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  1. That's actually not a bad idea
  2. Woot! Looking good! I've had to deal with a torn rotator cuff, so I'm not any further atm. BUT! I fully intend to catch up soon as I can! And I really can't wait for Wondercon! It'll be a blast!
  3. Ok, after a bunch of healing and then a long walk through Downtown Los Angeles, I needed a release, so grabbed my gear and finally started cutting out the fender base. Only ten minutes in and I had cleared out the majority of the wood. A few minor mistakes that I can sand out or hide as the build goes together and I'll be happy. I took pictures of the set up with the wheel chair attached. I still have all the plastic on the metal frame, but, I can remove that easily, as it's only lightly screwed into place. The extra step at the front also removes, so I'm not worried about it being in the way. So far so good... next up will be the skirt base!
  4. Thanks! I got stuck, due to a problem with my shoulder, I haven't been able to work on the wheelchair or getting the wood upstairs. I'm getting better, so, I should be able to move forward now. Really excited, I am!
  5. The start to this Dalek has begun! So, first thing I've done (and many pictures will be coming soon) I picked up an electric wheelchair through Craigslist for $80 USD. Perfect starting point, for me. Since then, I've taken out my construction paper and began drawing out the shape of the fender along with markings for the placement of the skirt to get a decent idea of what space I have for placing the base around the frame of the wheelchair. Next phase, removing the plastic parts from the wheelchair base, cleaning up all the frame/wheels to make a decent starting point. Next, will begin cutting out the fender base and frame, adjusting to fit, where necessary. With the wheelchair, I had to throw out the actual seat, as much as I would have loved to be able to use it in the actual build, the seat had been taken off and used for a go-kart by the original owner, who beat up and destroyed the chair in order to make it fit his little kart. So, instead of wasting days trying to repair it, I'll just build one to sit in the dalek specifically, probably attacked to the framing of the skirt, if not directly to the wheelchair itself. I am expecting the biggest challenge to be with getting the fender attached to the wheelchair frame, as I'd rather not dismantle all of it and mess everything up. This is still an option, but, as the frame I have fits perfectly inside the Dalek framework with plenty of space for the wheels, I'm hesitant to take it that far, instead possibly looking at the LED track lighting underneath to disguise the height difference. I'll post pictures of my hoveround tonight, with the construction paper frame underneath, for context.
  6. I'm working on an NSD Dalek, actually Got my wheel chair the other day so I started stripping that while I wait for the next paycheck so I can start getting the base together. I'm also waiting for the builder's manual to arrive, so, it's a good thing I'm delaying LOL. I have a Lowes on one end of my street in Covina, and a Home Depot on the other... it's nice to be able to choose by price lol. I'll have to hit Fry's off the 60 at some point for the 8 ball... Hobby Lobby is by the 10... yeah. I think all our favorite stores are everywhere nearby :). There's also a Michaels and a Joanne Fabrics nearby for odds and ends. I'm gonna check them all out and see if there's anything I can pull together to make parts easier. I have a large roll of 36" construction paper I'm tracing the designs out on first before I start getting too far ahead of myself. The lovely lady is excited to see me so excited so far. She's keeping me in check, but very excited that I've been actively working on deciding which Dalek for 3 years now lol.
  7. I'm loving this! Such great work so far! You've given me lots of ideas for my build. I hope you don't mind me following your example with the hardboard... and when we're both all done, we'll have to find a place to meet up and stir up the locals a bit.
  8. Thanks Stephen! I'm in Covina now, no longer Anaheim (it's too expensive near Disneyland!).
  9. I just realized I had posted this... after I created a post earlier today. It's been a long day LOL. Ah well, there's always me hiding somewhere on here Also, Thanks wdb01! I'm looking forward to building my first Dalek
  10. Good afternoon, folks! I've spent the last few years reading through the site, the blueprints, and ultimately everything to do on here, and now it's time to start building! I'm going to start my first Dalek with the NSD design. My fiance is cheering me on, she really wants to have a Dalek follow her through her cosplay conventions and all that. I'm really really excited about building a Dalek! I'll be getting my diary up and going once I get the first couple parts started. It's going to be a fun challenge, and I'm expecting it to take me the better part of a year... but we're looking at getting out to Gallifrey One once this is built! I can't wait! Also, quick thank you to everyone on here, I've loved reading all your builder's diaries and checking out how everyone overcame the difficulties in their areas for building a functioning Dalek. It's been a great help and inspiration to me to keep me going, even though in a lot of these areas I'm not familiar with. Again, thank you all! Shane
  11. Greetings! I'm so happy to have found a site to help me build Daleks! I have the wonderful goal of making a mobile one for me to ride in at Conventions and the such, so hopefully withall your help, I may be able to complete it!