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  1. An update to this event is that it will now just be a classic Dr Who display as this will be part of the Vintage Village so props and daleks must be 1960's period. Anyone interested in attending please get in touch as soon as possible so that I can add you to the participants list.
  2. 11th June 2017

    Hi, This sounds good. I could make this. Do you have any others attending?
  3. Hi. The big question. Yes, as long as the Daleks are not used for monetary gain or to damage the brand/image of Dr Who. These are not BBC props, these are fan made objects and this will be advertised (BBC props are not as well made!). This is not a Dr Who display, nor affiliated, it is a retro sc-fi display by enthusiasts. Anyone committing to be part of this display will be part of the event and admitted to the site with the main production manager aware. If you were refused entry a few years ago it sounds like you may have been subject to poor organising and you were not expected or properly added to the participants list. Everyone involved should be listed on the participants list weeks in advance.
  4. Hi. You will be part of a retro sci-fi display in the Vintage Village area of the event. There will be a Tardis, Dr Who reenactor, life sized props and suitable backdrop for visitor photo opportunities. Sound effects and music may be part of it but I still have to plan this. I would like participants to display their Daleks and chat to the visitors about them. If your Dalek is motorised you can take it out amongst the visitors around the site and entertain. (the ground is a mix of grass and tarmac). As a participant you will get full access to the event including the main stage in the evening, free tea and coffee during the day and free camping with the participants who are a great bunch. It has been a great 2 years and this year is looking to be bigger and better. Everyone that has been part of it has had an amazing time and return the next year.
  5. Yes, That's right. The North event is not far from Broxton. If you know anyone else that might be interested that would be fantastic. Thanks for responding and it would be great to have you attend if you are available. You'll be looked after.
  6. Hi all, I'm posting this message as I am looking for volunteers, Dr Who reenactors and life sized props, Daleks (especially!) for a display in the 'Vintage Village' section of BBC Children in Need Carfest 2017 (North 28-30th July, Bolesworth Estate, Cheshire & South 25-27th August 2017, Laverstoke Park Farm, Hampshire). Volunteers can do either or both events if they can. All help is greatly appreciated. The new section will be a retro sc-fi addition to go alongside the vintage area displays that we have had the previous 2 years. Participants will have tea & coffee provided and full access to the site to enjoy the events and music. Camping is free and within the participants section away from the public camping. The feedback from everyone that has taken part previously has been very positive indeed and their efforts have made the Vintage Village area a huge attraction and successful section of Carfest raising millions of pounds for charity. If anyone is interested in taking part in either or both of these events, please message me or call 07914346521 More info http://www.carfest.org/welcome/ Thank you.