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  1. I've moved you to the Custom Daleks section (seems a better choice), and tweaked the thread title.
  2. Is J's sample raised (the others look a bit like a cheese grater)?
  3. It would be good if the sheet size allowed the mesh to be put on so you are looking out and down (where you need to see, but this should also help hide the Dalek operator from the outside... except from very short people).
  4. Well done, getting this far. Those pics help me understand the pic I posted of 706F (further up the page) a bit. I still couldn't tell if 706F would be better or not - probably not, plus there's the sheet size and price, which are more than a bit offputting.
  5. If you don't get a reply, ask your question in the PDF voice mod thread
  6. Budgebrewer's Dalek is here
  7. Welcome. Read around the forum and you'll find probably everything you need to know.
  8. The real props I have inspected were wildly asymmetrical. I have seen rear-corner 'roundness differences' pretty much as your comparison shows. Unless it's really bothering you, I would consider addressing only the "worst" problems.
  9. I'm going cross-eyed looking at meshes. Did you ever look at 706F here? I know it's mild steel, but I would have thought that the pattern could just as easily be made in aluminium, which would bring the price down? The photo is as ambiguous as all the others in these ranges.
  10. Well done in getting this far.
  11. Welcome back.
  12. Try these suggestions
  13. Same question, so it has been merged with your previous one. 4: Free download - the Evolution booklet 5: Numerous build diaries where the member has replicated 60s colours 6: This helpful website - found via Google 7: This photograph from PD's website and gallery 8: This website 9: Wikipedia 10: Any of the more-accurate toys
  14. I prefer your V1 to the original BBC colour scheme. The original fenders... the rubber is held on, and the fenders effectively "enlarged" and made less bashable, with strong angle-iron. The Dalek on the right of the photo you posted has had the metal mangled at the back. You see that Dalek in one episode, dragging the damaged metal behind it.
  15. 1: The Gallery 2: The PD website's Reference Library (Tip: give each Gallery time to load) 3: Google Images - search suggestion >> daleks 1960s colour Yes, most 60s Dalek pics are in black-and-white. But not all.