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  1. 11th June 2017

    Hi Terry We are interested in this, as you know we have two 60's Movie Daleks. Dalek Dan can also be adapted in minutes to either Movie, Mk 1, Mk2 or Mkk 3 (if the organizers wanted to be specific,} It would be good to see you again if we can arrange this
  2. Hi John, Dalek Dan and Dalek Daisy would like to help with this Regards Jim
  3. November 2015

    Hi we are in Leeds (UK) and have four Daleks and a Davros, one of the operators however lives in Strasbourg and likes the look of this event.Would there be any help available with expenses if he could attend? BTW The Papa of this operator is from Nardo and we as a family visit Italy regularly Regards Jim
  4. Hi all if anyone else going to this could be a minder for one of our builds we would appreciate it Regards Jim
  5. Hi we would like to take two builds to this,- Dalek Dan and Dalek Daisy Regards Jim
  6. Hi John We would probably be able to provide a build for this depending on what their requirements are Regards Jim
  7. April 5th - 6th 2014

    Hi Rob - we are back at sci- fi today (its Dr Who day today) We were all really pleased to meet you yesterday particularly as you saved our bacon with the glue gun. we will alo be more than willing to support your event and meet you again ( with more builds). Pleased to say Dalek Daisy was safe overnight and the organisers are pretty sure the event will happen again. will post some pics when we get back Regards Jim & Jill
  8. April 5th - 6th 2014

    Hi - Dalek Daisy is interested in this one
  9. March 1st & 2nd 2014

    Hi Mark - we have available Dalek Dan,who by interchanging plinth, mesh and slats, satellite dish, dome lights etc can be Mk 1, Mk 2,Mk 3 or Movie Dalek (which he was last time you saw him). Dalek Will a Mk3 as in death to the Daleks,Red Movie Dalek and of course the Bleach Davros Regards Jim and family
  10. March 1st great I'll book the hotel now
  11. Hear Hear - once again I have to say massive thank you to Mark and Malika, for a perfect day cant wait for the next one
  12. We would be interested in this its only about an hour from us.- I'd need to know the date to make some arrangements
  13. Hello It's me again - Just wondered if anyone was staying friday night in nearby hotels so we could meet up, last time we were at the Premier inn (which has no double rooms available for 15th) and others were at the Holiday inn. Shame its only a one day event!
  14. Hi - just a quick update - we can now confirm we will be bringing Dalek Dan,Dalek Holly, Red Movie Dalek and Davros with thrre operators and three minders (so if Ferrain decides to come he can be operator/minder Regards Jim and Family
  15. We would like to attend this one also, this is a great venue and Mark and Malika are excellent hosts, we would like to bring at least three builds