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  1. thank's seand006
  2. Thank's omegagamer89 for the help
  3. My dream is to build a NSD Dalek with my colleague. We will build the Dalek at work because we have a workshop on the spot. For the moment we study the plans with differents units and it's not easy to understand plans in English, dimensions for buy and cut wood and materials required. I will post photos when we have started.
  4. Hello, Do you have the dalek builder workshop manuel in French ? Because i am french, i have it in English and it's difficult to me. Thanks
  5. Hello, My name is Lyes, i live in Paris. I am a fan of Doctor Who with a fellow worker. With my fellow worker we will try to build a Dalek !
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    • RepeatedMeme

      I just wondered how long Project Dalek Forum has been going. I joined at the beginning, and that was 4,257 days ago!
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    • John

      Garage tidy approx 50% complete. I have located the missing floor.
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    • badwolf9

      hello, i guess i should introduce myself: my name's pepita, i'm 17 years old and live in germany. i'm a huge fan of doctor who but also a lot more. last year i started cosplaying and i enjoy being creative and doing stuff so i decided to build my own dalek
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    • jbourd

      Ready for parts to arrive.... ugh
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    • jimmybav

      I'd love to chat to Jeremy Evans about his eye build YouTube vids but I cant seem to find him on the member map. I suppose I was just searching Wales because he sounds many family members.  
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