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  1. Busy few days.... More work on the shoulders. The angled surfaces were clad in EVA craft foam, and the a layer of epoxy/glass mat was added for stiffness and protection against polyester resin. Once dry, I started to smooth the surfaces using Bondo. The 3D printer has been busy. I've redone my eye in black PLA, which fits my Neopixel illumination nicely. I also cut out the dome holes and temporarily mounted the rings for the eyestalks and dome lights. Still need to tidy up the dome, and mount the base to it. I'm still trying to decide exactly how to motorize the up/down for the eyestalk. Time to scour some PDF posts for inspiration! Finally, I got around to purchasing components for the mk5 Voice Mod, so last night I did some soldering, and printed out a nice enclosure ( thanks cdngoose for the PCB and for the CAD file ).
  2. Thanks cdngoose. Just out of curiosity - can you remember what type of glue you use to attach the circles inside the hemispheres?
  3. I'm intrigued! Looking forward to seeing what you have in mind.
  4. Good catch Bec! That would have been most awkward! Many thanks to you. I will flare out from the edges of the gun box hole area so that I get more of a spherical profile leading in to the slot.
  5. I can't believe it's already mid-April. I've had an unbelievably busy couple of weeks, not all of it spent on the Dalek unfortunately. I have managed to build another one and a half sets of shoulders ( I got halfway through the second set and decided they weren't going to work out, so they were scrapped) I've skinned them with EVA craft foam. Still need to epoxy-coat and smooth before mould making will be possible. In other news, I purchased a 3D printer. It's just a cheap Chinese Delta kit made by Flsun. Incredibly cheap, but printing is surprisingly good once set up properly. Now I can run my own parts without feeling guilty about using Cdngoose's valuable print time 😀 I had to redo my eye in order to fit the electronics inside. This is the first piece.
  6. Love the dome lights! They are going to look great once painted.
  7. The last couple of days were spent continuing to cut and refine the top and bottom returns for the skirt. This took way more time than expected. The slightest mismatch between the return and the skirt pushed the skirt way out of alignment, so much fun was had inserting, removing and trimming the plywood. It looks good, and feels solid now. I will follow up with some fiberglass tape, but that will come later. If I were to do this again, I would mould the returns from fiberglass. I also started looking at mounting methods for the hemispheres. I toyed with the idea of fixing them using a 1inch thick dowel. This was glued in using construction adhesive as an experiment. I doubt it will bond well to the hemi, but it never hurts to try. I just had to do a stack up shot at this stage, with me in the picture for size reference (I'm six foot, and I'm not bending my legs in the photo). it it has become immediately apparent that I need to redo the shoulders. There is a huge amount of front to back overhang when built to the plan dimensions, which just looks wrong. (Cue the comments about everything on the NDP looking wrong 😄). So back to cutting styrofoam.
  8. My wife injured her back last week and was out of action, so I spent far less time in the garage than I should have done. I did did manage to get the top return of the skirt more or less cut to fit. It it was my birthday on Friday, and it seems that my Dalek was the recipient of all my gifts instead of me. I addition to 80 plastic hemispheres, he received a nice 12V amplifier/speaker set designed for motorcycles. I tested it over the weekend, and its LOUD! Should easily cut through the background noise at those Cons. I also turned my fiberglass base into a fully mobile platform. I used some cheap 12mm plywood that I had laying around, and stuck it to the fender using a construction adhesive called "PL Professional". I have read about this in boat building forums, and it seems to be more than adequate for permanently bonding wood to fiberglass. It's certainly more convenient than epoxy, or polyester resin based glues. Just shove a tube of into a caulking gun and away we go! It's seems a bit slow to set, but that has more to do with the temperature in my garage than anything else. The casters were purchased a couple of months ago from Princess auto. The biggest I could find. I set them up for 2" of ground clearance, and attached them with some big lag bolts. Finally here's a cutaway view of my Dalek, showing the mutant lurking inside
  9. Thanks again Bec! Now I really am undecided as to where to split. Your split is best for storage and transport, but I think mine would be great for entry and exit. Hmmmmm. Mine will also be on casters (to start with at least). There is a lot of space in the skirt compared to other daleks ... I might even have room for a beer fridge 😄 I'm going to try a 120mm on my eye stalk, just because I can reuse the salad bowl trick. As you say, I'm not too concerned about 10mm difference when it's up in the air.
  10. Thanks Bec. I'm planning to cut my skirt after the returns are in place. Bit of a backward way to do it I know, but hopefully it will achieve the desired result. If not, I still have the mould 😄 Just out out of curiosity, where did you split yours? I'm planning on splitting at the back corners, so I can have a lift-out section for getting in and out of my Dalek. Right now, I'm looking at Stainless steel salad bowls from IKEA for my pivots. The benefit is that they actually have the flats on them. This is what I have so far after a bit of drilling...
  11. Not much visible progress over the past couple of weeks. Spent some time trimming up fibreglass and cutting plywood returns to reinforce the skirt. Also, I ordered 40 Christmas baubles (80 hemispheres) in 5inch (120mm) size. Here's a comparison to the standard size hemi.
  12. I'm glad you made use of some of my gelcoat. I have more than enough, so you owe me nothing. You will appreciate a sandable mould surface! threegringos
  13. Epoxy resin. West System or similar worked for me. I have some if you want to use some.
  14. Yup. One large snoticle. There were a few hanging off me as well
  15. Spent another productive weekend at cdngoose's place - this time on the base. Pulled it it from the mould this afternoon without too much effort. Thanks to some wedges and compressed air... and one cdngoose! And before I took everything home in the van, I just had to get some photos in the driveway. Big is an understatement! Surprisingly, the skirt was flexible enough to get through a standard door without any effort! This won't be the case once I install the plywood returns top and bottom. I'm so happy right now... really feel like some major progress has been made. Now... where are those shoulders...?