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  1. I have just finished this one loosely based on a Genisis dalek its one of the first mouldings and cost me a bit (I won't say how much) I have pictured it with my 1999 one and also davros
  2. Once again another one of my daleks that needs a make over its currently painted in black and silver
  3. I thought I put up a couple of pics of my now 18 year old sevens dalek it's been in so many colours and now due for a much needed make over.
  4. I wish I had this advice last year as I have done the exact same thing to one but still useful advice ,my one is to the left of davros.
  5. Hello all my name is Peter I have been a fan of daleks for a long time I have built a few life size ones but only one PIC survives. I have recently purchased a older sevans dalek kit which I plan to build to go along side my other one and my sevens davros. I will be putting up some pics soon. Peter t