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  1. 2016 saw the gun and sucker arm finally built. I originally had steel rods and two copper sleeves, but the person who was to do the welding for me said steel and copper won't weld very good so I had to get 8 brase rods instead. Then came more coats of paint, wiring for the dome lights and a new wooden wheel base. Last but not lest a second hand power wheel chair which was broken and had to be fixed. This project is approaching completion some mistakes crept in during construction. My engineering skills are limited. It may not be 100 percent correct but I am happy with it Well this takes me up to the post I made on the 7th February 2017 with the Pride Power wheel chair and the problems I have had with that.
  2. While I was unemployed I worked on the balls and the slats which were paid for before I lost my job. Then in late 2015 I got a job again more money starting to come in. So I purchased the final top coat of paint. I based the colour on the 5 inch toy Daleks that came out some tears ago. I only hope that the colour on these toys are correct. (Photos 3,4 & 5 are only painted prima gray) More photos still to come. To John the editor. I had a look for guidelines but could not find it. Did a search this comes up as 0. I find this site very hard to navigate. I hope the four photos at the bottom of the page get deleted (just four not eight). Just to get to my own page I clicked on somebody's else page go to the top of page click on Builders progress diary then 1970's just to get to my page. This is the only way I can find it.
  3. That's all right I stole it from somebody else on this site. I cannot remember who. Hear are more photos after the Dalek comes out of the molds. These were taken early 2015. A coat of prima paint was added. At this time March I lost my job and joined the ranks of the unemployed. What a bummer with no more money coming in pretty well all work on the Dalek comes to a stop.
  4. Some more photos of the GRP molds. The lower collar is moldered into the shoulder section. If Daleks were reel, I think this is how they would be built and not hollow like the ones on TV. These were made in early 2015.
  5. Some more photos of my Dalek build. Skirt built, two dome lights added and wheel base built. This base won't be used on this Dalek it will be used on my second Dalek build instead.these photos were taken late 2014.
  6. Hear are some more photos of the neck and shoulder section. Gun, sucker arm and rapping a tempate around the shoulder. These were made about mid 2014.
  7. Just thought I put some photos up. These photos of the dome and neck rings are from late 2013 and early 2014. The first photo is the plaster dome followed by the GRP mold and the Dalek dome. Then the three neck rings and struts.
  8. Thanks for that info. I lighten the neck over the weekend.
  9. Looking at the PDF again the one titled (Us jet 3) on page 20 this looks like the spear parts that I want. The one question I want to ask is which is the front and back on these chairs. Do the swivel wheels go at the front or the back. Some of the photos show the swivel wheels at the back. I have been using the chair the other way around. But with the joy stick to go forward I push back on the stick. But left and right is correct. Thanks for your feed back.
  10. The first and second photo show excesse wight removed. The original seat and foot rest. (Notice the foot rest is different to the ones in the PDF) Two wheel stand wheels and brackets. Plastic cover and one swivel wheel. and the bracket that once held the two swivel wheels in place (this has been cut as I needed it for the front wheel of the Dalek base) The third photo is the Dalek base as it is today after I had to make modifications to it some weeks ago. The fouth photo showing the 112.5 kg.
  11. Thanks for getting back to me. 1 The batteries are new. 2 I will be inside the Dalek. 3 The unit can take 112kg. 4 The PDF you posted still does not match up. I will take some photos and post on this Forum. 5 On the weekend I will remove the steel mesh from around the neck & replace with fly-wire. 6 The speed I think may be 4kmh or close to it. 7 Soon I will put photos up on the Dalek build itself.
  12. Thanks for the PDF as I got the Wheel chair second hand it did not come with instructions. Also the wheel chair was broken down and I had to get it fixed as I live in Stawell Vic I sent it down to Melbourne for repair. I did not tell the repairman it was for a Dalek. The Dalek is heavy, the hemispheres are bolted on steel mesh around the shoulders and steel mesh around the neck also. This could be making it go slow. Looking at the PDF the photos don't match up with my chair, I was told by the repairman it is a 2003 model.
  13. Well I made some changes to the attachments by adding two brackets and two 4 inch swivel wheels, the Dalek now has 5 wheels Two drive wheels, two small swivel wheels and one large swivel wheel. Then I took the Dalek for a test drive on the footpath out side my house. That's when I noticed road noise or should I sat footpath noise as the two small swivel wheels are solid rubber. I did not like this at all. So what now I cannot put the original axle and wheels back on as a Angel Grinder put an end to this. Can you get spare parts for these chairs? One other problem also the speed of the Dalek even on its fastest speed I could walk faster then this. The chair by its self without the Dalek on it and when I walk beside it the chair has plenty of speed. If I sit on it the speed drops down a lot. Then I put the Dalek on and sit in it the speed drops down to a slow speed.
  14. The lower section of the fender is made of rubber so if it does scrape the ground it will not damage the higher up wood work. I will see what I can do about the steel work in modifying it.
  15. I looked for how to resize photos in FAQ but could not find anything. I also did a search but no luck. (This site is hard to navigate) So hear is two photos of my Dalek base and power chair. Sorry for the size of the photos. The front wheel has been removed that problem seems to have been fixed by using a steel plate.