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  1. Did you do it by hand or with a buffer?
  2. It is a little dinged up from shipping a few pits and scratches some a little deep, I'll try to snag a picture tonight and post
  3. Got my tube of aluminum yesterday for the eye stalk, not very shiny. I googled how to polish it and got about a thousand different ways that are all the (best). Since I trust the forum anyone or everyone want to chime in on best way to get it polished?
  4. Part time for sure!
  5. The light is bright! The plate and LEDs warm up a bit (,ax out at 97 degrees) which doesn't seem to hot as I can handle them and not get burned. Should they be cooler?
  6. Finally got my eye light to a bright light w/o it overheating or blowing up :)


    1. jbourd


      It's steady @ 97 degrees

  7. Seriously impressed with your build, the wooden dome looks fantastic! 


    You ever come to visit TX stop by and teach me some stuff!



    1. trickster


      Thanks! I had my fill of Texas tho.

    2. jbourd


      Too bad lol!

      Keep up the good building

  8. My test power supply puts out 12v @ 700ma is what it says on the transformer that plugs in...
  9. My iris finally came in, or at least the camera aperture part, so all that's left is for me to get my printer and print the shell and I can start assembly!

  10. Nicely done!
  11. Do you think that you could take the cowl off of a complete 3d dome and make it so the only thing that prints is the cowl?


    I have a full dome but obviously no where near a printer big enough!



    1. Show previous comments  26 more
    2. trickster


      I think I've got the cowl nailed. Broke it into 4 pieces. Top two quarters successfully printed. Once I've got all 4 confirmed I'll upload.

    3. trickster


      I did it. I have a 4 (7 including pegs) piece 3d printed cowl that looks great! All parts are small enough to print in any reasonable build space. I will package and upload in the next day or so.

    4. redman99


      Awesome. I'll give it a try as soon as I get home. :)

  12. Quick question, I do not quite follow the 45 degree bevel and bearing method for getting the chamfer on the neck rings. Could you explain the process better or post a link to the dremel part you are referring to? Thanks
  13. I believe I will be using a small 12v batt for voice, lights, motors, this led then a 24v for the scooter motor. That is if my small batt can handle it all
  14. Ah ok thanks!
  15. By across do u mean on the neg line?