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  1. David, absolutely brilliant idea mate, just one thing i'd like to add, if you can't get hold of any push lights ( these seem to be less available because of smaller LED versions which have flat tops.) then there is an alternative. Just go out and buy a cheap wall clock. A lot of these have a dome shaped glass in them which is usually made of plastic, and is approx. the right profile. You can then fill in the concave side with filler and proceed in the same way. Cheers, dave jeffrey.
    I have already built a modulator based on Elembivos's original post "useful circuits for diy voice modulators, and this performs very, very well, so if that's anything to go by, the new mk5 should be excellent! Well done to everyone involved (I'll probably end up building the new one as well! ) DaveJeffrey
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    • John  »  bec weir

      Many thanks for your donation to help fund the Forum hosting etc. It's very generous of you and much appreciated!
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    • Aussie Kev

      Looking for the close up photo of the portable graphic equaliser deck that Nick Briggs use's with his Moog MF102. Somewhere out there, I have seen this photo of him sitting at a table with the graphic equaliser, to fine tune in the sound of the Moog. Could be used as a reference photo if allowed on the Forum.
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    • madianm

      Well just an update . I've started finally , thought i'd tackle the base and work up from there. I've been sorting afew smaller things like hemi's and cutting drainage pipe for there surrounds . See how it goes , will post some pics at some stage ! ..Ian
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    • OutCastDalek

      I finally received the Workshop Manuel today! Now all I have to do is study it. Hopefully I'll start a build diary by the summer. 
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    • Ferrain

      Printing the front fuselage of DSV2.....
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