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  1. ...until this came along... dismantling a product enterprise dalek with pics
  2. Thanks for that, fincon1. Several people have asked about dismantling a PE 12 incher in the past without any info coming to light. Now we have the process all neatly laid out for us, with pictures! Nice one.
  3. I've definitely come across these photos on the interweb before, and some (if not all) of them have appeared in a least one publication. (possibly BBC VFX: The Story of the BBC Visual Effects Department by Mat Irvine and Mike Tucker?)
  4. If you acquired one for general use then turning it on a Dalek, among other things, would be an interesting application for the tool. Otherwise, $340 would probably be prohibitively expensive, even for the keenest Daleketeer. I note that the product info says it's designed to block ambient light in use which, judging from the photos, means bringing it into physical contact with the object being scanned. With screen-used props, that sort of intimacy tends to be strongly discouraged...
  5. Eaglemoss Mega Bronze Dalek Statue Limited edition 23 cm (9") hand-crafted metallic resin model. Features all traditional Dalek add-ons, and comes with a 16 page magazine detailing every NSD adventure. I don't know what traditional Dalek add-ons are, especially regarding an NSD, but there you go. Online Exclusive - £84.99, delivery free. I'm not saying this isn't a quality product but my, our Daleks don't get any cheaper, do they... Eaglemoss Mega Bronze Dalek
  6. Unfortunately, I've never seen anything posted anywhere about how to tackle a Product Enterprise 12" Dalek tear-down and rebuild. If anyone has any experience with this, or decides to pitch-in and give it a go regardless, posting a guide to the process here (together with some photos if possible) would be most welcome. The one factor common to disassembling many Dalek toys seems to be 'start with the base underside and work up'. Also, you might possibly find (and I emphasise possibly) that some of the side hemis are actually caps covering screw heads. Other than that, the particulars for the construction and disassembly of a PE 12 incher currently seem to be clouded in mystery...
  7. I believe the DVD cover artwork which included the 'Buzzsaw Emperor's Guard' variant was created by The Mind Robber (Gav), who is a member here. Maybe he could throw some light on its provenance for us?
  8. Interesting. It's pretty much the colour scheme one of the pair in the old 5" CO Battle Pack Dalek set. It also matches the description of the Dalek Inquisitor General (Dalek X) in Trevor Baxendale's Prisoner of the Daleks novel.
  9. Sorry, still not with you, I'm afraid... Ninth Doctor Complete First Series, or Complete Series 9, nothing seems to match your description. Could you post an image so we can see what you mean?
  10. LoL. A nice display piece from a distance, perhaps, but it doesn't really benefit from close inspection. Soft angles on the skirt panels, plunger slightly on the twat, and the slats across the chest are oddly positioned. The cardinal sin, of course, is modelling the neck bin with a strut front and centre; tsk, tsk. I thought the dome lights were quite nicely done, though...
  11. It must be a Russian Dalek. They've tried to disguise the red hemis, but the effects of the performance enhancing drugs are a little more difficult to cover up...
  12. Excellento. It's the way you capture the proportions as much as anything. Narrow gauge, appendages slightly over-scale compared to the body, big white eye lens, rounded profile on the gunboxes and, of course, my favourite big Turners on the domes. Plus the Golden Emperor to boot, for whom I have a particular soft-spot. Nicely done, my friend, very nicely done.
  13. Of course they can. Those Daleks; what are they like...? http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/technology-36763902
  14. Take a close look, guys. This was unearthed using the wonders of the interweb time-trumpet. Both items were auctioned on 21/12/2012, with £450 and £750 price tags and a 'but-it-now' option. Which is exactly what somebody did, no haggling.