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  1. Those print files look awesome! Have you done much 3D printing? Have any pics of the end result?
  2. Amazing work! Love how the foliage looks.
  3. Thanks guys! Aaron, that's just a bump map on the fender, yeah. And the orange light was rendered, but not on the main pass. I rendered five pics... The main pass, two blue area lights for the ray blasts, one orange light and one depth map to drive the DOF effect.
  4. Having a bit of fun with the Renegade...
  5. Yeah, I rarely render an image that's satisfying in its basic state. There's always a good amount of Photoshop tweaking on my renders.
  6. Loving the investigative work on this Aaron. Your attention to detail is inspiring!
  7. Looks great Aaron. I really like that front-on view. Looking forward to your HDRI pic!
  8. Thanks very much, guys! I think the one with the lower collar in grey should have the traditional eyestalk, yeah. This one still has its old Imperial eye as I haven't got round to changing it yet!
  9. Another little update! Most of the texturing is done now, but I still need to fine-tune several bits and work on reflection and specular maps. I've had a fun time with this guy this weekend.
  10. Yeah, there's a nice mural for him. Though my own commemoration of Bowie is pretty much constant. Today was a hangover day, so I've had time to work on my Renegade model, which is pretty much complete now. Though obviously this one still has the old Imperial dome lights... I'm about to start on texturing, and plan to use as much original photographic material as possible. Quite pleased with today's progress though.
  11. Thanks Aaron! Yeah, the lack of skirt holes for the hemis has been on my mind for years... I've been avoiding it. I've considered doing it as a transparency map instead of actual sculpting, but I doubt that'd be precise enough. I should probably just get on with it, haha!
  12. Thanks Russell! Very kind of you.
  13. I'm dusting off my Mk 3 for a project, so need to improve it. I'm tweaking textures and refining bits of the sculpt that were wrong. Not finished yet, but here are some renders. Happy new year everyone!
  14. It looks great! That attention to meticulous (and often irritating) detail is worth the extra work time I think. I'm constantly finding areas on my models that're wrong mainly because I tried to rush it at some point in the past... Good work!
  15. Aaron those Mission to the Unknown renders are brilliant! I love the fine details on all the set dressing. About the Renegade I'm doing at the mo, something I'd like to recreate is the occasionally patches of glossiness, and higher reflective-ness. I generally think of those Renegades as having a matt finish, but in some shots the paintwork looks more reflective in some parts than others. I can solve that with a reflection and specular map of course, but it's going to be incredibly fiddly to fine-tune to get the look I want. especially as I'd want the reflections on the shinier areas to be crisper than those on matt areas. Here's a screengrab of my WIP Renegade model. It still has its Imperial dome/eye because I used that model as a starting point. I was interested to note that I had to lower the imperial's dome to correctly place it on the Renegade's shorter neck bin.
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      Sorry it has taken so long to respond but I thought I received an email notification when someone posted something, but obviously that is not the case.
      If you are still interested, email me at mikeandrashida@iinet.net.au
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    • LowKey

      Started slowly getting back into this project, 3D printing gun and eye parts for now!
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    • chris harper

      Saturday spent fixing first bit of 6mm bendy mdf to my shoulder frame, I had a couple of clamps but a friend lent me about 8 and needed every one. My son in law loaned me his multi tool which cut like a dream, however, he needs it for work so had to give it back so went to Wickes and bought one for £25, a bit cheaper than his top of the range model but it still does a great job. Have fibre glassed my dome plug after waxing the he'll out of it, fingers crossed it will come off ok.
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    • chris harper

      My dalek will have a name, talking to my friend about old films, and we talked about the  Eiger Sanction, and came up with the name Hemlock, so now my half finished skirt, nearly fully sanded dome plug and shoulder frame has a name...Hemlock
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    • DathandsomeDalek

      Hello! I joined a few days ago and I'm trying to see how this site works
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