eBay and have to wait a couple of weeks for it to arrive. I really should buy a dozen lengths and just stockpile it, for when I get the building urge again. I usually just get some 10mm steel tubing and cut a thread on either end and use that. Currently on my three day weekend, and I've sanded the new fender and shoulders for my George restoration. I'm waiting on the MIG welder I bought to arrive so I can mount the motors to a steel box frame. It's been a long time since I welded anything.
  4. Gelcoat should be as hard as it is going to get. Try running a drill bit or other round object along the line where the strips were, then clean up with bog and/or sandpaper where needed. It looks like a great dome.
  5. I've made the shoulder and fender in the new moulds. They have turned out beautifully. I will clean up both parts, pull the slats off Georges old shoulders and mount them to the new shoulders when painted. I purchased the square tubing and I'll dismantle the wheelchair to the motors, batteries and controller, get my mate Paul (an ex-boilermaker and fellow Dalek builder) to teach me how to weld with my brand new MIG welder and make the frame to mount the motors. A much more lighter George will be up and running again soon, ready for the next convention.
  6. Doing bloody well! I've been struggling with the cold and making moulds up here - it was a chilly 11 to 26 degrees Celsius here today. I had to put on long pants!
  7. If you don't tell anyone, they will never know. Building three Daleks at once is a bugger of a job.
  8. I get my balls powder coated. They cost the workshops minimum amount of AUD$60 for half a dozen stainless steel gazing globes to be done at once. Takes them a couple of days to do and, although I do mostly use felt to protect them, the ones that haven't been protected with felt are still pretty good.
  9. Bit of an update: George is currently receiving an upgrade of a new fiberglass fender and shoulders, in an effort to reduce weight. He currently tops out at well over 80Kg's with the wheelchair inside. I'm using George's fender to make the new fender mould and I am going to re-install the (quite wrong) shoulder slats onto the new fiberglass shoulders and keep the wooden skirt, to keep him "George". In another weight saving move, the wheelchair will be pulled apart and the motors and batteries mounted onto square section of iron tubing frame, which my mate Paul (an ex-Boilermaker and fellow Dalek builder) will teach me how to weld together. Oh, and I'm fixing up the shoulder buck that I made for my Ironside and every other Dalek made since George (who's shoulders I didn't mould up) and making a new mould. This is what I will use to make the shoulders for George and the next Daleks built.
  10. Oh, you got my package then? I still reckon she had The Black Lion.......
  11. I built a Dalek once. That was ten daleks ago, I made the parts for a NSD for a mate last week and I have another waiting to be de-moulded this week for me. Have you received a care package in the post? Bloody Australia Post is so slow these days. I can get stuff faster from the UK than I can within the same city most weeks.
  12. Cast the shoulders, you know you will end up wanting another NSD...... I can cast up a fender, skirt, shoulders and dome in a very full day, so making moulds is well worth it if you are going to make more than one, or want a much, much lighter Dalek.
  13. At least you got your Cardio workout this weekend.....
  14. Hopefully it is just the fuse.
  15. My God, they wear Crocs...........
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