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  1. Another successful pull! Each new piece looks better than the last. Next one will be lighter and stronger I'm sure. These videos are doing a great job of demystifying the art of fiberglassing.
  2. A joyful evening! I couldn't wait until the weekend to see my skirt, so I went to cdngoose's place after work, and hatched it from its mould. Some wedges and compressed air were all it took!
  3. So thanks to cdngoose for updating my build diary for me. It's really worth having another person in the workshop to catch those moments when you're otherwise occupied with sticky resin. I just wanted to elaborate on the method I used to measure the Fiberglass mat for cutting. I had some glass veil which is a tissue-like fiberglass cloth. It's very pliable and easy to see through. I just offered this up against the inside of the mould, and traced the features using a sharpie. This was then cut out with scissors. Here is is my stack of patterns ready to go. I numbered them according to the skirt panel. The patterns were layed onto the Fiberglass mat, and traced using the sharpie. I made two of each section, a 1oz (300gsm) and 1.5oz (450gsm) piece. Thanks again to cdngoose for lending me some of his 1oz cloth, as mine ran out fast. Each piece was numbered so I could keep track of everything. Here are a couple of atfermath shots. Finally, I have to say a big thank you to Mrs. cdngoose for feeding me a lovely dinner! These two are the most welcoming couple of people I've met. They give a lot of themselves for the benefit of others, and I really admire that. (I can almost hear cdngoose's eyes rolling, so I'll end it here).
  4. Just saw these cdngoose! Sneaky bugger! I was saying to you while I was cleaning up yesterday that I didn't get any progress photos, and you just smiled at me. Now I know why! Very flattering angle of me by the way.
  5. Skirt/Base mould was packed into the van for a trip to cdngoose's heated workshop. I waxed and PVA'd the mould and threw a hopefully thick enough layer of gelcoat onto the skirt. I was stood inside with the mould on sawhorses, and the fumes were overwhelming - even with the respirator. I'm not entirely looking forward to laying up the fiberglass mat tomorrow, but still excited to see the results. It was fun to see my mould next to cdngoose's shawcraft shirt mould. Really puts things into perspective!
  6. Sanding continues. I gave up using my electric sander, as each new sheet of sandpaper was clogging within ten seconds of use. Hand sanding gives me better control, and the sandpaper goes further. It's also a good workout 😄 I'm finally getting to a point where I am ready to start layup! I will reassemble the mould tonight, and throw some layers of wax on. Once that's done, the whole thing is going in the van and taking a trip to cdngoose's workshop.
  7. You might have got away without the PVA, as your mold is fairly well seasoned now. I remember reading somewhere that new moulds are more likely to suffer from styrene migration, which causes parts to stick, even with a good layer of wax. However, the risk becomes reduced each time you do a pull. But I guess it's better to err on the side of caution.
  8. Thanks for the words of encouragement... It's easy to lose perspective when you are on a sanding marathon. Seems like an eternity spent, with nothing to show for it. My mutant grows impatient for his travel machine!
  9. The weather has turned unseasonably warm over the weekend, so I took the opportunity to finally get my skirt/fender mould fixed and prepared for layup. The plan was to get a skirt pulled this weekend, however, after 16 hours of sanding, filling, sanding, filling, I'm still not quite there. Very frustrating. Every time I think I'm finished, I see another area that needs filling. There are so many edges on these skirts! I keep telling myself that it will all be worth it but I'm feeling a bit impatient to see some progress. Especially, when cdngoose is pulling Daleks out of moulds on a daily basis 😄
  10. Canadian sports celebrities? (Not my strong topic) Crosby (hockey), Sinclair (women's soccer)... and ... somebody from baseball?? Dragon's Den cast (Canadian version) Kevin, Arlene, Jim
  11. Rod, Jane, and Freddie. Maybe that's a UK-only reference? Harry, Ron, Hermione? Venkman, Stanz, Spengler?
  12. First post from my phone, so I hope these pictures resize okay... I spent the last couple of weekends at cdngoose's workshop. A heated haven for all things Dalek! Loaded my waxed plugs and fiberglass supplies into the minivan. A few hours later, and I had a mould for the dome, and one small one for the eye/ear risers. The plug didn't want to come out without a fight. I ended up using the shower in my bathtub to dissolve the Spackle. The ridge line didn't turn out too well. I guess I didn't get the glass deep enough into the plug, so I had to reconstruct it from Bondo. Following weekend was focused on making the actual part. Mould was waxed and PVA'ed, and a good, thick layer of gelcoat was brushed in. After drying for a few hours, I laid up three layers of 1.5oz matting, with and additional reinforcing of this extra thick stitched fabric that Cdngoose bought the day before. It's amazing! Really builds strength fast! A few squirts of compressed air, and a hugely scary 'pop' sound. And finally - here is the dome, fresh from the mould! ...and trimmed Still needs some sanding, and then the eye/ear risers will get attached.
  13. Looking forward to helping out in any way I can. It's the least I can to since you have so kindly given me space in your Dalek factory to build my Teletubbie (you've got me calling it a Teletubbie now!). So much work to accomplish, but a heated workshop makes all the difference in Canada!
  14. Hi Vic, Welcome! I'm in Cambridge Ontario, and currently working on a Paradigm dalek (teletubbie). Looking forward to following your build. I must say - that's a good idea staring with the voice mod... gives you plenty of time to perfect your dalek voice during your build.
  15. Due to general unwillingness to go outside, I temporarily relocated Dalek construction operations indoors for the past couple of weeks. I was going to attempt neck rings, but I felt in the mood for a morale boost, so I opted for something I had reasonable confidence in being successful with the dome. Once again, the blue insulation foam came to the rescue to make the basic structure. This was covered in drywall tape to round out the structure and provide a base for the plaster layer. I love this stuff - it's basically a fiberglass mesh that was easily cut with scissors, and has a tacky feel to it - just sticky enough to hold itself onto the foam while I applied hot glue for a more solid hold. I had an MDF "wheel " from a previous project (my son's firetruck bed), which was the perfect size to use as a turntable. I mounted this onto a cheap lazy Susan bearing - and Voila! The former was then cut from plywood and mounted to a frame which completely surrounds the turntable. The benefit here is that the dome rotates, while the former remains in position, so I could sit in one spot and watch as the defects came past my line-of vision. I used pre-mixed spackling compound to build up the profile to the edge of the former. This stuff was cool because it went on pink and then turned white when dry. Once the shape was getting close, I removed the plywood former, and switched to drywall joint compound - the same stuff I used to smooth out the skirt. Finally - A couple of coats of epoxy to protect the underlying foam in preparation for fiberglass resin. I briefly considered attaching the bezels for the eye and ears at this stage, and then creating a silicon mold, but I think I am going to make them separately, and attach them to the finished dome.