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  1. The lower section of the fender is made of rubber so if it does scrape the ground it will not damage the higher up wood work. I will see what I can do about the steel work in modifying it.
  2. I looked for how to resize photos in FAQ but could not find anything. I also did a search but no luck. (This site is hard to navigate) So hear is two photos of my Dalek base and power chair. Sorry for the size of the photos. The front wheel has been removed that problem seems to have been fixed by using a steel plate.
  3. Thanks for the photos. You kept the four wheels intact. I removed the two swivel wheels and then made a new plate for just one wheel. That problem with the front wheel I fitted a steell plate and this seems to have fixed that problem up. But the second one still causing me headaches. I will get some photos up soon.
  4. Hi everybody I have a big problem with my Dalek. I have a Pride electric wheel chair and have attached it to the base of the Dalek. The problem is the front swivel wheel at first I had 1 inch chip board but it was to thick and I could not do the nut up. So next I tried 10 mm mdf this worked and I could do the nut up so I took the chair/Dalek base for a test drive this went ok. Then I put the skirt section on which added more weight. I then took it for a second test drive, well the mdf that the swivel wheel is attached to cracked and split drew to the weight.So now what can I do? use steel to hold the swivel wheel in place or will this also bend under the weight. what can I do to fix this. Any ideas. Now a second problem has shown up as stated before this chair is very heavy. The stress on the Dalek base is casing it to crack. I may have to add a fourth small size swivel wheel to support the weight. The builders workshop manual does not show how to attach these chairs to a Dalek.
  5. Hi  I have an electric wheel chair which is very heavy. The stress on the Dalek base is casing it to crack. I may have to add a fourth small size swivel wheel to support the weight. The builders workshop manual does not show how to attach these chairs to a Dalek.

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      Statuses are short-lived and will disappear from the front page of the forum. ;) Maybe put your question in your build diary, or in the motorization section? 

  6. Thanks I will do that. Now why didn't I think of putting the slats on first. Good idea.
  7. Hi well its been a long time since I last posted on this forum. I have been slowly building my Dalek. its a long term project but it is getting closer to being finished. I gave up on the GRP combo neck and went for a GRP neck bin and MDF rings. At the present I am trying to put the mesh on. How long should I cut the mesh into smaller pieces. I tried about 6 inches but this did not work out with the slats.
  8. Thanks i will give this a go taping the slats on and working around the shoulder
  9. H i What is the measurements or distant between the two slats on a Genesis Dalek.
  10. Hi all! On a diferent web site it says the genesis paint is called "Rover Tempest Grey" but I go to a car body smash repear shop and they need a code this could be numbers or letters or both. Does any body know the code for this colour paint.
  11. Some 8 months ago i started to build a mk 3 Dalek. I have the head, neck, shoulder, skirt and base built (basic build without any attachments). Now for the hard part.I would like to do a GRP neck bin and cage combo. I have wraped 3mm mdf around the bin inplace of the black cloth or fly- wire. The cage is than put into postion around the bin. Will the mdf need to be treated first before the GRP. Please don't say G4 as this product is not herd of in my small town (do other Australians have this problem) so therefore i cannot buy it and when i made the plaster head plug i had to use a spray on varnsh. The neck bin/cage will have 4 flangers hopefully this will help in getting the GRP to seperate from the plug.
  12. Hi All I am making a mark 3 dalek. I would like to make a GRP mould of the neck and cage combo.Can this be done?. Has it been tried before?. I have wraped 3mm mdf around the bin in place of fly-wire or black mesh. The plug will have 4 flangers. Also will it need to be treated before I GRP the neck/bin plug.
  13. Hi I am also making a clasic dalek plug when it is finished it will be GRP. I would also like to make a woodern dalek out of the MDF plug but will it survive the moulding prosess. I have read about adding water to separate the mould by Adding water to MDF. MMM I dont like the sound of adding water. just does not mix for me like adding water to oil.