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  1. Quick question, I do not quite follow the 45 degree bevel and bearing method for getting the chamfer on the neck rings. Could you explain the process better or post a link to the dremel part you are referring to? Thanks
  2. I believe I will be using a small 12v batt for voice, lights, motors, this led then a 24v for the scooter motor. That is if my small batt can handle it all
  3. Ah ok thanks!
  4. By across do u mean on the neg line?
  5. ok you lost me, I tried, are you saying put two resistors back to front doubling the ohms? I want it brighter not softer though so I am confused...
  6. I used a 10 Ohm 1W resistor... on the 5w wirewound what ohm would you go?
  7. It is not a 12v assembly I believe it says max volts is 11. I found it online here and am trying to get the brightest I can out of it. 11v should be rather spectacular with all of the lights but it was just a flop. I am also curious as to what would be good white lights for the top of the dome, they say automotive leds but which kind? I have the forum pcb build for light to voice control...
  8. Okay tried out my 11v blue led for the eye yesterday and was expecting it to be brighter. Elembivos has been helping me with the technical power requirements and other electrical stuff and said I had to add a resistor to not blow it up. The suggested one dropped it to 9.84v, he said it could happen and to reduce if it did; I do not think it is bright enough. Granted this image is in daylight but still I think you will get my point, anyone please feel free to chime in on it.
  9. Okay, I accept that doing the dome may be unrealistic for me, however what about just the cowl? Wouldn't that make it much easier to put onto the dome? Lengthen and thin out the bottom part that attaches and just put a grove into dome for it to fit and glue. That would be useful I think if someone could deconstruct the entire dome and just keep the cowl part and then upload the .stl many would appreciate it. Any takers?
  10. I was thinking of using the "ribs" method, then just putting some foam in for strength then plaster for top coat of plug... I know that foam is seriously sturdy so I was curious
  11. What about using the foam in a can used for insulation? It is super cheap, would fill in the gaps between supports, hardens fully rigid... Thoughts?
  12. Rather crafty, I would never have thought of it. (Sadly I am telling the truth, off day)
  13. I cannot find it through the search... Anyone know where it may be located? Thanks
  14. Profile tool? The half arc thing?
  15. Hey gang thought I would post an update, still waiting on a few pieces to come in.. . Seems like forever. I did post a new topic over in Tech, so if anyone is technical savvy and wants to check it out here is the link! Cheers