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  1. For scaling the model and other general prep work you could give Meshlab a try, I recall using it when I converted some of my 3D models to STL files a few years back and I think it would be of use to anyone preparing models for 3D printing as it also has options for checking that meshes are 'watertight' and for hollowing out parts for printing. It's open source software, which means it's free, so you lose nothing by giving it a try. Download the program r read more about it at http://www.meshlab.net/ Smothing printed parts is usually done using an acetone vapour bath. Here is a video that explains the process...
  2. Well, it looks like it's all over for our heroes... who can save them now?
  3. @Ferrain, sorry to hear about the keyboard but it is quite clearly stated in the small print (translated into swahili and encoded in binary in the first 32 pixels of each frame) that Mechmaster is not liable for damage to keyboards/monitors as a result of readers eating/drinking while viewing the comic. This week Old Wolma comes out of his shell a bit, or at least out of somebody's shell, in fact shells are something of a theme in this episode. OF COURSE Grexzol tried to talk to the Mechonoid, anyone who didn't see that one coming, please go sit at the back of the class.
  4. Zapper's plan is revealed, turn the cunning up to eleven and hang on to your dome lamps...
  5. The 'base' is generally the top of the fender, the fender sides hang down from the base sheet and the skirt sits on top of it. There is no need for the fender to have a bottom as it is not seen unless your Dalek falls over. Have a read through a few build diaries, I'm sure there are some pictures that will show it somewhere. Or take a look at this scale build - http://www.projectdalek.com/index.php?/topic/12980-chiaras-13-2005-dalek/&do=findComment&comment=165770 - which shows it very nicely, full sized fenders are made the same way.
  6. This week Zapper comes up with a cunning plan and Piddul shows just how courageous he is...
  7. Well spotted, the error has now been fixed, thank you for the feedback.
  8. This week Zapper shares some clever parking tips with Piddul...
  9. I've lost a few files in my time, usually due to my own incompetence; deleting files I (incorrectly) thought I didn't need or renaming stuff and forgetting what I'd called it. In such cases I've always found that building a model the second time round it not only comes together a lot quicker but I always feel that the rebuild turns out a lot better than the file I lost. It's a shame you've lost your first Dalek as it is a nice looking model, but everything you learned making that model will help to make the next one easier to build and produce an even better result. I look forward to seeing what you come up with.
  10. This week Zapper goes full on Stanley Baker, and Grexzol's ego takes a direct hit...
  11. I like that, there's some nice ideas there, the row of mini hemis round the base of the shoulder, the neck rings and eye cowl and I particularly like the dome lamps.
  12. In this week's episode the Mechonoids continue to express disapproval of the Dalek chanting, I don't think this will be settled by a dance-off...
  13. Those compass cutters are okay for thinner styrene but begin to struggle with anything over 1mm, too much 'persuasion' tends to cause the cut to spiral inward toward the middle. I've used them on styrene up to 3mm but that requires quite a bit of patience as you need to go round the cut dozens of times and if you're doing a lot of circles you will end up with sore fingers. The Olfa models are definitely the best, there are cheaper cutters out there but they are too flexible and if you use them on anythng over about 0.5mm you will get more bad cuts than good. For larger circles Olfa also make a cutter with snap off blades which is a lot more robust...
  14. The Mechonoid speech is all completely unscripted and represented by unreadable 'fake' barcodes. I did consider giving them some sort of subtitles but in the end I decided that I wanted them to remain as alien and enigmatic as possible. They are a race of space robots thinking in pure machine code, if you find yourself struggling to understand them it means the critters are working the way I intended.
  15. As Zantax says, Me'noid is an abbreviation of Mechonoid, I chose to include an apostrophe to indicate the contraction but mostly people don't. In this week's episode the Daleks get their chant on...