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  1. Looks great to me!
  2. Many thanks for donating, to support the cost of Forum hosting. Very much appreciated. :)

  3. That looks nice. 👍 I'm sure the Ford Electric Monza Blue I used a was a little too bright.
  4. ^ Agreed. Made the world of difference when I put the collars on my Dalek. Looking the business. I suspect you're challenging Shawcraft themselves for build quality here!
  5. Don't have time to get into it as I'm late for work, but I've already tried colour correcting the gun boxes away and you can't do it without losing the colour from the hemispheres. I was on the other side of the fence about this. I'm not saying they are bright blue. But they are bluer than the body of the shoulders. If that's because they used a blue/grey paint then fair enough. The end result is the same though. The shoulders are a flat mid grey and the gun boxes aren't. Edit: I hasten to add that I limit the scope of this specifically to 'The Daleks' and no further. As you say, the shoulders are completely grey with a bluish tinge from then on.
  6. Well that shade of grey is a hell of a lot bluer than the gelcoat. If it were just the photo then the grey shoulders would be tinged blue as well. It took me a while to believe it. (Bah, wish I had my references with me).
  7. I think it might have been Dalek 6388, but somebody spotted that the gunboxes on the Dead Planet Daleks are actually painted in the same pale blue as the hemispheres:
  8. Love those little touches. Are you going to spray the entire gun?
  9. I think part of the problem is that there aren't actually any TV parts around to get measurements from. Dalek 2's skirt still exists, but I doubt we could get access to measure it. Dalek 6's shoulders have had the gun boxes replaced so aren't necessarily reliable and Dalek One's gun boxes have been packed out. Stuart Evans still has a complete 60s Dalek but that might as well be on the moon! We should be able to get a reasonable set of movie Dalek plans, but for the TV Dalek's we are just left with guesswork and supposition.
  10. I don't believe there were any shoulders in the 60s that were over 13" tall, nor did they have 6" high boxes. They just look way too big. I do think there is a bit of variation of the size. I'm not home until the weekend but I do have access to a couple of my 3D models on my laptop. The measurements will be a couple of mm undersized because I have chamfered the corners of the models. The leftmost is a model of Dalek 1. It's gun boxes were the first I modeled and so were done pure by reference to photos. They may be slightly too narrow. I believe those boxes are a few mm taller than the other boxes (hence needing the thinner collar). The middle boxes are Dalek 6-5's. These were modeled from measurements that were kindly given to me from the Tussauds Dalek. The boxes had been replaced in the 70s so they might be wider than they once were. The rightmost shoulders are from Dalek 2 and were modeled directly from a cast of a movie shoulder section that I used to make the moulds for my own Daleks. I can't measure my own yet as I am not home until the weekend, but I would be tempted to make the boxes something like 140mm high and 460-470mm wide, with 90 degree angles on all sides. I also found a couple more photos of how I modified my boxes. After cutting out the shoulders, I used an old pizza box covered in sticky back plastic cut to fit and waxed on the shiny side. I then smeared filler in from the back and when that set I smoothed it off with a dremel and added a layer of fibreglass in behind it. I used filler rather than gelcoat as I didn't want any of it leaking around the front. Seemed to work okay and give a decent enough finish after sanding. You should easily be able to do the mod like this using a tub of filler and a cheap Halfords fibreglass kit. It's more of a repair than a moulding job. Not that there is anything wrong with using the movie boxes as they are, that is to say. All the best, Simon
  11. Looks very nice and should hold up to some abuse. I've had all the bits to aluminium-braze a gun for a year but never seem to get round to it. My last gun was glued together and the rods kept popping out.
  12. I would be tempted to go with option 3 but make the new gun boxes the same size as the front of the movie shoulders. The PDF plans are way oversized, especially for a movie shoulder section. I did something similar with a set I cast. I'm away from home so only have a couple of photos on my phone but I ended up modifying the fibreglass movie boxes to have right angled sides and used filler backed with fibreglass to fill in the gaps. moviedalek did something similar with his Dalek here, with great results. A minor difference between the original gun boxes and the DIOE/movie gun boxes are that the later boxes are inserted at a less steep angle, which means the gap between the front edges gun boxes is wider at the bottom than it is at the top. For the original shoulders the gap between the gun boxes is effectively parallel, which means the boxes are tilted slightly further back.
  13. Would PTFE be a likely candidate? I thought it had lubricant-like properties for this sort of thing.
  14. Looking really good. You're making great progress. Really enjoying this build. I've done a similar thing with the eye discs on my latest build. I had mine laser cut and they are a tight fit on the acrylic tube, so I'll secure them with a dot or two of superglue. Just as an aside - Dalek 2's R2 slat wasn't always so bad. It is fine in The Chase and in the Blue Peter cakes segment after DMP. Which suggests to me that the slat snapped and, for whatever reason, they couldn't re-use the holes to replace it so they drilled a new pair slightly higher up.
  15. Updating an old set. The difference in my skill at Cinema 4D is ridiculous, and I wouldn't say I was especially good now!