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  1. Thanks for the comments...... Hope your build goes well mate.... Any Pics? All the best..... Maccer (Ian)
  2. Well been a while so time to put up some progress pic hopefully it'll work this time..... Bought a superb Dome cage Kit .... All unpacked and then washed properly ready to start work..... A trail fit with the "Moflash Lenses" Time to mark out the holes so that the lenses and bases match up. Using a modeller's hand drill so as not to rip the bases up and also make sure that everything lines up. Breaking out the wet 'n dry and making sure the finish was good, once finished, it was time to get them assembled and glued together. Once rubbed down time to get them painted and primed...... Cured and dry, time to wet 'n dry them again to get a good finish.... Another coat of primer and then a top coat.... The finished article, and not looking to bad..... Holes now drilled for the Dome cages to be attached..... ER.... (Wife loves me... Looks like a Dalek production line in the kitchen and front room) Test fit of the first Dome Cage.... Once again drilled the holes for the Bulb holders, and again a test fit.... With the cage... looking quite good with everything centralised.... The other side this time.... looking fine.. also rubbed the surface down where the cages are going to be located...... With both the holders now fitted and the dome Cage screwed in to position....... The finished article, I'm over the moon with this.... Really starting to look pretty good.... I'm usually only doing DIY furniture and shelves.... I've seen some wonderful builds... I hope min comes out half as good, not to worried about accuracy but am trying to do my best...... Thanks for looking....
  3. Wow! Awesome! Thank you very much Vince, I will be in touch very shortly to place an order through you..... Thank you again for your help... All the best.... Maccer
  4. Sorry guys, I left the important bit out.... I'm based in Weston-Super-Mare about 18miles from Bristol..... Mind you could you imagine a Dalek with a West Country/Brizzle accent? Thanks posting the links in the same section.... I guess I was being a bit lazy... Sorry about that. If anyone is near me or in UK postage distance I would be more than willing to make a donation for time services rendered. Once again thanks for you patience, and I'll check out the links indicated.... All the best... Maccer
  5. Hello to everyone, I'm very new to the world of Dalek Building, but have started out on building an NSD loosely based on Dalek Sec. Now I need to sort out a voice for my project. Can anyone give me any advice on how to go about this. I'm not really in a position to be able to "build" one so therefore am looking to buy one "off the shelf" I've been given Sciphonix's details on FB and have dropped them a message. To be told that building has stopped for the moment. After a while messaged them again and nothing at all. Are there any other alternatives? I would like to get the most accurate sounding setup where possible, and would like to have a setup so that the "dome lights" work correctly and are sync'd to speech when being used. Are there "plug and play" systems available? If this is an inappropriate post feel free to remove. Thanks in advance... and for your time... Cheers, all the best... Maccer
  6. Hello. My name is Ian or Maccer to my friends. I'm 51 and growing old disgracefully. Greetings to you all, this is my very first attempt at building a full size Dalek. Years ago as a youngster I always wanted one. Now I'm in my 50s and have a little disposable income, I'd though I'd give it a go. I've decided to base "him" on the Dalek Sec version but not completely the same. It's not completely accurate I'm doing "my" personal touches to the build. The Mrs thinks I'm mad! I've bought a lot of "pre made" parts to cut down on the build time so apologies for that.... This is a wonderful community, and I've looked at some of the builds, they're awesome if my project comes out half as good I'll be happy. I've studied the plans and am doing the stages I feel I can do at the moment. I'll upload some pics on what I've done so far... Be gentle... LOL..... This is how the Exterminator gun build has gone so far. The wonderful plans from this forum amazing work For first time in years having to construct the Angles The template from the Engineering plans The template finished. The 5mm knitting needles bought and first one trimmed.... All done now. With some help from a mechanic friend of mine helped me sort out the angles and made sure the rods were bent properly. Now ready for trimming and finishing. All trimmed and read for polishing... Well I cheated a bit here, ad bought some ready made replicas very high quality. Decided to do a trial run and to see how good everything would fit up. Looking pretty good. Say hello to my "little friend" time to get the paint finish off the Knitting needles...... All done now and ready to be polished up.... Well had a result here, bought these Stainless Steel Spheres from Hong Kong, the startling price of £3.98 Each... So with some more help from my mechanic Mr Andy Ball he helped me drill the sphere for the "Gun Barrel" All the gun rods have been polished and looking pretty good. Primer and paint bought to finish the gun bezels. Primed and then rubbed down for the next coat of primer and soon to be top coated. Second coat of primer applied and once dry will be ready for the top coat. I know that the Bezels should be aluminium, and shiny but this is my version.... Bottom Gun Bezel now fitted stuck into position. Trial fit of the polished Gun Rods... Then decided to go the full way and stick them into position. The finished article.... I'm very happy for the first attempt...... Thanks for looking.... and more to come very soon.