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  1. I'm very excited to just find out that there's going to be a Comicon in my home town of Worthing! It's at the Assembly Halls on July 1st. I don't think I'll be able to get my Daleks down there, but I'm certainly going to try to get down there to see if I can snap some pics. According to their facebook page it seems Colin Baker & Nicola Bryant will be there... Cool! Regards, Russell
  2. That's a great looking arm, but boy, do I feel your pain! I know exactly what you mean about ploughing on when things start to go wrong. I have lost count of the amount of times I should have taken a deep breath, stood back & slept on it, then tackled it again the next day. Instead I ended up pushing on making things worse & worse! I also have had that "losing all sense of perspective" problem. I remember spending hours making the eye- only to drop & smash it! Nobody human was talking to me THAT day..... I'm sure you already know that you are going to need pretty strong fittings for the ball joint where it fits into the main Dalek body to compensate for it's weight. I made my 1st arm from aluminium tubing, spent ages on it & it looked lovely, but it was just so heavy It wouldn't stay fitted onto the Dalek, the whole thing would just tear out. In the end I had to resort to plastic tubes sprayed silver... Oh well, never mind, I'm looking forward to seeing your plunger arm fitted to the main body. Going by your excellent work so far, you are going to make a great job of it! Regards, Russell
  3. Thanks mate! I'm so proud that my little build has been helpful to someone, especially a build as nice as yours! The eye does look much better in 3D, doesn't it! The great thing about ProjectDalek is the wealth of info available & how we can all help each other out with tips & ideas. All the best, Russell
  4. Ok....You are right. The darker colour looks much better. Well worth the effort of the repaint! You should be justifiably proud, mate! Russell
  5. I so agree with everyone else's comments. A masterpiece in every way. Sheer genius! Russell
  6. The colour really makes it, doesn't it? Although "Genesis" is my favourite story, I really prefer the darker grey of "Planet" & your Dalek really captures that vibe. You are also so right that the first time you put it all together & stand back for a good look, any minor flaws vanish & a terrifying Dalek is staring back at you! To have a real life size Dalek in your house is really a childhood dream come true. I still do a double take when I walk in the room to be confronted by my pet monsters! Well done mate, you should be really proud! Russell
  7. Wow! That's a beautiful Dalek. I love the colour & the finish is just lovely! They never looked that good on the telly... Regards, Russell
  8. Hi there, That is one great looking Dalek. I had exactly the same problem with my paint. It looked nice & dark on the tin, then when I painted it on it looked so much lighter! However, I think that lighter shade of grey you have looks perfect for an 80's Dalek, so I wouldn't change a thing! Regards, Russell (Ps: Loving the display of Japanese swords behind you as well!)
  9. That looks amazing. Where you have sprayed it, it really looks like metal. The rivets give it such a chunky industrial look. I love it & can't wait to see future progress! Russ
  10. Wow! I love that Dalek & those photos are amazing- so atmospheric & nostalgic. I can really see how you tweaked the RT plans to make your beastie look a bit more screen authentic. For members of a certain age the RT builds will always create a warm glow of happy memories. Thanks for posting those pictures! Regards, Russell
  11. So sorry for your loss.

    We're all thinking of you.



  12. Love it! My favourite era! Will be looking out for this one. Good luck. Regards, Russ
  13. Regards to your mum. Hope she's okay. There's no deadlines for Dalek building. I think they just add stress to what should be an otherwise enjoyable hobby. It will take as long as it takes!...& I'll continue to enjoy your progress no matter how slow it seems to be. All the best, Russell
  14. Ha! I like it! Bec, you should start a support group for traumatised, unloved NDP's! Russell
  15. Holy cow! Just saw your pics of the NDP next to a Shawcraft & was absolutely shocked! They are HUUUGE!! I think I'm going to have to lie down.... Russell
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    • Aussie Kev

      Looking for the close up photo of the portable graphic equaliser deck that Nick Briggs use's with his Moog MF102. Somewhere out there, I have seen this photo of him sitting at a table with the graphic equaliser, to fine tune in the sound of the Moog. Could be used as a reference photo if allowed on the Forum.
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    • madianm

      Well just an update . I've started finally , thought i'd tackle the base and work up from there. I've been sorting afew smaller things like hemi's and cutting drainage pipe for there surrounds . See how it goes , will post some pics at some stage ! ..Ian
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    • OutCastDalek

      I finally received the Workshop Manuel today! Now all I have to do is study it. Hopefully I'll start a build diary by the summer. 
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    • Ferrain

      Printing the front fuselage of DSV2.....
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    • L'chaim 12

      If a mod would be so kind as to delete the mushnik TDP build, as I'm not going to be building it anymore, I have a different dalek in mind in a few months, but this is just bugging me.
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