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  1. Before I managed to get a set of Moflash lenses via eBay, I too was looking for alternatives. Best I came up with were the plastic covers which come with the "Sticky Rollers" which are used to remove dust / debris from clothing. They are commonly available in pound shops etc. Have a look for them & be your own judge in deciding whether they're near enough or good enough to use as a substitute to the Moflashss
  2. Thank you both for your prompt & helpful replies. Ideally I was hoping to find the model numbers of both a Servo & Servo Controller which would suffice as the videos I watched suggest these items are easily available & more importantly, not very expensive. I've managed to hunt down a suitable Iris Diaphragm which is for sale on ebay. I haven't got a clue where to start to access a 3D printer & have no confidence in myself to attempt working with DIY PCB components etc. However, to satisfy my curiosity, I am going to do a google search to see what the Joseph Joseph spaghetti measure is. If there are any forum members who are versed in suitable servo & controller models, your guidance would be very much appreciated. Again, many many thanks.
  3. I've seen some videos on YouTube which show very clever electronic iris systems fitted into the NSD eye. Can any members tell me where I can purchase a suitable iris diaphragm, servo & servo controller to allow me to incorporate this system into my build. As ever, many thanks for the forums excellent support. Best wishes.
  4. [attachment=oversize] Hey Glen & Link X Many thanks for the advice. I've attached a screen shot showing the wiring system I had tried to use as discussed in my initial post. Each of the 2 sets of LEDs I'm using consist of 7 LEDs with each individual LED being wired onto a circuit board. Unfortunately, due to the way the circuit boards are designed, I'm not able to tap into the circuit of each individual LED to add the 1K resistor to each LED. I'll therefore try as you advise & solder the resistor into the power supply cable from my modulator's output which connects to the circuit board of the LED units. I did try to adjust the voltage output from the power converter to both 1.5v & 3v, each voltage having no practical effect. Just to make sure I'm understanding your advice correctly, are you saying it's safe to remove the voltage converter completely from the circuit & connect the LED units straight from the voice modulator with the resistor in line? So grateful for your help. Best Wishes. Betanski
  5. I was wondering if anyone could advise me how to solve a problem I'm facing. My Dalek is powered via 2 electric wheelchair batteries & I carry a 3rd battery (12 volt), to power all electrical devices other than my drive motors. The dome lights I use are driven via the Dartech voice modulator & the bulbs I have used within the dome lights are standard single filament car bulbs. Because of the exceptional brightness achieved, & better power consumption of LED bulbs, I hope to replace the car bulbs I'm using with sets of LEDs which I stripped out of 2 head torches I purchased from Poundland. The LEDs were powered by 2 AAA batteries which output 1.5 volts. As the voice modulator outputs at 12 volts I knew I needed to step down this voltage to the required 1.5 volts of the LEDs so I tried using a multivolt step down regulator which was designed to fit a car lighter socket. This regulator unit allowed me to convert the 12 volt output to the 1.5 volts but alas, the LEDs wouldn't work. It has been suggested that the problem may be that the regulator may be outputting in AC as opposed to DC so are there any members who may be able to confirm if this is the problem I'm facing & if so, recommend / advise how the issue may be solved? Any help appreciated. Many thanks. Betanski