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  1. Hi i like a dalek that's a bit different to the norm im looking forward to seeing your build finished
  2. Dalek Rons found a new calling in life lol
  3. Hi and welcome everything you need to know is on this forum somewhere you just have to look. I spent a couple of weeks doing research on here first before I started my dalek build just to get ideas on what dalek to build and how parts go together and if you get stuck theirs plenty of people on here that will offer you advice . If it wasn't for this forum my dalek Ron would not exsist now . Good luck with your build
  4. Looking good your nearly there now not long to go
  5. Hi and welcome back good luck with the rest of your build and i look forward to reading some progress
  6. Hi i like the v1 best as well it seems to stand out a bit more and has got the more classic feel 😊
  7. Thank you
  8. Hi do i qualify to become a radioactive member now
  9. Hi thanks your probably right but one day im going to try a bit of a weathering affect to hide some of my mistakes 😊
  10. Hi and welcome building a dalek is not as daunting as it first seems and you've got a work shop aswell i just had a kitchen table and a patio table out side and managed to build dalek Ron you should have no problems good luck with your build
  11. Hi the eye does look a lot nicer now you've got a great look dalek there. im trying to resist altering my dalek their is a few bits im not happy with but if i start i don't think i will stop lol
  12. Thanks your the first person to recognise what's on the ID tag
  13. Thank you I'm glad you like him :)
  14. This daleks been a long time in the making i look forward to reading some progress i like the colour scheme your going for :)
  15. Location: kirkby in ashfield uk Name: dalek Ron Hi dalek Ron is made from mdf with a fibreglass dome i started building a 80s renegade supreme dalek but half way through i decided to customise him so i added the nsd style neck cage and cowling on the dome and painted him in a stormtrooper style colour scheme