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  1. The next stage is making the display to view the status of sensors and an alert to any faults.
  2. A redesign of the dome Base and electronics. Optical encoders on the motor control position and hold. Next is to put the servos in to control the eyestalk and LED driver for the eye. The battery is now in the dome with signal wires going to the shoulders via a slipring to get 360deg rotation.
  3. Much better than my first attempt. Keep at it and don't give up. I stressed about getting my Nsd 100% but then eventually realised it dosent have to be perfect. So I worked with what I had and made A battled scared Dalek. I'm better at electronics than woodwork.
  4. After a few months o no working on the Dalek I had a nice weekend to finish the paint work. I didn't take a pic of the full stack. Will do this later. Big improvement on before. Completed full stack. That should have read in last post.
  5. So after a few weeks of not getting far. I've fitted the 'levitation' bar. LED strip light. Also one of the motors manual brake has stopped disengaging, so after stripping the gearbox I found that the arm which pushes the gear out had snapped, so I've disconnected the electronic brake and now all is good. I've also done a lot more with the internal wiring from base through skirt up-to shoulders. More pics tomorrow.
  6. Welcome Chris. I'm just up in Durham if you need advice. A hand etc. were a friendly bunch on here. Good luck with the build.
  7. 12 LEDs all wired with their own 150ohm resistor and connected. All fitted into the lamp housing and tested working great so later in the week I'll get everything fitted into the dome and video a full test.
  8. Right. Been fiddling tonight as was bored. Managed to get a good run without blowing any with a 147ohm resistor on each led. Did a full volume test and it was all ok. So next job is to make up 6 for each side and fit them into the lamp housing.
  9. I've been to maplin today. A resistor of around 220ohms with forward voltage of 3v and 0.33mA should be ok but for each led. I've a few to play with on a breadboard to see. Back at work tomorrow so will be later in the week.
  10. Finished the voice modulator for Dexter. Just need to work out resistor value to stop the LEDs for the dome lights to stop blowing. Time to dig out ohms law. Here's a video of the voice before fitting. http://youtu.be/JXi4ORPGHRc
  11. Looking good. It's nice when the mdf is all freshly cut. Makes me want to start a new build.
  12. I've just been reading a fellow builders post about using papier-mâché to fill the gaps on the shoulders. Never thought to try so going to give it ago tonight on one section an see how it turns out.
  13. Still not happy with the back of the shoulders. So... I've decided that Dexter will be battle scarred. I've been playing with some old bits of wire and paint on one of hemis.
  14. Well off to London for a couple of days as I'm off work. Friday will be a dalek work day this week. The plan is to complete fitting the controls and displays in the shoulder section for the operator. All of the electronics will be in the rear of the shoulders with minimal wires running upto the dome. The connections between the dome, shoulders, skirt and base will be made with old ATX power connectors I have lying around from my old job. Will do plenty pictures and maybe even a video at the weekend.
  15. A couple of days off weather is ok so I'm filling the gap behind the slats and working on designing and fitting all the controls for the electronics in the shoulders. Starting to enjoy the build again after a few months break.
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