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  1. That really is a lovely toy you have there.
  2. I'll PM you a link.
  3. If you don't get a response, please re-post this in the Modulators section.
  4. I think that needs some considering nearer the time you're doing it. A shoulder/skirt hinge takes a lot of strain. Some kind of props will be needed, to take some of the weight, to hold the Dalek open, and to prevent the hinged section going to far and falling (and possibly flipping the whole Dalek). One idea might be to double or treble the thickness of the skirt top (internally) on the side where the hinges are. I'd strongly recommend trawling some build diaries.
  5. Do a search for martmod or in the section where you posted this, look here and here @VinceMartyn
  6. That's highly likely to happen, when John has finished some other important stuff he's doing. I noticed the "?" on the plans above. When I last saw the SWD (in 1993), that cylinder looked very much like a domestic emulsion paint tin (but might just as easily have been an empty gelcoat tin. I thought 'paint tin!?' as soon as I saw it.
  7. That last shot looks like the hard work has been worth it.
  8. 12mm MDF top and bottom of skirt, panels in 3mm ply - reinforced inside with fibreglass, the natural conical shape of the skirt will be strong enough to stand on (but that's not a suggestion!) 18mm ply for the basis of the fender. Feel free to ignore me.
  9. Looking good. Your eyediscs came out really well. What do your hemis (skirtballs) look like in their unpainted state? Are they matt/frosted?
  10. That's great, John. We spent hours looking, so please share.
  11. 3D-printing files for the discs and iris have been uploaded here
  12. @DarthMoose74 The bin was, if my memory's working, a 120-litre black plastic bin by Plysu (no longer made).
  13. Maybe try posting about your speed issues in the Motorisation section?
  14. That would work, yes.
  15. And don't forget, paint the inside as well.
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    • chris harper

      Saturday spent fixing first bit of 6mm bendy mdf to my shoulder frame, I had a couple of clamps but a friend lent me about 8 and needed every one. My son in law loaned me his multi tool which cut like a dream, however, he needs it for work so had to give it back so went to Wickes and bought one for £25, a bit cheaper than his top of the range model but it still does a great job. Have fibre glassed my dome plug after waxing the he'll out of it, fingers crossed it will come off ok.
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    • chris harper

      My dalek will have a name, talking to my friend about old films, and we talked about the  Eiger Sanction, and came up with the name Hemlock, so now my half finished skirt, nearly fully sanded dome plug and shoulder frame has a name...Hemlock
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    • DathandsomeDalek

      Hello! I joined a few days ago and I'm trying to see how this site works
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    • project one

      Waiting for hemispheres.
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    • John  »  monkeytennis

      Many thanks for donating, to support the cost of Forum hosting. Very much appreciated.
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