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  1. I think you need to up the dosage or cut back on the tonic water, that stuff will kill you.
  2. WHAT!! More builds!
  3. Your patience has paid off, those are amazing looking neck blocks. I had three goes a making one and even that was still a little dodgey looking. I have to ask.... Where did Cliff get his Davros mask from ? Nice looking dome too, lucky you didn't use Uranus. Cheers, Mark.
  4. Hmmm... all this talk of rabbits is making me hungry. Great progress Budgebrewer. I too took a gouge out of one of my rings, and being on the external bevelled edge it was/is very obvious to me. Like Bec said, move it to the back. My Daek is still very much modular and is likely to stay that way for ease of transport. I now use the gouge as a marker so I know where the back is when mounting to the shoulders. Cheers, Mark.
  5. Great stuff. That last shot reminds me of the days when we would sit out front with a carton and watch the storm roll in.
  6. No problems whatsoever as long as the surface is relatively clean. I've had to repair my canoe hundreds of times over the last 35yrs. It's probably twice as heavy as it was originally. When fully cured, fibreglass just needs a bit of scuffing with coarse sandpaper. After only a couple of days, you wont need to scuff, but you can if you want to.
  7. I think we can all agree that Nick is a .... Can certainly see the size difference between generations there. Great work.
  8. Ah, I see Bec has answered while I was drawing my pictures. Bec is right Don about the turning cirlce. Most (probably all) modern wheel chairs turn by moving one wheel clockwise and the other wheel anti-clockwise. Moving the joystick hard left will cause the left wheel to rotate backwards and the right wheel forwards and vice versa when turning hard right. So all wheel chairs effectively have zero turn. It's the position of the pivot point which effects it's turning circle. See the diagrams below. Don't get me wrong, I'm certainly not trying to persuade or dissuade you in any way, but you can see from the diagrams that a mid mount has a tighter circle than a rear (or even a front) mount. The simplest answer is to use whatever you can get your hands on and make the best of it. Cheers, Mark.
  9. The size and weight of a Dalek when manned is quite substantial and stability should be a priority. The centre of gravity of a dalek is quite high and lends itself to tipping when turning. I'm not saying it's going to come toppling over, but that sensation of tipping can be quite disconcerting. I'm not sure how the dimensions of a P320 compares to other chairs, but I would recommend going with a powerchair that is a just fit under the fender and skirt. Wheel base should be as wide and long as possible. Personally, I like the units with 6 wheels, because the drive wheels are directly below that centre of gravity and the other 4 wheels are just for stability like outriggers on canoes. Having the drive wheels in the centre also gives the Dalek a zero turning circle. All the other accessories (like the actual seat) will mostly likely need to be stripped off saving weight. Just note that smaller units are generally for children which are not necessarily rated for heavier weights nor have the required power like adult sized chairs. Hope this helps and happy hunting. Cheers, Mark.
  10. Here's my set up... http://www.projectdalek.com/index.php?/topic/3196-hammers-nsd/&do=findComment&comment=151253
  11. In a private backyard after consuming the contents I hope.
  12. The Hills Hoist is also the choice of young children and lighter framed adults to hang off and swing around.
  13. I got out of the Sydney rat race 14 years ago where I did Actuarial work for the NRMA. I came to Wauchope in 2003 and made a clean start by falling back on Teaching Maths. Great place to raise the kids without the fear of street violence common in the big smoke.
  14. Good job. Is that a snoticle hanging off the F-truck ?