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  1. Managed to get the first two layers of fiberglass done last night, but had to stop because TechShop was closing for the night. Went back for a few hours today and got 2 more layers added on, for a total of 4. Im honestly considering doing a 5th and even 6th layer when I get back in the shop next. XD I want this mold to be very, very sturdy. The first two layers I just used the resin on its own. Then for the 3rd I added black pigment, and then yellow pigment for the 4th layer. This is just to make it easier to distinguish the layers and see any spots I may have missed.
  2. Thanks! I figured as much, but I figured Id double check to be sure.
  3. I foresee a few problems with this approach: The mold itself would be a much more complex shape, making it much harder to remove cleanly, and likely requiring you to make the mold out of a greater number of pieces in order for it to wor Doors. As it is, a Dalek (or at the very least, an NSD. I dont have personal experience with any other models.) wont fit through a standard doorway in its assembled form. You have to the skirt off the fender and carry the fender in sideways to get it to fir through the door, and most times you also have to remove the bottom couple rows of Hemis from the wide side panels in order for the skirt to fit. Strength. If the mold was all one piece, and thus the final skirt/fender combo was one piece, I would be very concerned about the structural integrity of the point where the skirt would normally meet the fender. If its all one piece, then the entire weight of the dalek is sitting on that 'corner' where the fiberglass goes from the vertical skirt panels to the horizontal top of the fender. That part would have to be SERIOUSLY reinforced all the way around the circumference of the skirt. Transport. Even if you have doors big enough to fit the fender and skirt through, without disassembling, how are you going to transport the Dalek? Many cars, minivans and hatchbacks will fit an entire dalek inside when its broken down into its different parts, but if the fender and skirt were one piece, youd need much more space inside your vehicle to fit it. So unless you have a pickup truck or a large SUV or some such, transporting it would be an issue. All in all, I feel like the amount of fiberglass saved would be negligible. I mean youre basically avoiding having to make, what, a few inches worth of fender, and the bottom flat surface of the skirt? Thatd be only a few square feet. And for all the added difficulty a joined skirt and fender would give you, I honestly dont think its worth it.
  4. Does anyone know if Im likely to run into any problems from applying additional layers fiberglass multiple days after the initial layers were done and cured? The reason I ask is that I was only able to get 2 layers of fiberglass done on my fender before the shop closed for the night. The earliest Id be able to get back in to add more layers is Monday; 5 days from now. Are there likely to be any problems with getting the 3rd layer to stick to the second, or it not bonding properly somehow? Are there any other considerations I should be aware of? Or does it not really matter how much time passes in between adding layers? Any insight is appreciated.
  5. Posting this while waiting for the gel coat to cure; So far today I got the release wax done and applied the PVA release agent to the fender using a cup sprayer. While that was drying, I went through and did a final sanding on the skirt panels, after having coated them with Polyurethane last night. After that I applied the gel coat to the fender. Ive stuck air hose fittings in the gel coat so that once the mold is completed, I can use compressed air to pop the mold off the plug. Might add a very light second coat to fill in some of the little spots and bubbles. Ill be going back to the shop shortly to see if its dried enough to start applying fiberglass.
  6. End of the day update: Got a total of 6 coats of release wax applied to the fender, and 5 coats of Polyurethane applied to the skirt. Tomorrow Ill be sanding down the skirt till its nice and smooth, and then starting with the furniture polish wax, just like I did today with the fender. Tomorrow will also see the Fender getting an additional few coats of release wax, before starting with the release agent, gel coat, and fiberglassing. No pictures for this post, since everything looks exactly the same as last post, just with more layers of wax and polyurethane.
  7. Its been a couple of weeks since Ive had a chance to be in the shop, so Im glad to be back at it now. I got several more coats of polyurethane sealer applied to the fender, let that cure, then sanded it down smooth with 220 grit, 400 grit, 800 grit and 1500 grit sandpaper. Once I was satisfied with the smoothness I applied 5 coats of furniture polishing wax to really give it a nice firm smooth surface. After waiting half an hour between each coat, and letting the final coat cure for about 2 hours, I applied the first coat of release wax. Ill be applying close to a dozen more before moving onto the PVA release agent next. I also got a few more rounds of 'paint, sand, fill, repeat' done on the skirt, will be applying the polyurethane sealer shortly.
  8. Take a look at my build diary. Theres a couple posts showing how I rigged up a frame to attach the wheelchair motors to, and in my first couple of posts I also show how the wheelchair looked before being stripped down to just the motor, batteries, and controller.
  9. Back in the shop bright and early today, and I'll hopefully be here all day long. Right now Im waiting for some things to dry, so I figured Id post this in the mean time. Got the hole cut out of the middle of the fender. Its a bit rough and crooked, but since this will be used to make a mold and I wouldnt bring the fiberglass all the way in over the hole anyway, it should be fine. I also got through a few more rounds of sanding and painting, and, having it gotten smooth enough, applied 2 coats of spray-on polyurethane sealer, waiting about half an hour between coats. Ill be applied more as the day goes on. Got the second round of bondo and sanding done on the skirt, and threw on a coat of primer to help make the uneven spots more visible. As you can see there are definitely some spots that need work, but I should be able to get through most of them today. Well, back to the painting booth!
  10. Making good progress with the Bondo. Ive gotten the skirt and fender both filled in so that the seams meet up quite nicely. Ive gone through a few rounds of sand, paint, repeat, with the Fender, and will be doing the same for the Skirt tomorrow. The fender is almost ready for sealing, and then itll be on to making the mold. I just need a few more rounds of paint and sand to get it really nice and smooth. Here's the fender so far. I havent bothered painting in the center since that'll be cut out anyway. And here's the skirt so far. The seams are nice and even, now its just a matter of making the whole thing smooth. Also, here's pics of fiberglassing on the inside of the skirt that I forgot to get last time.
  11. More progress, but I forgot to take pictures of most of it. XD I finished the fiberglass reinforcing of the seams inside the fender and skirt, and also got into the bondo and filled in the gaps between the outside seams so they line up nice and pretty. Next step is to file and sand the bondo down to get nice clean edges. I did get a few pics of the fender mid-sanding, so thats all I have for now. Ill try to remember to get pics of everything else and just include those in my next update.
  12. I would strongly advise against using the hardboard for the Fender. For the skirt and the shoulders hardboard is fine. In fact, the thinness and flexibility is exactly what you want. For the fender though, you definitely need something stronger. 3/4" plywood or MDF is preferable, but 1/2" will do if you cant get anything thicker. Your fender has to support the rest of the dalek, AND its the part thats going to take a beating as you roll around, so you really wanna make sure its tough enough to stand up to it. Im also curious; what are your plans for the dome if you are not going to use any fiberglass?
  13. Hi Callahan, Im just across the state border over in Pittsburgh, and currently in the process of building my second NSD. Let me know if you have any questions, especially about local suppliers or materials to use, since some of what is typically recommended or listed in the builders manual is hard to get in the USA. Are you planning on doing an MDF build, or are you gonna go with fiberglass? Make sure to start a build diary once you get started, and definitely check out some of the other build diaries already there for inspiration. Adams NSD index is pretty much the definitive build diary for NSD's, and I cannot overstate how amazing helpful it is when jumping in to this for the first time.
  14. UGH. Nearly a month with no progress, but finally back on track. I took a break for a week to go to Katsucon (which was amazing) but when I got back I had a problem. The problem was that I was at the stage where I needed to start working with fiberglass, which was a bit of an issue. With it being the middle of winter here, the weather meant I couldnt do that outside. The fumes meant I couldnt do it inside without some kind of ventilation. My garage isnt heated either, so even with ventilation, my place wasnt an option. My first attempt was to install a venting system in the co-op maker space I had joined. After several weeks of discussing the idea with the other members, getting the OK from the landlord to knock out a window to put in a vent, and actually installing the thing, it was all ready. I tried it out while reinforcing the seams inside the fender and... ...it didnt work. Or, rather, it didnt work well enough. Not enough of the fumes were being vented out, and the shop was starting to really smell and it was bothering everyone. I stopped the fiberglass work there, and went back to the drawing board. Eventually, I managed to work things out with the local Techshop so that I would be able to do the fiberglassing in the spraypainting booth. I spent the first half of today getting the rest of the fender reinforced, as well as the first couple of seams on the skirt. Ill be going back after the weekend to finish fiberglassing the inside of the skirt, and then, its time to break out the body filler and smooth out the fender and skirt's outsides.
  15. Whoohoo! Youre the first person in a long while that Ive seen on here who live nearby to me. Im over in Pittsburgh, but I go to several Ohio anime/gaming conventions over the course of the year. If youre gonna be at Colossalcon in Sandusky in June, you'll see me and Conrad rolling around. If you ever need any advice or get stuck on something, dont hesitate to message me. In the meantime, definitely give a read over Adam's NSD index. It is an absolute Godsend for first time builders. Since you live nearby, you might also consider taking a look over my build diary for Conrad, since you'll most likely be using the same suppliers and parts as I did due to location, whereas some of the stuff Adam uses is a bit harder to come by in the USA. Definitely let us know when youve started a build diary, and good luck!
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