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  1. Howdy everyone. Working along and having a blast. Worked on the base and stuffed the wife in my stack up to keep her involved, lol. My new 1/2 collet router came in so I can start the angles on the neck rings.
  2. Thanks! I sure am learning on this guy! lol. But I am buying some really cool new tools. And no- you have such a head start on me you just need to sleep less and work on Dalek more- ha ha ha. As for color scheme- I'm not sure. The wife is pushing for purple and silver- which will make most here cringe- so we'll see who wins out. The lady of the house does have a few "aces in the hole" she can play- ugh. On the bright side- if I don't fit in it- she would love to drive it at that color and I can make my next one, lol. So there is a plan B in my head. I'm going to buy a 1/2 collet router this week end so I can finally get the neck rings done!
  3. Hey Simon! Glad to see your back at it. I hate how work gets in the way. Enjoying your build diary so don't stay away so long!
  4. So here is the eye with globs of bondo on it. I started to rough sand it last night. I'll get more done this week end then share it with you all. And my trial set up for the 5" caster. My riser blocks are too long so the wheel isn't dropping down to where I want it. I'll keep playing with this till I get it where I want then I'll show the finished set up with actual bolts holding it together and not just wood screws. Happy Friday everyone!
  5. lol- well the winds are done now Ashkorewd- now we get the heat! and yes, I wanted to try one of the hemi's I got from hobby lobby and see how it turns out before I cut up the 8 ball. The xmas ornament was 1.79 and the 8 ball is 9-10 bucks. So I would rather muck up the hemi for the first time trying it. I've learned to experiment with stuff in a trial build so I don't destroy my materials for the real build and just have a pile when I am done, lol. So far it is turning out good. I will post more pics of the eye tomorrow- I have globbed 2 coats of bondo on it so far. It might turn out more like the movie eye then the tv eye. I used 5 min epoxy to hold the chili can in the bottom of the hemi and it seems to be holding. I scuffed up any plastic area the glue would touch so it would get a better surface to adhere too. I am also working on the 5" caster supports. Pictures are coming!
  6. Yep- those are what I am using for my Hemi's. I got some at Hobby Lobby for 1.79 which is much more expensive, just so I can experiment with how to attach them and see how they take paint until I mass order them for the entire skirt. I'm interested in your Worbla idea for the skirt panels and shoulders. I know they use that in cosplay for sandwiching foam for armor and weapons. I've never used it so I'm curious on how it will work on this project If you go that way, keep us posted. Using the hardboard- there is no wood grain to worry about. It is smooth. Glad to see your still moving along! We have till next year to get these done and mobile! lol.
  7. Good Morning all- Just poking along on my build. I haven't been able to get outside and do much due to the high winds here in the desert. We have a constant wind of 20-25 mph and then gusts that are much worse. It gets so bad the birds would rather walk then fly. So wood working or painting is put on hold till things calm down. So the indoor parts get worked on. I'm laying out the template for the dome, working on my eye as you can see in the pictures. Oh and I finished up the claw- painted it and buffed the aluminum bit. Now I need to make the adapter that will fit it to the end of the arm tube and get the bicycle hand brake lever and cable that will activate it.
  8. Hey Ashkorewd- I know your having issue with the bigger items due to health reasons- why not work on the smaller stuff- the gun, eye stalk, plunger- etc. Those will take time to make as well and they are much lighter then the wood stuff- just a thought.
  9. Hi Everyone- Sorry so quiet- just working away at nights and week ends on the Dalek. Some progress pics- laid out the hemisphere locations and primed the skirt. Roughed out the base and bought 5" casters until I can locate an electric wheelchair. I ordered a router bit big enough to do the neck rings. My little 1/4 shank router just doesn't cut it. Oh well, another excuse to buy another power tool! lol. Router bit will be in next week. Member Ashkorewd and I are trying to get our Daleks ready so we can attend Wondercon- a local event in SoCal in 2018. if all works out- we will exterminate as a team! lol. In the mean time- here is what I have been up too-
  10. Good Morning- well my week ends have freed up again- I had a few events I had to get through in my other hobbies but now it is back to Dalek build- and cosplay build for a friend. I've been working on the "making nail heads below the surface" detail and then filling the holes with plastic wood and then primer. so those of you that have made one know how much fun this process is, lol.
  11. Howdy all! just a few pics of the inside detail of the gazing globe holders and playing around.
  12. Looking good Simon!
  13. Morning everyone! I started playing with drilling the gazing globes. What fun! I bought myself a Drill Hog off Amazon- So I set the globe on a roll of Duct Tape and held with my left hand- wearing a leather glove because I know what will happen if I don't, lol. I drilled in the small hole that was in the ball with a 5/16 (.312) diameter center drill to open it up for a starting hole for the longer drill that I used to drill the other end of the globe before I opened it up with the drill hog for the Gun tube. It worked out for the 1" diameter gun tube. I tried it for the larger diameter arm tubing and had problems once I got past the 1" step on the hog drill. It didn't seem to cut at the larger diameters. So maybe there is a sharpness issue? I am running it as slow as my little drill press would run and with oil and still no good. So I will try a few tricks later tonight when I get home. I was afraid I might have work hardened the area with the drill so I'll try breaking the edge with my dremel and a grinding stone. But all in all- this went better then I thought it would. And of course the goose bumps you get when you set the arms in the shoulders and stand back and take a look is well worth it! Getting closer and closer! Now- off to read the other build diaries again! lol.
  14. Happy Birthday Bec!! it sounds like you had a nice one! I really enjoy your build diary. Stephen
  15. Good Morning all! Not much new progress- just sand, bondo, sand, scream, bondo and sand some more! I finally painted some primer on the gun boxes and shoulder area because if found you can stare at the area forever and not know if your done or not! lol. The primer helped me see that I didn't have much more to fill and I was over thinking it! So I will get some pics of that to post for you all. In the mean time- I drilled the holes in the neck rings for the 3 dowels. I went to Harbor Freight here in the USA and bought a cool little drill guide. It was about 20 bucks so it isn't the best quality, but it helped me get the 5° angle that I needed for the dowels. I hope all your builds are going well!
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