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  1. Whoohoo! Youre the first person in a long while that Ive seen on here who live nearby to me. Im over in Pittsburgh, but I go to several Ohio anime/gaming conventions over the course of the year. If youre gonna be at Colossalcon in Sandusky in June, you'll see me and Conrad rolling around. If you ever need any advice or get stuck on something, dont hesitate to message me. In the meantime, definitely give a read over Adam's NSD index. It is an absolute Godsend for first time builders. Since you live nearby, you might also consider taking a look over my build diary for Conrad, since you'll most likely be using the same suppliers and parts as I did due to location, whereas some of the stuff Adam uses is a bit harder to come by in the USA. Definitely let us know when youve started a build diary, and good luck!
  2. I think you may have missed my point a bit. If you have copies of all the files in the cloud or on a flash drive, then you dont need to worry about the files getting corrupted again. Even if the local files on your own computer did become corrupted again, that would have no effect on the copies stored elsewhere. Even if you have the same problem with your computer and those copies get corrupted, it is physically impossible for it to corrupt files on a flash drive it has no access to. So even if the local files get corrupted again, you just delete them and download a working copy from the cloud, or from your flash drive.
  3. I use a Boxzy owned by my local co-op makerspace. I dont have a 3D printer of my own at the moment. For my previous Dalek, I ordered all the 3D pieces through 3DHubs because I was very very close to my deadline, but this time around Im printing them all myself at the maker space. Also, around here, some public libraries actually have 3D printers that are available for the public to use, and you only have to pay for the cost of the filament used. You could always check and see if there's anything like that near you.
  4. 3D printing is definitely an option for a lot of the detail pieces, just be aware that some of the pieces can run upwards of 18 HOURS for a single print, depending on your pritner. That being said, I used 3D printing for the Eye, plunger, gun supports, Moflash lenses (Since Moflash no longer makes them), the lens cages, the neck blocks, and the gun box detail. The results are pretty darn good IMO.
  5. Perhaps instead of printing them out for the future and wasting a ton of paper and ink, you could simply make a backup of all the files onto a flash drive or external Hard drive? Or use a cloud storage system. Heck, Google gives you 15GB of storage for free with google drive, and you'd have to have literally hundreds of thousands of pages worth of pdf files to fill up 15GB. EDIT: Also, in addition to what John suggested, have you tried opening the files using the same program, but on another computer? Perhaps its not the files themselves that are corrupted, but your pdf reader installation.
  6. Well, I got the rest of the skirt panels attached. They fit together just about perfectly. A couple of them bow out a bit, but that will be fixed when I caulk the vertical seams between the panels. I caulked a few of them already. (The ones that werent bowed at all) I also tackled making the gun rods today. I built a rig based on Thubwell58's design, and I must say it works like a charm! I didnt even have to get any new materials; it worked with only using some scrap MDF, bolts, and a little bit of flat metal bar. The rods turned out great! Once theyre painted, theyll be ready for the gun. The only thing is that the metal bar I was using as the lever to bend the rods was a bit of a soft metal, so the rods ended up shaving little bits of metal off of it. By the time I was done, there was a noticeable divot in the bar. Ill have to get something stronger for next time I make rods. Ill definitely be keeping this jig on hand though.
  7. Welcome! Always good to see more Dalek builders State-side! (PA here.) Check out the map to see if there are any other builders near you, and definitely take a look at some build diaries, they make everything so much easier to understand. Since it sounds like youre building an NSD, definitely take a look at Adam's NSD index; I cannot tell you how valuable it is when jumping into a build for the first time. Make sure to post a build diary of your own once you get started so we can all see your progress. Enjoy!
  8. Not too much new this week; just a bit more of the same. Got most of the skirt panels attached, will get the remaining two put on this week. Ive been thinking about how to handle the fiberglass work. Its currently the middle of winter here and the temperature is usually in the low 30's Fahrenheit during the day, so I cant do it outside. However, the Resin produces fumes, so I cant do it inside, either. I believe Ive come up with a decent solution: Ive ordered an inline duct fan that can move 400 cubic feet of air per minute, and some flexible ducts like you would have for the exhaust on a dryer. Im going to build a lightweight fume hood hang above me in the shop, and the fan should suck the fumes up into the ducting, and Ill simply have the other end stuck under the garage door to vent the fumes out. Eventually we'll take out one of the glass blocks that makes up the glass block window, and replace it with a vent that we can open and close, and attach the exhaust end of the ducts to whenever we need to work on anything that produces smoke or fumes. Ive talked to the other guys at the shop and it seems like everyone is on board. Once fan gets here, I can reinforce all the seams of the skirt and fender.
  9. Hi and Welcome Stephen! Good luck on your build. It sounds like youve already got some decent progress made, so be sure to start a build diary when you get the chance.
  10. Welcome vic! Which design are you doing with? If youre building an NDS, then Adam's build diary is an absolute treasure trove of guidance. I built my first Dalek last year, and I cant tell you how helpful it was. And, if youre building a different design, worry not! There are tons of great build diaries for each different design that are wonderful for when youre stuck on figuring out how to do something. Good luck, cant wait to see your progress!
  11. Ooooh! This is the first time Ive seen anyone building out of steel, looks exciting! (Im not sure whether others on here have built skirts out of steel, Ive just never seen one.) Getting it done in just 3 months is going to be tough. I built Conrad over the course of just about 3 months, and I had to work on it literally every single day after work, even taking almost of week of PTO to get it done in time. Even then, I was still putting the finishing touches on him AT the convention. Im not honestly sure how working with steel instead of MDF and/or Fiberglass will affect your build time, but hopefully itll make things move a bit faster. (At the very least, you wont have to wait a full day for Caulk to cure each time you add on new pieces like I did) Cant wait to see your progress. Ill be rooting for you to get done in time for the convetion! What convention are you building this for?
  12. Thats basically what I thought. Thanks Ferrain. Also worth noting, that if you live nearby to any other PDF members, you could always see if anyone is willing to meet up and help you do the build yourself. Building a Dalek is a long-term process, but most of the people on here are really cool, and I wouldnt be surprised if you could find someone (or multiple someones, depending on the area) willing to come and help you out a day or two each month in exchange for Pizza and drinks afterwards. Ive seen plenty of build diaries by first timers mention about a PDF veteran coming over to help, or letting someone use a tool or mold or some such. Depending on where in the world you're at, you might have a veritable smorgasbord of other builders nearby. So yeah, your best first step is gonna be to let people know where you're located.
  13. Hate to say it, but I believe this kind of posting isnt actually allowed. My understanding is that the BBC is cool with us all making Daleks and such (even though they'd be within their rights to send cease and desist orders to every one of us because they own the copyrights to the Daleks) as long as we dont buy/sell Daleks or Dalek stuff. Im not saying its impossible commission someone to build something for you, Im just saying I dont think youre allowed to post about *paying* for a Dalek on the forums.
  14. As Chrisosborne said, they would work for dome rotation, but not to actually move the entire dalek itself. These are the exact motors I used for the dome rotation in Conrad, and I can tell you with 100% certainty that, no, these motors would never be able to actually propel the dalek around. Its a bit hard to tell from the picture, but those motors will fit in the palm of your hand. Theyre not going to move anything nearly as heavy as a full dalek, even without an operator inside. To move the dalek itself around, youll want to look into used electric wheelchait motors. Check out local thrift stores, craigslist, or any buy/sell/fleamarket facebook groups for your area. If you find a good deal, an entire used electric wheelchair, motors, batteries, controller and all, can be had for as low as $100 USD.
  15. Typically youd have the skirt attached to the fender using locating pins and wing nuts, the shoulders would attach to the skirt with a hinge(s), and the neck/dome can be attached to the shoulders either with wing nuts, a sort of 'twist and lock; mechanism, or just permanently screwed into the top of the shoulders. As always, Adam's build diary is wonderfully helpful. Take a look at his post about this sort of 'twist and lock' method of attaching the neck.
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