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  1. They look superb. There's a solidity to 'em which is often missing in some CG stuff.
  2. Ooer, Matron!
  3. Well, gee willikers, I just wonder what Old Wolma has done? Brilliant stuff, mate. Those Mega Blastite canisters don't half look like unbreakable Thermos Flasks.
  4. Well, yes... of course he would. Wonderfully atmospheric episode, mate. Absolutely top work. All about shells, eh? Anyone would think it was Easter.
  5. Absolutely glorious. You are one talented builder. I really disliked the Planet Supreme when it first appeared but after making my own virtual model I came to appreciate the unique appeal it has. You have captured it perfectly. The other builds featured in your photos are pretty spectacular, too.
  6. Marvellous! Now, I just wonder what Grexzol will do when he encounters the enemy.
  7. Right you are, Ted.
  8. Can do. I have UVMapper Pro. I ain't the most adept but collars are simple enough. Once they're mapped to a flat plane you can always scale the resultant texture file to whatever dimensions you like, to achieve the correct XY proportions.
  9. Very nice! One thing I discovered about meshes using a texture map is to add a tiny amount of displacement, which gives the mesh a bit of thickness. Obviously not as realistic as modelling the whole thing but it may be a useful compromise for times when you're getting bogged down with polys.
  10. Poor Grexzol gets shafted again. First class work, as always. A houseful of mutinous, noisy and messy kids but this more than makes it bearable.
  11. Hmmm... He's a canny lad, old Zapper. Brilliant work, as always, mate. The highlight of my Sundays, is this. Erm, I think I'm channelling Yoda.
  12. A week! What on earth are you playing at? Should take you 10 minutes. It's always worth going the extra mile - or hour - in the sake of accuracy. I've lost count of how many errors crept into my models through a lack of concentration. I blame the kids.
  13. They look bloody marvellous! Funny thing is, it took Iain here at PD to make me appreciate the Turner Daleks. As a kid, I hated, 'em; I just wanted to see the regular versions. Funny what's important when you're 6 years old.
  14. Lovely work. Damn shame it's disappeared. Still, I reckon you could make it again, no bother.
  15. Nice work. I like how the Emperor echoes your previous version.