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  1. Hello OutCastDalek! I'm DarthCranium. Welcome to PDF! If you're looking for advice on what type of dalek to build, i would recommend the NSD model. Bronze, Black, or WW2 Ironside is up to you. Just a thought though. Anyways, I live just next door to your state in Arizona. So I'm happy you found your way to this website. If you're interested in having your dalek 3D printed like I'm doing, let me know and we can discuss it.
  2. Thank you both very much for your help. I very much appreciate your guy's help! Ill get to work on using this stuff a.s.a.p..
  3. Hey everyone. I found a 3d model of a dalek in up to several different pieces. I was thinking of enlarging the model size just enough to match a full size NSD Dalek and 3D print for assembly. thankfully i can print each piece seperately so as to make assembling and poxy gluing easy. Theres only one hard part. actually make that 2 hard parts. One, I dont know how to smooth out the grain so as to make it look like a whole solid piece of wood or metal. Two, I dont know what size to make the pieces so that it matches a full side NSD Dalek. I figure if i can find the correct size adjustment for one piece, i can apply it to the rest so that i can print everything in its proper size. If anyone knows a good technique for smoothing out the pieces after printing or adjusting the size of the model pieces for printing (with digits and modeling software recommendations) that would all be greatly appreciated. Dont worry about me doing any painting. Im good in that department. Thanks in advance for any advice that comes along. PS: I will attach the 2 files that make up the base of the dalek model so that anyone that has 3d modeling software can make the size adjustments and tell me what to do. base01.stl base02.stl
  4. Hello Russellsuthern, Thank you for taking the time to give me some information and ideas. I really appreciate it.
  5. Hello. My name is Austin a.k.a. Darth Cranium. I have been a Doctor Who fan for quite a while, but never knew of this site till recently. I am glad i came across it. The reason being is that I wish to make a Dalek of my own. Only there's 2 small things. One, I dont know whether to do NSD Bronze or Paradigm Blue. Any recommendations going either way would be appreciated. and Two, I have no idea how to make the Dalek remote controllable. As in with move around function, rotate the head dome, talk through a microphone, ect.. If anyone has an idea of where i can go or what i can do, please let me know. Thank you, and thanks for having me here at Project Dalek.