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  1. Hi guys, is that a Movie dalek underside? See the box at the front, I'm sure I've seen similar in another picture inside a Movie skirt.. I'm sure the box was open-topped, was this a place to mount the CO2 cylinder? Wouldn't it be great if one day a photo turned up of inside the DIOE skirts... As still there's no proof / evidence either way... I'm going to have to re-watch DIOE some day to pay attention to any sideways movement, or if it's all in straight lines. Cheers, Scott.
  2. I have a friend who has displayed his collection of flying helmets at Halfpenny Green a couple of times, he really likes the atmosphere there. It's nice thst they help fund the trip and accommodation! We once did a joint helmet display at Newark Air Museum's annual "Cockpitfest" event: https://www.scottbouch.com/cockpitfest.html Always thought a few patrolling Daleks would go down well at Cockpitfest too! Cheers, Scott
  3. Hi, I recently did a half scale build to the old plans. Like you, I'd built too much by the time I discovered there was a new set of plans in production, so carried on! I found a couple of geometrical erros in the old plans, which I think will explain your first console. Luckily I found the error before making, by producing a CAD model first, effectively checking the dimensions. I re-designed the console shape by eye just so it looked better. My console was kept simple to save time as I had 3 weeks to build it (4 weeks, with one week of holiday in the middle!). https://www.scottbouch.com/making-davros-baby-walker.html Did you build all of the sci-fi creations in your room there? Cheers, Scott
  4. Yes, it's beautiful... it looks like it may be Raymond Hyde's one, it was static on the Saturday. Thanks, Scott.
  5. Ok, that motivated me to post again, here's a selection of images from the Saturday. Awesome, awesome, really awesome Daleks: I really like these two images, taken right at the end of the day as we were on the way out, just happened to spot the Daleks lined up: This Cyberman was really fun, doing fist bumps with the kids etc.. Loved talking to Urban Spaceman UK, the creator of these incredible masks, the Cyberman helmet is actually screen used, but on Eastenders: I now really want to make an RC Cybermat! They looked awesome! Before I publish any of our kids dressed up, I'll check them with my wife first. Got some cool ones of them with the Hyde Fundraisers Davros! Cheers, Scott
  6. Thanks for the nice comments on baby Davros, our daughter, makes me a proud daddy... She had a lot of very positive comments on the day, which made the build so worthwhile... Luckily she loved trundling in her Davros chair which helped massively on the day, but unfortunately she has now out-grown it. This trip to the space centre was pushing it size-wise, but we just got away with it... hey ho, we got to finish on a serious high! Did anyone see the baby doctor? He was only a few weeks old, and very cute! I've still not properly sorted through my photos, but there are a couple of good ones to share when I get 5 minutes... Cheers, Scott.
  7. These stories need to become TV shows in their own right! I only just discovered Second Empire recently, and loved every minute of it... so pleased to see Grexol again in this story! Well done with Trapped In Amber, it's been really enjoyable.. Some of your images would make fantastic posters printed for dalek builder workshop walls! Thanks for all of your work, imagination, creativity and fun, its amazing! Cheers, Scott
  8. Hi Mike, thanks.. What type of mic are you using for direct input? Cheers,Scott
  9. For reference, the CGI colour reference I was trying to remember is here: http://www.dalekplanet.com/dalek_book.htm Just stumbled across it again. Cheers, Scott.
  10. Is this image helpful of a 2nd movie dalek neck mesh? Zoom in close to the one on the left... Looks almost like a woven fabric... Found amongst the awesome images here: http://flashbak.com/meeting-dr-whos-daleks-in-the-1960s-19-photos-20072/ For comparison, here's a good one of the TV series of Daleks Invasion Of Earth, dalek on the right is clearer: Closeup: It does indeed look like very fine circular perforated mesh. Cheers, Scott.
  11. Dude, that looks fantastic! I love it! I plan to get my head back into this soon, after recently getting re-inspired by the recent Science Of The Timelords convention at the Leicester Space Centre... got to get a couple of other projects and more pressing jobs out of the way first though. My next challenge on it was to reconfigure the chip's I/O pins in the software as per your advice, so I can make use of the in built option for an inverted output pin to drive an on board class D amplifier with minimal external components. My layout had been using a screw terminal header, but I do like your use of connectors instead, there is less chance of wiring it up incorrectly and blowing it to pieces. With making something so small and minimalistic, it's hard to protect against incorrect connections. I looked at your choice of connectors quite critically initially, as it appears you can plug the power into the lights output (initial thoughts were of blowing it up), however, this probably won't have any adverse affect on the driving FET, and it also doesn't matter if you mix up the audio connections, it just won't work. So yes, I can see your thought process behind your choices . I don't see a microphone pre-amplifier on your circuit board, just the ATtiny85, is this external / what is your audio input like? I had been looking into two amplifiers, one with AGC and one without. Cheers, Scott.
  12. What a blast we had on Saturday! Loved every minute. When we got home, our eldest said it was the best day ever! So well done guys! We were there with my folks who loved it too. Many thanks to all the Dalek operators and minders for such a great turn out, your Daleks looked fantastic - and with so many there, there was always some trundling action happening! It was great to put some faces to names, good to spend some time talking to John, Skaros, Rustymetaldog, and more. Big thanks to Skaros for giving me my first ever experience of sitting in a Dalek, it takes a lot if trust to allow a stranger sit in your pride and joy. Many thanks - I loved it, and learnt a lot about Dalek construction from the experience! I loved seeing our youngest trundling as baby Davros with the big Daleks, and getting photos of her with the Hyde fundraisers Davros who was great with her. The cosplayers were great sports too with getting down for photos. Lots of people thought she was very cute and gave us very nice comments, which was the icing on the cake! My dad found it quite amusing to have one of the Daleks notice her Davros skirt, and proceed to tell him that he follows me on Twitter! Our eldest was very entertained by the pair of Cybermen patrolling the space centre, and especially loved doing Baymax fist bumps! Thanks to all contributions for putting on a fantastic show! Can't wait till next year now! Photos to follow when sorted out... Cheers, Scott
  13. Buzzing from Science of the Timelords! We had an awesome day!

  14. Oh no! Hope you get it sorted soon...
  15. Can't wait for tomorrow; It's the first time we've been to Science of the Timelords, but have done BritSciFi a couple of times. We live near Leicester, so the space centre is a regular rainy-day haunt for us and the kids, but these days are so much more special! I'm bringing along the Davros baby walker (www.scottbouch.com/davros-baby-walker.html), mainly to get some photos of it (and our little one) with some grown-up daleks. Our little one has unfortunately out-grown it a bit since I built it for Halloween, meaning there's not much space for her feet any more, so trundling is a bit hazardous now and will be limited tomorrow. I should have built it 0.6 scale instead of 0.5! But as long as I can get her posed with a couple of you guys for photos (especially Genesis style Daleks), that'd be awesome! Looking forward to tomorrow! Cheers, Scott