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  1. All going along well by the looks of it keep up the good work. Enjoying the post and yes Bec is an absolute legend
  2. Kev your a legend thanks I will keep these for when it happens again hopefully it's nothing that will impact things too much appreciate your research on this.
  3. Thanks for your help I'll have to wait until it Happens again to see how many times it flashes. Bit sad that it will happen again as last thing ya want is for your dalek to get stuck when out and about Thanks for your help
  4. Hey Aussie Kev, that is exactly what it was doing, the little green light on the power button would flash 4 or 5 times then pause and repeat. so that means that one of my motors is on the way out? I don't know what I did but it is working fine now could it be that I didn't connect something back snugly enough? Is the battery wiring harness that little black box with the black button? It looks like the one in ur pic but mine just has diff color wires. If it is a fault warning light does it go away and come back again, meaning will this happen again? Gee I have so many questions lol I guess I just don't want to be caught out again as I'm thinking of making another NSD and putting this setup in it thx for your help Kev. lol at Bec, I didn't even get out of puff, like you said you only get a few meters every time before you have to stop for photos plus I was so hyped up with excitement and Adrenalin I didn't feel the aches until next day hehe.
  5. Hey budgebrewer it was fun. I held off on the water gun as three floor was all polished concrete and think out May have caused a slippy surface and didn't want the organizers to pull me up but by gee there was one guy there I so wanted to spray haha. A fun day. Well The wheel chair thing baffled me, like u say Bec might have been a fuse but all the lights still had power then I looks at tree two terminals and it was like...hold on they are wired together anyways so would not have been that to cause the problem. So I'm thinking that because the power button has a lock key and the green light was blinking could it be that during my test I had locked it??? Well I decided to give up and pack it all away in the shed plugged sll the leads back in for the 10th time and bugger me IT FU#$K@$G worked! I mean what the hell! Grrrr what just happened!! I'm still totally stumped.
  6. Lol Bec I didn't notice that one hehe vey funny. Hey Mark, yeah I still haven't gotten over it as i put so much effort into setting up the rig but oh well. There was no smoke and only reason I think it has to be the controller as I seen the terminals touching and that's when it all died dunno much about these things could it also be the motors died? The lights all still work on the joystick but just nothing happens when tried to move. Oh well the trundling around was so easy even was using one leg like a skate board at times was that good also able to get that side to side floating movement so a good first day out, Was so nice to make did many Dr who fans happy and of course the ones who thought I was R2D2 hummmph.. .
  7. Hey budgebrewer, thx yes stress levels through the roof conning up with ripping the whole wheels out of it but to be honest it worked really really well and well and moved around a treat:) here are some pix so so many pix taken so yeah here is a few. Happy days. For some reason my phone is having trouble uploading. Managed these two. I'll try from my laptop maybe tomorrow.
  8. Omfg!!super nova tomorrow, So im out the back testing everything out, drove around heaps of times but this time by fluke chance two battery terminals touched and kills my wheelchair controller! Just could not believe my luck!! So ended up spending rest of the day redoing the castors,quick trip to bunnings for some coach screws, that done had to rig make shift seat so it will be Flintstone power tomorrow, first time out so fingers crossed. Will post some pix of the day hopefully tomorrow night. Gee what a day! Be warned pepps watch those battery terminals!.
  9. Well got my 3d printer during the week and putting it through its paces. Wanhao i3 plus. This thing is so easy to use,blown me away. I know absolutely nothing about 3d printing but after watching a few tutorials I got to printing. First print was the iris for my dalek then the eye to put it in which is printing as I type very happy with this machine.
  10. Looking great. Love the gunmetal
  11. Well I been tinkering with little things in prep for supernova, as this is my first con I been wondering how I'm going to climb into my dalek at home I've been using a chair and didn't want to have to run back and forward with similar so I made my own little 'dalek step' lol it folds up and is easy stored behind seat when I'm in dalek.just enough to get me a step up and in
  12. Mark looks great , gee it has some power to that dome rotation eh :} love the whirr of the motors adds to the effect , just great .
  13. looking great, like the gold on the hemis. Keep up the great work Just reading your post about cutting the wrong panels (3) brought back memories as I made same mistake first panel I cut and wondered what the hell was going on, you get used to doing this kinda thing throughout the build. Good luck with it I'm sure it will look fantastic.
  14. Hey David, as far as I have seen on here there are 3 main forms, trundle flint stone style, manually inside with electric wheelchair or remotely operated with electric wheelchair and special control box, can't recall the name of it. .of course if your an electronic whizz then sky's the limit. Me I'm sitting inside with modified wheelchair base
  15. Hey Mark. The best resource you will ever find is this website. Def would not be possible to make mine without the guys here, hats off to them all for the amount of knowledge and skill these guys have in here, I'm sure any problems with measurements you have someone here would have the answer Well gun update, scrapping the compressed air in the fire extinguisher as only get like 4 bursts out of it, sooooo I've yoked up a water gun lol works a treat here's some pix. Used a pump 5ltr garden spray unit $20 from bunnings.the nossle connector was angled so I hit it with the heart gun to get it straight so as to fit down the gun barrel. Pix explain rest I think. Oh and a look inside my dalek. Bit of a squeeze.
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      Looking for the close up photo of the portable graphic equaliser deck that Nick Briggs use's with his Moog MF102. Somewhere out there, I have seen this photo of him sitting at a table with the graphic equaliser, to fine tune in the sound of the Moog. Could be used as a reference photo if allowed on the Forum.
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    • madianm

      Well just an update . I've started finally , thought i'd tackle the base and work up from there. I've been sorting afew smaller things like hemi's and cutting drainage pipe for there surrounds . See how it goes , will post some pics at some stage ! ..Ian
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      I finally received the Workshop Manuel today! Now all I have to do is study it. Hopefully I'll start a build diary by the summer. 
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      Printing the front fuselage of DSV2.....
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      If a mod would be so kind as to delete the mushnik TDP build, as I'm not going to be building it anymore, I have a different dalek in mind in a few months, but this is just bugging me.
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