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  1. February 4, 2017 Adding to the variety and keeping the excitement up the hemi holes were today's project. Measuring and marking Drilling 1...2...3...4... Jr found a blue filament that he liked better than the blue spray paint we were going to use. Widening the wheel holes in the base. If we get a flat the wheel can come off easily. Testing with coat hangers to use as a lever the activate the wheelchair brakes. It worked great! Just need to get some eye hole screws for the longer coat hanger to go through.
  2. January 28, 2017 Yesterday's shop time was a nice change...no sanding! :-) I think it also helps that Jr has been told we will not be attending any comic cons until the dalek is finished. ***One thing I forgot to mention from last week is that the split skirt is being held together with earth magnets. Dismantling the wheelchairs to just the wheel motors. This will help lighten the weight of the daleks. Mind you we will still need to figure out a booster seat for Jr. ;-) Working on the base. Notice the supervisor in the last photo...:-) The skirt was traced then added 2" to the outside to account for the fender. Only broke 1 jigsaw bit. 2" was measured in from the skirt line for clearance. 2" was measured in from the clearance line to measure the wheel holes. These wheel holes were 5" wide x 11" long (tires are 9" so gave 1" clearance on either side). The wheels will be mounted using metal brackets for reinforcement near the back of the frame.
  3. January 20, 2017 Only managing to get to the shop one day a week but still plugging away... Photos from Christmas holidays...managed to spend a week in the shop! :-) Painting and sanding on shoulders and dome. Today's achievement Splitting of skirt Assembling rings Visual update so far! So proud of Jr.
  4. July 17, 2016 Hemis are sanded and ready for painting. Sept 2, 2016 Back from summer camp means more sanding on the skirt where he left off. More than half done! :-D I have been banned from using any kind of filler on the daleks but have found a new interest...patching holes in buildings and working on stucco ceilings. :-)
  5. Aug 6, 2016 Shirt and shoulders are still being sanded. I'm out of commission for working on my dalek until healed but Jr is still working away SLOWLY. He even enlisted grammie to help who ended up doing most of the sanding. The instructions given are not what I am hearing...found out that I use way to much putty.
  6. Just keep a slow and steady pace. Remember if a 9 year old can do this anybody can!
  7. More sanding, priming, putty and repeat. April 10, 2016 - skirt and shoulders May 21, 2016 - cutting gun box holes, sanding, puttying and fiberglass More sanding, puttying, and priming has been happening since. My arms are done with this stage...literally...doctor's orders to take it easy. As a surprise a friend gave me a dome and an eye over the weekend! WOO-HOO! HUGS!!
  8. Looking good!
  9. This will be a fun build to follow...We know a cardboard and a styrofoam build but haven't attempted either yet... Good luck!
  10. Not a lot going on except sanding, putty, paint and repeat. March 6, 2016 - skirt March 9, 2016 - Hemis arrived! March 13-15, 2016 - Skirt and shoulders
  11. It’s been awhile since I gave an update on our build. Luckily I have a log book that has the details. J January 9, 2016 Gun box We cut three boards 49cms for the top and sides. Two 5”x 4” pieces were cut for the ends. Assemble the box. Find the centre line then mark either side 3 ½”. On a table saw cut through the front of the box. Cut the flip for other cut. Chisel out the middle trough for clean cut. Remember to make the saw depth cuts longer on the bottom of your gun box as it sits on an angle. On what will be the top piece (the front when in the dalek) were measured in 6” on either side and marked. Make an X corner to corner from the 6” line to the end of the board for both right and left side. Drill the centre of the X then cut a 3 5/8” circle. Use a router to cut a 45 degree angle on the side to help secure the gun joints. Jan 23, 2016 Rings The MDF was cut into 24 ½” x 49 “at Home Depot to fit in the car. The boards were then marked as 24” x 24” (inside diameter of 20”) on one sheet. 23.5” x 23.5” outside diameter (inside diameter of 19.5”) 23” x 23” outside diameter (inside diameter of 19”) Glued three dowels together to form a triangle (template) then traced the shape on the rings for space holders. January 31, 2016 Rings con’t Drilled triangle holes in the rings. Drilled pilot holes in the rings to router out the ring insides. February 6, 2016 Rings con’t Routered outside rings for leveled edge. Cut out the inside of the rings with a jigsaw. Cut dowels to 9 1/2” and spacers 2 ¼” for between rings. Place dowels in first (single) hole then add other (double) dowels. Start adding rings to see how it fits and looks. Added bonus for the day…we killed a router! February 13, 2016 Gun box Measure 3/4 “on the diagonal lines and drill screws in slightly. Put inserts for the ball joint in gun box to drill holes. February 27, 2016 Middle section Sanded middle section and applied the first coat of primer.
  12. Sorry for the late progress reports...hopefully I can still decipher my notes... Nov 14, 2015 - 3 hours - Panels to skirt Started with panel 6 to attach to the skirt. We had problems with the final panels when following the panels dimensions and ended up making custom panels based on what we had using the following method. Line uncut panel 6 even with the bottom corners of the skirt. Mark the top corners of the frame on the MDF. Knife cut the line from widest to narrowest for best results. Glue the cut panel to the frame matching the bottom of the frame to the bottom of the panel. Nail into place. Do the same with panels 4. Lay panel 1 against the frame like panels 6 & 4. The difference is these panels will have a twist to them. Continue with panels 2, 5 & 3. Sealed the inside of the seams with heavy fabric strips and resin. Dec 12, 2015 - Shoulder Wrap Tape two pieces of bristol board together and wrap around frame to make a custom wrap. Do the same for the back of the shoulders. Trace onto MDF. We ended up tracing the bristol board off another dalek and customizing it to fit ours. Dec 22, 2015 - Shoulder Wrap con't Cut the MDF wrap. This was a three person job next. One used a heat gun on MDF to make it pliable and wrap around the shoulder frame. Another held the wrap in place while the third person tacked nails into the top and bottom of the wrap and used clamps to help hold the wrap in place. Cut the gun box holes. Cover the top and bottom seams with painters tape and glue inside of wrap.
  13. October 31, 2015 - Skirt panels No trick or treating here. Jr opted for dalek work instead. This was and continues to be tedious work. Jr finally understands how important being accurate is. Step 1 - Jr measured out all panels based on the pattern layout (below). Step 2 - We are using hand tools as much as possible which really made this part frustrating for me...cutting all the panels by hand with an exacto knife. I was dying to use the table saw! Needless to say the panels are rough cut. Step 3 - Square off panel measurements to cut off excess. (still need to cut off the excess) Step 4 - Measurement/cut for the final panel shape. (yet to do) Shop hours - 4 hours so far
  14. After several setbacks and comic cons we finally made it back to the shop. Jr earning shop time has made a huge impact with his attitude and outlook. After some massive tantrums/attitude which resulting in deducting shop time he ended up earning 2 1/2 hours over 3 weeks and not being able to trundle at a local con. Lesson learned! Day 2 - Oct 24, 2015 - Shoulders and neck frame One of the first things we figured out is that we should have traced the outside top of the skirt frame to make the shoulder base to get the correct angles. The over all dimensions are 28.5" x 25". Measure many times BEFORE cutting. Jr's was fine but mine was 28" x 25". Using left over plywood from the base we used a protractor with the pencil extended way out to make the circles for the inside of the shoulders and neck. My method was to use a string wrapped around a pencil and kept taught. It's never failed me before. This is where we had our first run in with three strong personalities in a small shop all having a different method to end up with the same result. We all survived intact but a coffee did get spilled on my frame...the tea drinker now has a coffee smelling dalek. :-) The best part of making two daleks is figuring everything out for one then tracing it for the other. The struts were cut at 13" to compensate for the 1" board height for a total of 14". We miscalculated the circles for the neck and shoulders and ended up needing to take another 1" off the diameter. Better that than being to small. Kids make a good counter weight...:-) Total shop time 5 hours. What we did notice while taking the photo of Jr inside his completed dalek frame is that he is small enough to walk in it for awhile. This means that I can use his wheelchair and will readdress his reserved seating later. Until the next shop day...
  15. Ferrain, I did like your pre-edited post. Being in my early 40's I was part of that confused generation that was taught some of both metric/imperial while one was phasing out the other. It just means that I deal with a bit of both (inches/feet, kms, pounds/ounces) which doesn't really help. I enjoy formulas and long math so have been in heaven working out the numbers anyways. Thanks for the tip on the tape measure!
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