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  1. Day 5: Yesterday was a very funny moment: I wanted to plug the many holes, for this I used some plaster ( I hope this is the right name...) and I covered all the skirt of my Dalek. While the plaster dries, waiting to be sanded, I've begin to think about the front of the skirt. Not having much time, I've just cut some pieces that now are on my table ready to be assembled! I hope today to find some time to sanding the Dalek. I can not wait to complete the skirt
  2. Day 4: First of all, Thank to everybody for the support! Yesterday I've fix the panels of the behind skirt, I've just a little difficulty with the measures because things have not gone according to plan.. but imaginatively it's alright! I've change idea about the painting because watching your daleks I've decided to do the skirt black too. Knowing me, I'll change the colour a lot of times, for this it's better to remand the painting as I have clear ideas The next step is the panels of the front skirt. I'd like to do this openable...We'll see how it turns out!
  3. Day 3: Yesterday I didn't have a lot of time, thus I just fixed the upper base with the fender base. The hardest part was to align the bases! For the next time, I think I'll paint that part. Then I'll interested in the skirt panels!
  4. Day 2: We have the base!! After cutting as many as 22 small pieces and beveled the parts of the base, I've put all together with a lot of hot glue and finally we have our base. Tomorrow I'll think about how to fix the upper base... I thought it was a good idea to do the middle of the Dalek openable ... Also in view of the fact that I will have to put the wheels!
  5. Hello to everyone! My name is Chiara, I'm from Italy (for this I'm sorry for my bad English ) and I'm going to build my first Dalek! Really I haven't no idea of what I'm gonna do, but I'll think of something when the time is right. I do not know how long it will take because my free time is really little, but I think it will be fun! My Idea is to realize a remote-controlled 1/3 2005 Dalek, with light and right voice. I believe that the project will change shape over and over again depending on the difficulty or the ideas that come to mind. For this, stop word and ruler in hand! Day 1: I'm going to start from the skirt, after endless accounts are managed to make peace with the math (Not that the count was so difficult...you know is just /3!) and find the right measures. I marked the basis on the wood (I don't know the name of this wood in English. In Italian is "compensato", and Google translate says that is "plywood", but i really don't know) and then I cut everything. Then it's the turn of the fender base. For now I just cut out the pieces of wood that will form it, Tomorrow I will think of how to put them together to get the right shape!
  6. Hi! I'm Chiara from Rome, a new Doctor's fan! I'd like to build my personal Dalek and I'm sure that this forum will be an invaluable aid! Enjoy
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    • chris harper

      Saturday spent fixing first bit of 6mm bendy mdf to my shoulder frame, I had a couple of clamps but a friend lent me about 8 and needed every one. My son in law loaned me his multi tool which cut like a dream, however, he needs it for work so had to give it back so went to Wickes and bought one for £25, a bit cheaper than his top of the range model but it still does a great job. Have fibre glassed my dome plug after waxing the he'll out of it, fingers crossed it will come off ok.
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    • chris harper

      My dalek will have a name, talking to my friend about old films, and we talked about the  Eiger Sanction, and came up with the name Hemlock, so now my half finished skirt, nearly fully sanded dome plug and shoulder frame has a name...Hemlock
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      Hello! I joined a few days ago and I'm trying to see how this site works
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      Waiting for hemispheres.
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      Many thanks for donating, to support the cost of Forum hosting. Very much appreciated.
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