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  1. Dalek takes down an X-wing at Star Wars Celebration Orlando. A massive diorama built over four days of the convention included this little chap.
  2. Sabretooth is the way to go. Several Daleks, K9s and probably more than a hundred droids worldwide use this. I planned to switch between R/C and manual myself then decided that simply sitting inside with the transmitter was the easiest option. However, I've never done this and always run R/C from outside. Use a receiver with full failsafe so that the Dalek shuts down if the control signal is lost.
  3. For dome rotation, yes. To move the completed Dalek, no. Even for dome rotation the batteries you suggest would be exhausted very quickly.
    Both disturbing and exciting! Great to see some of my Dalek friends featured here!
  4. Thanks for making these available; I seem to have a couple missing from my collection!
  5. Hi and welcome. Why not come to see us at the Space Centre, Science Of The Timelords 28th-29th January 2017. Check out the Dalek builds and we'll try to answer any questions you might have.
  6. Always enjoy seeing these. Excellent work!
  7. Oh, very clever use of the locking ring on the jar.
  8. I would have thought that any washing machine motor would be AC mains voltage. ??
  9. The image on the P40 can shows the use well. P40 for structural work P38 for a smooth finish. Remember if sanding P40 it has glass in it.
  10. Looking good. It might be a little heavy but it will be super strong. Keep it nice and dry and seal all sides and edges of the mdf to prevent warping.
  11. For some years now, myself and others have provided content for the ‘sci-fi zone’ at the Weyfest music festival. We are full for Weyfest but our contact man at Weyfest is part of the team setting up a new music festival on the 5th, 6th and 7th August. He is hoping to arrange a similar Sci-Fi zone to Weyfest and is inviting the same groups. Please read through the website here if you think you might be interested. http://www.anewdayfestival.com/ The Sci-Fi zone would be located in a marquee. I’ve already raised the issue of overnight security for our Daleks, props etc. and received the following. “………. you could have your camping tents/vehicles alongside the marquee or even inside if this is possible but we are also going to see if there is room in the building we will be using as our office and/or maybe even in the main house, they have a lot of wedding receptions there so presumably have space or even if possible put the sci-fi zone or part of it in the house, which of course would be lockable. There will be night security patrols (same team as Weyfest).” They are looking for Daleks, droids and other sci-fi props. There may be scope for costumed characters but these would need to be easily recognisable, core characters. Entry to the festival and camping is provided, plus the opportunity to collect for charity, but no expenses.
    Can't decide what type of Dalek to build? Have a look at this useful booklet. I always have a copy on my Dalek build stand at shows; great for a quick reference or as a conversation starter.
    Clear and useful set of files as additional information (alternative layout) for those interested in an engineering approach to some of the 2005 series parts.
    The 'must have' resource for anyone wanting to build a 2005 series Dalek. Many thanks to all those that had a hand in producing these.