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  1. Looking forward to seeing these, am working on a MK1 at 1/6th scale but I am trying my damndest to do everything by hand
  2. No Problem at all That MB Fibreglass place seems like a one stop shop for everything I have listed above though (barring the silicone moulds from Etsy) http://stores.ebay.co.uk/mb-fibreglass/ They are based in Belfast so its handy for me at the least and their prices are very reasonable for the products they sell, I will stand by their quality too (and no I'm not sponsored by them or anything ) So for your NSP: http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Chavant-NSP-Soft-Sulfur-Free-Plasteline-Fine-Art-Clay-2lb-Block-906g-Green-/222271644551?hash=item33c06c2387 Your Mould making silicone: http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Polycraft-HT-3120-550g-RTV-High-Temperature-Silicone-Mould-Making-Rubber-Kit-/320955016880?hash=item4aba68e6b0 and your resin: http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Polycraft-SG2000-L-500g-Long-Pot-Life-Polyurethane-Liquid-Plastic-Casting-Resin-/231132332511?hash=item35d08f81df Bobs your uncle
  3. Actually I just found the long pot life version. http://www.ebay.ie/itm/Polycraft-SG2000-L-500g-Long-Pot-Life-Polyurethane-Liquid-Plastic-Casting-Resin-/231132332511?hash=item35d08f81df I have used this indoors and there is no odour so to speak (always use this stuff in a ventilated area though) My fiancée suffers from migraines so any weird smell or chemical odour is completely out. I have to wait for her to be away before I can paint any enamels
  4. Hey there Andrew, Thanks so much, and am really happy to be an inspiration of any kind I got most of my bits from ebay, but you can possibly source some from hobby or art stores. The NSP (Non-sulphuric Plastecine) I got from Latvia: http://www.ebay.ie/itm/122299814244?_trksid=p2060353.m2749.l2649&ssPageName=STRK%3AMEBIDX%3AIT I found it to be quite hard despite being listed as soft. But I have since found out, any child friendly plastecine is generally Non Sulphuric so playdoe will probably do the trick (though I haven't tested it myself) Another piece of advice if you are moulding with the plugs. I plunged the NSP directly into the resin, it worked but the plasticine actually bonded to the resin, so perhaps a bonder or clear coat would be a good idea before plunging (a water based or acrylic varnish would probably do the trick!) The moulding Silicone I got from here: http://stores.ebay.ie/CarbonCopiesShop/Mouldcraft-GP-RTV-325-SILICONE-/_i.html?_fsub=5349624015 This stuff is great and quite easy to use, its mixed by weight 100:2 so the catalyst is in a little bottle for 100 grams of silicone you put in 2 grams of catalyst and mix like there is no tomorrow. It doesn't need to be vulcanized and so long as you tap the bottom of the master or sides of the mould while its curing, you should have no trouble with bubbles. I'm currently trying to source some more resin for the moulds as I have run out of the stuff I was using: http://www.ebay.ie/itm/230927759631?_trksid=p2060353.m1438.l2649&ssPageName=STRK%3AMEBIDX%3AIT The above is a fast curing version of the resin I was using, I would personally prefer the long pot life stuff as you have ample time to mix before the pour, it takes about 24 hours to cure fully, but I find it comes out nicer. In the above link it should be fully cure in about an hour so if your in a rush this is the stuff to go with, but it will stink to high heaven as the catalyst is more aggressive, plus it will degredate moulds much faster, it probably would only be a problem if you are doing a run of a few dozen so that should not be a problem for us casual casters The moulds for the hemispheres came from Etsy: https://www.etsy.com/ie/listing/509255677/on-sale-40off-a-transparent-silicone?ga_search_query=17mm&ref=shop_items_search_5 These are 17mm Diameter which is perfect for all the hemispheres and spheres in a 1/6 scale, but if you are doing a different scale, I'm sure Agata would have what you are looking for All in all best of luck with your project, I will keep an eye out for it and if you have any more questions do let me know. Thanks again, Morgan
  5. I got a little more time last night to do some work on this First thing I did was demould the Neck rings: Not looking too bad, again there will be quite a bit of clean up but its to be expected. I then went ahead and mixed up the last of my resin and got a bit of a pour: So One of the rings got filled, I knew I didn't have enough to tackle the other rings so I went ahead and did some more hemispheres, of which I only got two and a bit, I thought I would have enough for three but ah it will do That is all the resin I have currently, so no more casting until I can afford to get some more, and source it properly This doesn't mean the build has to stop mind you. I have the all important structure and cladding to make out of styrene and can continue to do that while I wait for my funds to improve. Plus I have the clean up on the parts I started. So I went ahead and measured out the area for the Eyestalk and Pivot, ad I measured up my bulb pieces against a drill bit, both came out at an even 5mm so only one drill bit was used, A bit of cautious drilling and some knife work later and: This is now ready for cleaning up I have to trim the overspill around the edges, even the lip so its level all the way around and so some serious filling and sanding to get a nice machined look without pits or scrapes.
  6. Hmm, I'm not sure about the NSD's as I haven't really examined their plans. I know with the classic it is two hemispheres in different diameters cut to join, perhaps a larger ball sliced so it meets the edge? and cut so your lense effect works too
  7. Actually got some time yesterday to work on the Dalek. Didn't get much done so to speak but I'm making some headway, I washed out the dome and plunger (which I realised I haven't got a photo of complete) cause some of the NSP had bonded to the resin, anything that's left on it now is staying there :) Still need to sand back and fill these parts to clean em up but that's for another day. What I did get to do was mould the final parts for casting, the neck rings. As I didn't have much rubber left I needed to make some gates to minimize the surface area the silicone would be filling. So I got out some card and a glue gun and came up with this: With the areas prepared I mixed up some silicone and poured in, as I said I didn't have much left so just about managed to cover all three of the neck rings. I can only hope now when I demould I don't have any gaping holes or thin areas that will seep through, fingers crossed. The bubbles you can see in the photo have all been popped out also, just some tapping the master off the table top allowed the air to escape. Also I started casting the hemispheres for the "bubbles" on the skirt and to make the spheres for the arm bases. So far I have four sets of four hemispheres cast, by my math I will need fourteen sets of four in total so another ten casting rounds to go :) I also mucked up one hemisphere by being impatient and squashing it. So I may need an emergency set, just in case I mess up any more. That's it for now lets see if I can get any more done this week, ha ha!
  8. Great solution for the eye, I find this is probably the most complicated shape on the Dalek, apart from the Plunger maybe.
  9. Thanks Chris, I may look into that! One thing I worriy about with rattle cans is getting an even surface and the Alclad works great on that, I also have a bottle of their Steel so I may do some tests and see which works, or I will pop down to Halfords and see if I can find the Steel wheel silver as you suggest
  10. Well, another week with next to nothing done on the Dalek Really wish I could get some time to do some work on it but things have been hectic! Research has not stopped though and today I have been looking at colours. In general I was going to use Alclad II Aluminium as the main colour for the whole Dalek. Accents is where I'm at a loss, as the Main reference is in Black and white I'm at a loss as to the colours I am going to use for the parts like the hemispheres, eye rings and shoulder backing. I have narrowed it down to three colours, and I actually think all three will be used. For the Hemispheres I was thinking Humbrol enamel 47 Sea Blue gloss: The eye discs I was thinking Humbrol 89 Middle Blue Matt: And the Shoulder casing Humbrol 65 Aircarft blue Matt: I'm not too worried about the Matt paints as I will be using Alclad Aqua Klear Gloss to seal it all in so everything will have the same level of shine. The reason I'm going enamel it in order to be able to use the Alclad Aluminium as the base coat. Everything else is pretty much Gloss and Matt Black, Matt for the base and Plunger and gloss for the Eye piece and arm pivots. If anyone can think of better Humbrol or enamel colours to work with do let me know. Hopefully get back to some build time soon!
  11. In wont of getting anything done on the buildup I made a purchase that could assist in both research and getting sound files for the Dalek, hee hee enjoyable research
  12. No Worries Chiara, Let me know if you have any questions
  13. Hey Chiara, I'm not sure if you are asking what material I am using to make the masters for the molds? Or the cast material, so here is what I'm using for all of it For the masters (the red clay material) is Non-Sulphuric plastecine - It is like a non drying clay that will take to silicone molds really well without harming it, only real problem with it is that it stays soft so you have to be really careful. For the molds themselves its just molding silicone. And the Final pieces are casting resin, it comes in liquid form in two parts you mix together to create a plastic resin, so the final parts are basically plastic. Its hard and durable stuff but will take a good sanding and filling where necessary. I used slow curing white resin for the Dome, eyepiece and plunger. And Slow cure Clear resin for the bulbs, this will give me a transparent bulb I can light when the time comes Hope that answered your questions? Thanks for watching and contributing, let me know if you have any more questions Morgan
  14. Just a tiny update for today, I pulled the first bulb from the mold: Happy with how it turned out, some micro crystal clear and this will be good to go, one more of these and we are almost up to scratch on the odd bits, barring the plunger I need to re-dip, and of course the 60 hemispheres I need to cast!
  15. Hey all, Back again with a small update, didn't get much time to work on the Dalek this weekend, most of my time was spent in the car, which was a shame cause we had the Irish Summer on Saturday, that's probably it till next year ha ha. Anyhow, I got the bits I previously done demolded: And the plug ready to go into the mold for the plunger: You may see I have left a hollow in the centre of the molds, hopefully this will help when I get to adding in the rods and tubes to attach these bits. So I mixed up some more resin and popped it into the molds: I also mixed up some more clear resin (paying close attention to the instuctions this time) and popped it into the clear bulb mold. I'll need to do this one again if the mix works out better this time: So with those done on Friday I went ahead with my business on Saturday, giving them ample time to cure, well the solid resin ones anyhow, thought I would leave the bulb for another couple of days to be sure. On Saturday evening I got to pull them, first being the eyepiece: Really happy with how this one turned out, some sanding and putty now and it should be good to go, I have to level off the front part as we have the resin bubble, but this is no big issue. The Plunger on the other hand: Didn't entirely come out as planned, I think I let too much resin seep out while I was trying to position the plug, but I'm not too worried, I'm going to use the cast as is and dip it again into the mold, it should give me back the rim detail I lost with the first cast. So that's it for now, have to redip the plunger and pull the first bulb, which I may get to tonight, will see how things go
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