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  1. I hate to be negative, but the person I spoke to seemed to be going out of their way not to be helpful.
  2. The impression was that they don't cut it, that's how they get it.
  3. I'm afraid that I already asked if larger sizes were available, they said no. That's why I asked for their suppliers.
  4. Right, I've been a bit thick, because I've just realized that on a previous page on this thread, Jonathan mentioned that he'd obtained a 901A sample and it was too open and flimsy. The sample arrived yesterday, and it' is indeed no good and *not* a match to the 4D models material - hole-to-hole it's good, but the wire is far too thin and weedy. So, I'm going to email 4D and ask if they'll pass on details of their mesh supplier, who I would then contact directly to ask for a larger sheet. There is also 803A from the Expanded Metal Company, which actually might be a better match to Jonathans steel sample (ie 1.49 SW) but I suspect will be a special manufacture, hence a- no samples and b - a very high minimum order. Update: Just called 4D who refused to provide their suppliers name or details and refused to pass on any message. What helpful people.
  5. What a shame, but good on you for plugging away. I've had to re-order my sample request from the Expanded Metal Co of the 901A mesh, as it seems the first attempt went missing in the post. When it arrives, I'll confirm that it matches 4Ds stuff, then might order a roll from FH Brundle.
  6. All a bit slow as I'm trying to get the neck mesh sorted out... but have started to get the dome together. The eye is a bit stiff, need to adjust the steel control rod supports as they're pushing the eye pivot supports out of alignment! But not too bad. If I don't fix it, though, I'll be scraping paint a lot... Pulled out the antennas and sanding down, plus a few extra bits being made up for future projects too...
  7. How thick can they work it? It needs to be a max of .5mm, ideally less. Also, 1900 pieces is crazy, you'd never sell them.
  8. When you say 'grain', do you mean the longest dimension of the perforation? If so, looking at Jonathan's pictures on the first page of this thread, they point horizontally. Re neckbin dims, the bottom neckbin ring is about 20" diameter so x 3.14 is 62.8 inches circumference. So each panel is would require a width of 7.85" - unfortunately then 14" is too small unless you want to do a single panel at a time....
  9. Expanded Metal Company are sending a sample, but as mentioned previously have a min order of £500. FH Brundle will sell the sheet inc VAT and carriage for about £44, which should be enough for at least five Daleks, possibly more depending on which way the mesh is orientated. If the sample matches that from 4D, and it all paints up nicely, I'll order a roll in (and can sell on what I don't need to any other interested parties).
  10. 4D Modelshop can't do bigger sheets than those advertised.
  11. Ah, right, yes - three sections. Got my sample yesterday, I'm really pleased with it. Yes, it's a bit more 'open' than the original stuff, but if you roll it into a cylinder, it does massively reduce visibility. I think when it's all painted matt black, it'll do really well. It's also thin enough that an upholstery stapler will have no problem penetrating to pin the mesh to the neckbin. Now, just need to get bigger sheets. FH Brundle don't do samples, but it's also available from the Expanded Mesh company, so I've emailed them.
  12. Hopefully the shop can cut these sheets a bit bigger. If they can't, then there is always this; http://www.fhbrundle.co.uk/products/0205210901__Roll_Expanded_Aluminium_901A_610mm_x_10m I suspect this may be exactly the same mesh, might ask for a sample. If you assumed you'd need 2 meters to wrap all the way around a regular neckbin, in two sections (to keep the pattern relatively consistent), one of these sheets should cover five Daleks. That'd be just over a fiver per person.
  13. Looks good, I've ordered a sheet too, will probably go for this.
  14. Exciting Jonathan! Can't wait to see how this progresses.
  15. A genuine neckbin is about 11 inches high, so about 27.5cm tall. So we'd need the bigger sheet. Look forward to seeing the results. Perhaps brush paint on in a thick coat to reduce the hole size...?
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