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  1. Hi Sparky_Butane, welcome back! You're going to print every part? Waiting for the photos!
  2. Day 17 and 18: Hi! I'm still doing the head of my Dalek. In an attempt to give to it the right form, I cut the shape built using the ball. I've work on it a while, cutting and pasting, until it was the same as that of the project At this point I fixed everything with the help of the adhesive tape and, as in the beginning, I reinforced the cuts parts with glued tissue paper strips. Then I've covered all the surface with the putty See you in the next post! Bye!
  3. Day 15 and 16: I started to build the head of my Dalek! After thinking about it for a while, I opted for a simple way to build it. I started taking a ball and covered it with transparent film then I've cut some pieces of tissue paper and glued them to the ball with glue and water. After that I've prepare some putty I've covered all the surface with the putty doing a few layers The transparent film allows me to detach the work from the ball when I want to: After making enough putty, I put the ball to dry. Now I'm waiting for you to pass the sandpaper
  4. I think I'll do this! The problem will be to find the balls to be cut eheheh! But we are not discouraged by this
  5. Thank you, I'm glad you like it I agree with you, in fact I'm trying to find a practice solution for the "curves parts" to put on the tube, without resolution. Do you have any idea?
  6. Day 15: Hi guys! I'm starting to work to the eye of the Dalek. In order to get the right shape, I've cut a ping pong ball and a bottleneck then I've glue it together leaving the possibility to the cap to unscrew it, and I've hole the ping pong ball with the help of an incandescent screwdriver and I attached to it a support To create the "stair" into the eyes, I've cut some strips from hold phone-cards and I've fixed all together into the bottleneck with some hot glue Screwing the neck of the bottle to the cap, this is the final result! Obviously it is still to be painted, but I think it will be fine
  7. Day 14: Here we are! It has been a very busy week, for this I waited so long for a new post... But now it's time! I've tocked care of the neck, arranging the various details. I started removing the excess glue with the help of a knife Then I levelled the supports so that it could fit well on my shoulders Then I had to make small pieces to add to the media, the photos will indicate the process better than my words! To do this, I used the waste parts of the other passages. Finally, I "decapitated" some "pin" (I don't know the right name!) and put them in the right place And the neck is done! Next time I'll starting to think about the head and the guns!
  8. Eheheh fantastic idea! Have a nice "research"
  9. Day 13: I've started the building of the neck and I must say that I expected it more complicated. On a sheet of plywood from 0.50 mm I've marked the circles of the neck and I've cut them. To give the right shape to the side, I've used the sander after fixing the circles one over the other with the help of bolts Then, I've cut the internal part and I've done the holes for the supports with the help of a rasp. For the supports, I've used a wooden strip from 1cm, where I cut the inserts for circles I've used the clamps to keep the right distance between the circles while I've positioned the supports And this is the final result: Next time I'll cut the remnants of glue and I'll build the details of the neck!
  10. Day 12: Happy Easter everyone! In these festive days I was able to putty my Dalek and start the building of the neck (photo in the next upload). This is the putty that I find in my garage (don't worry, it's not chocolate!). I've put on the "critical part" of the shoulder, in particular I've cover parts where I had previously put the plaster . It dries very quickly and, after having sanded, I repeated the process a couple of times until I was satisfied with the result. As I said, the hardest part was near the gun boxes, in particular because of the not very easy sanding. But after an hard work, the shoulders are complete! I know that this "double colour" looks terrible, but the surface is very smooth and the details are highlighted as it should. With painting everything will be fine! And this is my Dalek that I moved into fresh air for the occasion
  11. Hello everyone! Unfortunately (or fortunately) it was a very busy week and I haven't had time to post the progress of my Dalek, but now I'll fix it! Day 10 and 11: It's time to plaster! I think the photos speak for me, however, in synthesis I've prepared a little of coarse plaster that to fix small holes in the walls and I've put it into the spaces between the wood Then I've waited for the drying and with the help of sand paper, I've removed the excess parts after which, I've passed a layer of glue and water in order to prevent that chalk dust raises too much These are some details: And this is the skirt with the shoulders! There are some parts that have to be perfected (in particular near the gun box), thanks to the your suggestion I'll use some wood putty so do a less rough and more precise work. See you next time!
  12. Hi Morgan, Thanks very much, your answer was exhaustive and complete. I think I will use this method when I will need to build objects with a particular shape. Waiting to see the work go forward!
  13. Hi Firebiro! Very interesting idea to avoid the 3D printing. I wanted to ask you, what kind of material you're put into the molds? And what kind of consistency when it is dry? Probably you have already said it in a few posts but my bad English prevented me to read it
  14. Hi Firebiro! Thanks very much for the advice and and to follow the growth of my Dalek Yesterday I put a coarse plaster in order to plug big holes (I'll post the photos soon! ) but I think that I will follow your advice to plug the remaining holes and to retouch the complicated and particular parts. I'm thinking about a "wood putty", that I've found in my garage...
  15. Day 8 and 9: I have started to add details of the shoulder, a very long job at the end of which I had the whole glue on my fingers! First of all I finished the gun box adding the hole for their aim and I have pasted it with the shoulder. Then I started to cut a lot of wood strips, fixing them in the right positions. At the end of this long process, I covered everything with the paper wood With the help of sandpaper I improve edges and for the most difficult parts, the drill helped me And this is the final result! Next time, I need to find a way to plug the holes...maybe with some plaster
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