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  1. Yes it has been filled, I was experimenting with undercoat
  2. Had a 8 x 4ft sheet of 18mm plywood in the hall for the last week and my wife wanted it moved, I marked out the base and cut the sheet in half in the hall cause otherwise it was out the front door and round the side of the house, bless her she was there with the vacuum cleaner, got the base sections glued Saturday and spent an afternoon in the sun doing the fibreglass underneath, and had the added bonus of watching a spitfire flying over my house a couple of times, fibreglass dry just had to stack it all together, I'm going to cut out and redo the front of the gun boxes but happy so far
  3. After having enough of filling and sanding thought I'd take a break for now and start my slats, made from 12mm MDF with recessed edges for 3mm MDF sides and a 4mm fillets each end to make up to 16mm thickness, and once made 13 fitted beautifully thanks to all on your advice, don't know what I was worried about, thinking far too ahead of myself, I'm enjoying myself and thinking what the hell am I gonna do when finished.... perhaps a lovely 60's Dalek but now I'm getting ahead of myself again😀
  4. Working on my shoulders today and after tacking and clamping took my saw bench into the sunshine to start on the fender until my wife called me in to get ready to go round my daughters for tea, hell the weekends go so fast, I get an hour in the garage in the evenings during the week but the weekend seem to fly by, I'm already thinking of making a 70's Dalek and still got so much to do on this one.. Oh by the way, I'm too old for muscles so if anyone wants to collect the multi gym in the background it's free to a good home, but you do need to collect it from Lowestoft
  5. Thanks cdngoose, great advice
  6. Thanks RepeteadedMeme, I didn't notice the missing slats on toy Dalek until getting into my own build but lived so long with this toy and my other 12" 60s and 70's toy Daleks that are my ideal look, so still in two minds but thanks for your valued opinion, and now won't feel that I'm letting the side down if I do leave one out, thank you
  7. The slats are 6.1 cm, so spacing for my shoulders appear to be 3. Something CM between each slat, but I'm thinking that I'd like a bit extra spacing, is it wrong to leave a slat out to allow that extra space?
  8. Yup, exactly what ChristmasDalek said, love it
  9. Sorry meant shoulder slats
  10. I'm confused and wanting a bit of advice and guidance, I've used my 12" remote Dalek for angles, and general look of a "Dalek", however, looking at the neck struts the plans say 13 but the toy has 12 and trying to count the actual ones on Evolution of the Daleks I count 12 and 13, I like the spacing of the 12 but also want to be correct, this is where my confusion sets in, do I do whats correct or do I do what I pleases my eye, HELP
  11. Update on the prices shown above, they do not include VAT, got a receipt through today total price including VAT was £78.30, I'm still happy with them though
  12. Saving a bit of money hoping to get a cheap wheelchair, but then went into B&Q and saw a saw bench for 150 quid, wow, it cuts angles up to 45 degrees, and will give my dodgy woodworking skills a boost they need, I feel now that after printing the base CAD files I might achieve something that will actually fit together without the need of too much filler, fingers crossed, I did think it was a bargain so start saving again for the wheelchair, if not Flintstone power will have to do for now.
  13. Gun boxes fitted but after the glue had dried spotted on huge mistake, didn't put the hole in so obviously no 45 degree angle on the inside, I have now cut the holes and after racking my brains put a dovetail router bit in me drill and after a bumpy start have managed to get the inside angle cut from the outside, a bit of sanding and should all work fine
  14. Ordered a set of seal kits from Barnwell.co.uk, which have been mentioned on this before although the named contact left years ago, the price for a set of 56 was £55 plus about £10 carriage, ordered yesterday and they arrived at my work address before I got in this morning! Been through lots of options to make my own but in the end with my friend saying that he has put my Dalek into the Halesworth and district model engineers exhibition in Lowestoft in October I feel that this thing has got to get built, the seals are perfect and will save me lots of time, sleepless nights less one!
  15. My wife just says "what more wood" whenever I come out of Wickes , did compromise today at Homebase, She bought plants I got a set of hole cutters, I convinced her they would come in handy for other things, just glad she didn't ask what!
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