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  1. Hi Andrew, good luck with your build and don't rush it. Just enjoy the experience. Any help you need just ask on here. What mk are you going to build?
  2. Slow slow and slower. Work has gone to a crawl this month due to work commitments. I'm hoping more will be done soon, but for now I've finished painting the neck bin and started work on the eye pivot disc. This was made from two 4 inch circles of 12mm MDF and a 5 mm centre piece of MDF. All sandwiched together with 2 x 1 inch screws and Gorilla glue. I held it all together temporarily with an M6 nut and bolt, this will also be used later for holding the disc in my pillar drill when I sand it smooth. I also sealed the edge with neat PVA the help close up the cut end of the MDF. Anyway I hope I can pick up pace again in my when my work dies down a bit.
  3. Thanks Bruce
  4. Talking about dome rotation here are a few shots of my dome rotation method. I didn't take many at the time of construction. It's a lazy Susan bearing 18 inch. Works really well. Nice smooth rotation.
  5. Thanks guys. It's so slow at the minute but work comes first.
  6. I'm using it as practice, So I don't mess up the final bits. I'm rubbish at anything paint related so practice makes perfect. The dome rotation is done. I'm using an 18inch lazy Susan bearing. I know I'm picky, but it's all good fun
  7. Started to paint the neck bin at last. Sanded flat with 150 grit paper. Filled any gaps with Upol car body filler and sanded flat again with 320 grit. The cut edges of the MDF were primed with neat PVA to seal them, I then applied two coats of Leyland Trade White MDF primer. Looking pretty good. I will flat off with 320 grit when dry then give it 2 coats of Halford's high build primer, so it's work in progress. I've also mounted my eye pivot brackets to the dome ring. I spaced them back from my eye pivot test peice to allow for paint and washer thickness. Hours so far 149. Still mental at work so I'm doing bits when I can.
  8. Slow progress still due to my work, but I've finally started painting the neck bin. First two two coats of MDF leyland primer. I will then spray putty this then Matt black. I've also marked the eye pivot bracket and drilled the hole to mount the brackets. I've used 18mm MDF for this. I've also started to get the bits together for the eye stalk. I've also searched on here (but I'm not very good at it) for a clear easy to follow method for constructing the eyeball. If anyone has a guide or link I would be greatful. Build time so far 144 hours.
  9. Well I had an idea about that. I have a tiny bit of fibreglassing to do on the inside to strengthen brackets etc. I was wondering if I could just paint all the insides of the shoulders, skirt and bits with the resin mix, just leave off the matting where it's not needed. This should provide waterproofing and strength when the resin dries? Would this work ? Has anyone else done this.
  10. I could do. Everything fits ok still no signs of warping so I think iive gotten away lightly. The garage is pretty well sealed so I'm assuming it's not that damp inside because all my tools are still ok and not rusted. I may dry the whole lot out slowly in the house once all construction is done which shouldn't be that far off now.
  11. Ok I think il go with MDF primer then high build then top coat. This seems to look ok so far. Do you think my work so far has been ruined because it's not sealed? It looks ok, but it is a lot softer when I drill into it. I couldn't face building it all again
  12. Quick update. Not had chance to do much over the last few weeks as I'm learning to drive a new train at work. But done some bits and bobs. I've mounted the dome ring to the dome with M5 bolts and wing nuts. I've also mounted a temporary block to the dome ring where the eye stalk pivot will be. This will allow me to place the stalk brackets in the correct places. i used the dome former card template to trace onto 18mm MDF for the brackets these were then cut out and placed on the ring to test fit. I've also traced the dome outline on the temporary block to help with alignment. Next step I cut a 4" round peice of card to mark on the temporary block where the eye stalk pivot will go. Lots of messing about but it all looks ok at the minute. Ive also tried a few paint combinations on MDF to see what works best. I've been a bit silly because I haven't sealed any of the Dalek at all yet and it's been 9 months since some parts have been built. I hope it's going to be ok. So far I've tried MDF sealer then high build primer on one test peice the other is MDF Primer then high build primer. They both look ok so not really sure what the point of the sealer is? Anyway more training tommorow so Dalek has to wait a bit more. It's very frustrating
  13. That's great. No problems with lectures. We're all learning. Thanks again.
  14. That's a great tip thanks. I'm ok with woodwork, but rubbish at painting so I'm reading loads of tips on here and keeping everthing crossed.
  15. Cheers. I found it easier to cut the chamfer with the internal peice still in place. This way you can use just one central hole for all the circular cuts.i also raised the hole thing up on a block and screwed it down to my bench to stop it moving whilst I cut it with the router. If you look at my build diary I give a detailed guide on trefoil dowel drilling. I tried a pillar drill first but it was not the best way for me.